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  1. yusuf-333's post in Quoins Around Windows was marked as the answer   
    Nice suggestion, but I am reinforcing this concept.
    Create a symbol following mejery's answer above, and add the symbol to library as a millwork.
    Then go to window dbx and in the window treatments panel, there is an option to attach that symbol to your window.
    And the merits of attaching the symbol to a window is that, once you set it up, it is part of that window, so you can easily copy, move and resize it easily. You can add to your library for future use. You can also apply it on a curved window in curved walls, since the program will automatically reshape it and adjusts the curvature. This area is really where I believe there has been a clever programmers in chief inc. If those guys are still there, they could have developed chief better in some parts that chief seems to have limits, for example stairs!! , unless they had their brains .....
  2. yusuf-333's post in Dome Ceiling was marked as the answer   
    Scott, sure it should be so. constructibility? But you must be creating even highly decorated domes in ca, though size of the symbol could be relatively large in such symbols.

    dome ceiling.calibz
  3. yusuf-333's post in Grid Windows was marked as the answer   
    Window spec dbx "lites" try to manipulate the the number and shape of lites there.
    You may also need diamond grid window! You will find it there too.