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  1. ShaneK

    Help with a line randomly occuring

    Post your plan if you want it solved
  2. ShaneK

    Drawing Elevated Homes with pilings

    Use foundation method, make your walls invisible and set room height to the length of your pilings. You can trim down your wall type ( no footing ect...) then your floor frames normal and of course all your Pilings will be manual work.
  3. ShaneK

    Electrical Symbol Size

    Change scale of drawing, it is 3d object so it is to scale.
  4. ShaneK

    ceating Roof trusses in X12

    This was fun, you can see missing trusses from truss company. They refused to design round room truss configurations. 2 rooms 26' wide and 1 56' wide.
  5. ShaneK

    ceating Roof trusses in X12

    I always do my own truss design,,, of course truss engineer can over rule me. Trusses are sold by sales persons and therefore they want to always sell you the most expensive type or layout.
  6. ShaneK

    Closed Risers on Exterior Stairs

    Everyone wants a single button to fix their issue or they are going back or getting refund or ????? Chief is by far the best we have to work with or we wouldn't be here. Work arounds are in all aspects of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Grab roof planes drag them to overhang you want, go to attic and move gable attic wall out to match roof you just moved. Chief will regenerate another wall but it works in seconds no settings to change.
  8. ShaneK

    Layout file and re-linking

    Can an entire layout be linked to a new file in quick way?
  9. ShaneK

    Dimension Extension Gap - Doors & Windows

    you can adjust it in the annotation set you are using. Change your defaults if you want it to stick forever.
  10. ShaneK

    Dormer walls not generating

    All your walls on 3rd floor are attic and no room definition. Change all of that too.
  11. ShaneK

    Dormer walls not generating

    All the blue walls were not needed and stopping you from adding a floating dormer. I deleted blue walls on 3rd floor and you had some walls in attic that stopped center dormer from generating. I believe you tried using the auto dormer tool that is where holes in roof came from. I did not draw any walls, deletes and auto floating dormer. Explode dormer and you can move stuff, but be careful. When I said "clean up dormers" I was referring to wrong colors or materials.
  12. ShaneK

    Dormer walls not generating

    You need to clean up dormers. Orphanos Foundation Renovations
  13. ShaneK

    SIPs as Floor Framing?