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  1. basketballman

    Transferring files
  2. basketballman

    Need drawings refined and turned into blueprints

    P.M. sent. U.S. based company
  3. basketballman

    D5 video visualization ...

    Created in D5 One of the most stunning video visualizations I've seen ...
  4. basketballman

    Real Time Ray Tracing in X13

    D5 render output .. I would say Chief has a ways to go ..
  5. basketballman


    CHIEF ARCHITECT TRAINING & SERVICES “ It’s a fact. Chief Architect is one very powerful program … “ ( unfortunately, most people don't use it to anywhere near its full potential .. ) “ I offer shared screen training sessions in which I will quickly show you the undocumented tips-tricks-techniques to unlock, automate and bring out the absolute best in Chief. “ 1) Learn to automate and then create professional construction plan sets in less than an hour ! Includes: foundation plans, floor plans, elevations, cross sections, schedules, framing plans, electrical layouts, roofing plans, 3D rendered views, material lists. I can also create a custom automation template to save you time/effort. Sample here: 2) Let Chief do the cost estimating for you, saving countless hours of time/effort .. Once a custom pricing template has been set up, a list of all building materials, quantities and costs can be automatically generated for any project, at any time on bid ready layout sheets that can then be easily sent to subs-suppliers for hard cost bids. End the drudgery of number crunching-bidding forever ! With the cost of construction materials rising these days, cutting waste is essential, and the ability to compile accurate quantity lists is becoming a very important part of the whole design - build process. 3) Create renderings and video tours to market your firm & win jobs. This is what clients need most to visualize and understand the final look of the project. It also helps them justify spending large sums of money to improve their home. In addition to teaching all the intricacies of 3D modeling-rendering, I can also show you how to quickly create stunning video tours that will impress & delight everyone. Renderings are great, but a video is just so much more informative. Samples here: Twin Motion, D5, and Lumion training also available. " Check out my learn while you earn program which means working together on one of your own projects, thus staying productive, while learning at the same time … " Please contact: Bob Shofner 305-922-2919 973-897-5013
  6. basketballman

    Modeling Services for 3000sf New Construction

    P.M. sent ..
  7. basketballman

    How Many Users Ray Trace With Chief?

    Excellent comparison, haha ...
  8. basketballman

    Need help to finish carriage house .plan

    P.M. sent ...
  9. basketballman

    Need freelance help to create 3D model

    P.M. sent ..
  10. basketballman

    How Many Users Ray Trace With Chief?

    Used to Ray-Trace all the time ... Now, pretty well never since I started using Lumion and TwinMotion
  11. basketballman

    MA Design Build Firm needs CAD help

    P.M. sent ..
  12. basketballman

    Best Export Format to Archicad or Revit

    i'm thinking 3DS maybe .DAE