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  2. All the time .. Chief export from 3D view to .DAE or 3DS Open in Lumion
  3. There is a column for % mark up that can be added under " edit active view "
  4. Chief, I believe, does ResChek combatible take offs ....
  5. “ Who would buy a race car and only drive it in first gear ? “ No one, of course, yet many people purchase this amazing program and never become aware of or utilize its full capabilities. Take my one hour shared screen session and see what you’ve been missing You’ll learn to: “ • Create full construction plan sets in half the time ! it’s easy to do when you learn to automate the process … Sample plan here: • " Draw your way to an estimate … " “ As plans are drawn, the software is compiling an accurate, detailed list of all building materials and quantities in bid - ready format Learn to say goodbye to the drudgery of estimating & hard cost bid-outs forever “ • 2-click your way to Beautiful Interior Designs ! “ Custom libraries and pre-configured room vignettes make it possible for even a beginner to quickly create stunning designs. “ Let me show you how. " As a builder remodeler for many years, I had been searching for an integrated process that would enable us to create designs, working drawings, renderings and cost estimates/takeoffs from the same central source. I can honestly say that I learned more in an hour with Bob, than in 12 years of using the program ... My only regret is not doing this sooner Highly recommended “ Anna R, Cut Above Construction Contact: Bob Shofner - Chief Architect Expert Shared Screen Design Sessions Design Build Coaching 973-897-5013 - Cell 910-398-8673 - Office