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  1. ShaneK's post in Baseboard in Room - on/off Setting. was marked as the answer   
    Change room definition to "garage" and base goes away or room dbx /moldings/delete 
  2. ShaneK's post in Pair of Windows Not Showing in 3D was marked as the answer   
    Wall with windows was not aligned with wall below, therefore CA put an attic wall that was blocking your wall with windows. 
    Khavanin see the
  3. ShaneK's post in Why is my PDF huge? was marked as the answer   
    PDF programs often have a print option to lower file size. I use PDF-XChange and it has that option. Large files are common with CA & PDF
    I just opened your layout and printed it to pdf, file size 18mb. Then I printed it with my "optimize" print selection and it was 9mb. 1/2 the file size.
  4. ShaneK's post in Attic Truss Problems was marked as the answer   
    Watch Video #354. Basically what I did was delete your roof over structure / went to 1st floor and did manual roof planes / then went to 2nd floor and created room for attic truss area / uncheck "attic" on gabel walls / make sure attic rooms and storage room have same floor structure settings / you can see all this on plan I uploaded.  

  5. ShaneK's post in Auto Page Number for Layouts? was marked as the answer   
    %page% in a text box on page 0
  6. ShaneK's post in Polygon room walls look connected in plan view, but not in camera view. was marked as the answer   
    I get same view as both Solver and Rlackore, I think in original pdf you posted your molding polyline layer was turned off. One of the ceiling planes had a peak height 1/16 higher but that should not cause any serious issues. Check your layers.

  7. ShaneK's post in Truss base? or am I missing something? was marked as the answer   
    Version 17
    P Road ver 17.plan

  8. ShaneK's post in Gable Issue or slope ceiling was marked as the answer   
    Post the plan.
  9. ShaneK's post in Staircase specification screen was marked as the answer   
  10. ShaneK's post in Help Please - 3D basement floors disappear...see long post below. Thanks was marked as the answer   
    Another work around.
  11. ShaneK's post in Gable/Roof Line Tool was marked as the answer   
    Post your plan, easier to fix it and you learn from what we did than it is to type out instructions. There are many posts on this subject and help in the online training videos.