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3 hours ago, MichaelaS said:


Thank you for the great video! When I get to the point of applying my saved block "window & door topper" to the window it does not appear in my user catalog. Any advice? 




1 - draw your molding

2 - Select all the moldings

3- Add to Library.  It should appear in your catalog as "molding".  Rename it if you want.
          (Use the Add to Library or...the Stacked Molding menu button. Either will work)

4 - Open the Window dialog.  Go to lintel tab.  Choose the lintel you just made.  Select extend and wrap as needed.


That's really all there is to it.

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That is another problem I have been having. When I select the molding, the "add to library" feature doesn't always appear. 




I believe I have... When I open the object it automatically has it saved in the molding layer. Is that proper? But when I was able to create the block it didn't ask about anything regarding moldings that I can recall. 


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