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    Plan rotation

    When a plan is rotated 90 degrees the orientation is sideways or backwards,,,, up arrow moves it to left or right and this varies depending on rotation move. Can this be corrected? No issues just curious.
  2. ShaneK


    old school 3d letters
  3. ShaneK


    where is this tool????? I think it is next to auto isometric tool,,,,,
  4. ShaneK

    Connecting different pitched roofs

    As a rule leave on auto roofs because it is a nice way of program keeping track that you are doing it correct, if roof looks goofy well find out what you need to adjust for it to auto build. OF COURSE complicated projects you will end up shutting it off.
  5. ShaneK

    Roof plan

    Joey knows, follow his advice
  6. LMBO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been scolded............and schooled,,,,,,,,,,
  7. changing materials with it messes with everything,,,, but I see I was reading too quickly and this is different issue. I fix many plan files for others and the eye dropper should be a registered weapon with-in Chief. Without proper permit you can not use it,,,, lol
  8. Do you have a plan file? Post it
  9. I opened his plan and fixed. Many issues just helping
  10. ShaneK

    2 different overhangs soffit problem

    If your fascia and ridge heights are not exactly the same as the adjacent plane you will have problems like this.
  11. I just opened your plan, turned on auto roof build and it fixed itself,,,, are you sure you are rebuilding roofs after changes? 546720156_TestfromTemplate.plan
  12. I just copied plan and no gaps using my default template, auto build roofs. Nothing special,,, just helping you diagnose issues roof.plan
  13. I am a snowmobile FREAK and I have been making trail maps with CA for decades.
  14. ShaneK

    2 HR fire separation detail

    USG book, I have one in one of my plan files. I'm looking
  15. ShaneK

    Varying tread width for a single run of stairs

    You can also use a landing
  16. ShaneK

    Updating Chief Architect X6 file.

    done 1005578262_8-6-18plan1.plan
  17. ShaneK

    Updating Chief Architect X6 file.

    post the plan, I have all versions back to X
  18. ShaneK

    Roof issues with different results

    your fascia were different heights,, only 3/8" of and back roof plane was corrupt so I deleted and made new. It was a very quick repair and you have a nice project. We both Michganders!!!!!
  19. ShaneK

    head room above steps

    So much easier if you post plan so we can figure it out.
  20. ShaneK

    Roof issues with different results

    Now no boxed eve chieftalk.plan
  21. ShaneK

    Top of wall is too low at roof plane intersection

    Make your roof structure thicker
  22. ShaneK

    Bookcase secret doors

    Murphy Hinge is the big name in this type of door, pretty slick system and heavy duty.