Curving an Object in Two Different Planes


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I need some help. I need to curve an object in two different planes. Is that possible in Chief Architect? I need to put and arch in a solid and then curve that solid around a curved wall. The circled object is what I need to curve along a curved wall, it already has an arch.

Pic 2.jpg

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2 hours ago, Dexter1 said:

Thanks much, will try it.


3 hours ago, DBCooper said:

I think there is a way to do it turning it into a symbol and using it as a window treatment with a curved window on a curved wall.


@yusuf-333would probably know how to do it though.  You might want to look at some of his old posts.


Thats a solution for the shape, the rest is moldings

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I think the first step in these situations is to make sure you fully understand the geometry of the object(s) you intend to curve.  Does the entire object actually curve or it it possible its only a couple specific surfaces that curve?  Or perhaps its a combination of elements...




...and the more elements you have, the more complicated it can become.


Once you decide exactly what needs to curve, then you can decide the best method of modeling it.  Can you verify what exactly needs to curve?  And what all elements are involved? 


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By the way, if you do decide that the entire symbol needs curving, there are a few methods you can use such as:

  • Converting your symbol to a window symbol, placing that window symbol into a curved wall, and then converting that curved window to a fixture symbol.  This method is the one I've historically used the most because it allows for pretty easy resizing of the symbol.  It is however extremely nuanced and requires setting various things (wall thickness, symbol offsets, wall radius, etc.) just right and using some less than intuitive parameters that you wouldn't normally think of in order to get the desired results.
  • Using the Window treatment method mentioned by @DBCooper.  I won't get into this one as its not one I've used very much.
  • Converting your symbol to a cabinet door symbol and then using a Bow Front cabinet to get your desired size and shape.  This seems to actually be the most intuitive and easiest to control.  Its pretty easy to get accurate results and only requires modifying one symbol setting (which isn't even totally necessary).  I have a special "tool" set up specifically for this purpose.  Here's what you do.
  1. Download the attached object.  Its really just a Bow Front Cabinet set to a Filler and with every element turned off except for a single Door Front.
  2. Select the object(s) you would like to curve, and click the Convert Selected to Symbol tool.  Choose Symbol Category>Cabinet Door/Drawer, check Add to Library, and check Show Advanced Options.  Click Okay.
  3. When the Symbol Specification dialog opens up, change the Y Position Origin Offset to 1/16" (this will cause the door symbol to hug the cabinet front with no gap between the door and the cabinet)
  4. Drop the previously downloaded "Symbol Arching Tool" cabinet into your plan
  5. Select your previously created Door/Drawer and hover over your "Symbol Arching Tool" cabinet.  You should see the Replace From Library indicator.  Click to replace.
  6. Change the width and height of the cabinet to adjust the overall width and height of the newly curved object and change the Bow Front Depth to adjust the radius of the curve.  NOTE:  It really helps visualize things a bit better if you at least temporarily turn on Show Closed Doors/Drawers in Plan View in your General Cabinet Defaults.
  7. When you get the shape you want, simply select the cabinet, Convert Selected to Symbol, and select Symbol Category>Fixture

Symbol Arching Tool.calibz

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