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  1. Trusses are a manual operation and not a one click and done like roof framing. I love trusses and do all my own designs on all projects and work directly with truss engineers on big projects.
  2. ShaneK


    Any rumors of when Beta testing it is going to start? I want to test out the horizontal framing,,,,,,,,, that is supposedly a new option.
  3. old school 3d letters
  4. where is this tool????? I think it is next to auto isometric tool,,,,,
  5. When a plan is rotated 90 degrees the orientation is sideways or backwards,,,, up arrow moves it to left or right and this varies depending on rotation move. Can this be corrected? No issues just curious.
  6. As a rule leave on auto roofs because it is a nice way of program keeping track that you are doing it correct, if roof looks goofy well find out what you need to adjust for it to auto build. OF COURSE complicated projects you will end up shutting it off.
  7. Joey knows, follow his advice
  8. LMBO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been scolded............and schooled,,,,,,,,,,
  9. changing materials with it messes with everything,,,, but I see I was reading too quickly and this is different issue. I fix many plan files for others and the eye dropper should be a registered weapon with-in Chief. Without proper permit you can not use it,,,, lol
  10. If your fascia and ridge heights are not exactly the same as the adjacent plane you will have problems like this.