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  1. basketballman

    Looking for a designer to pay

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  2. basketballman

    Need residential 3D from plans & possible interior

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  3. basketballman

    Need Chief Sub Contractor

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  4. basketballman

    Need Help Modeling & with 3D Walk Throughs

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  5. basketballman

    New building code regarding 2 story ceilings

    Framed in Barrie, Ontario, Ca many years ago. ( snow country ) Roof sheathing then was 3/8" ( metric wasnt there yet, haha ) trusses 24 o.c. ; no clips 5/12 pitch Lightweight roofers only
  6. basketballman

    Need help with Residential addition.

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  7. basketballman


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  8. basketballman

    Looking for help to polish and finish layouts

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  9. basketballman

    Plan Views in Layout Default to the Same Floor

    I too have had issues w/saved plan views & layout
  10. CHIEF ARCHITECT TRAINING-SERVICES " Earn while you learn " 1-1 Topics 1) How to create construction plan sets in minutes, automatically ... ! Includes floor & foundation plans, elevations, cross sections, framing, roof plans, 3D views, schedules, and material take offs. 2) The hidden power of the user library. Find out 3 reasons why you should use it, instead of the main library. 3) Interior design training. Learn how custom catalogs can instantly unlock and bring out the interior designer that resides in all of us and give clients a richer 3D design experience at the same time.. 4) Material list - pricing " Draw your way to an estimate " How to get the most out of Chief’s material list and pricing capabilities. Contact: Bob Shofner 973-897-5013 - Cell 305-922-2919 - Office
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  12. basketballman

    Seeking Freelance Draftsman-Remote OK

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  13. The ChiefTalk forum is probably your best choice. Problem is, Chief is not a mainstream product like AutoCad or Revit. Chances of finding someone local are probably either slim or none. Measuring services are easier to find ( I'm assuming that's one of, if not, the reason for wanting local.) and then there are a host of people available here. Bob Shofner