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    error message

    Please post the plan file.
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    Weird lines by dormer

    Nice touches Eric!
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    Weird lines by dormer

    Ok I will have a look at that as well. Thanks Michael.
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    Weird lines by dormer

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    Clawfoot Tub

    Does anyone have a symbol of this style of tub? Doing a drawing for a renovation and they have one of these that I need to include in the interior design drawings.
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    Clawfoot Tub

    OK guys. Arrrgggg what the heck is wrong with the libraries. I did what you suggested and updated my library and there it was!!! My CA must have Covid-19 Doug
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    Clawfoot Tub

    Joe, Would I have posted this if I hadn't already looked in the library? Doug
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    For chimneys I have a one layer brick wall. Simple yet so effective.
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    auto table for living area

    Joe, I would really like that macro. Please see my pm to you. Doug
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    Also consider ceiling planes. They are very useful for a negatively sloped wall.
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    wall legends

    Wilson, I have no idea if this will fix your problem or not. This happened when I was using X11 and here was the answer from tech support. I thought it was fixed, so your problem may be unrelated. Doug Doug Norton Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019 - 09:06 AM PDT When inserting a wall schedule a strange vertical line appears when including 2d symbols for a default 8" concrete stem wall. How can I fix this? Support Answer - Grant Swenson Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019 - 02:02 PM PDT Doug, Our development team is still looking into how to properly correct the issue. However, we have found that if you turn off Slabs in your layer Display Options, the line will no longer appear in your schedule. Keep it mind that turning off the Slabs display in that layer set will also have it not show up in any other views using that layer set. Grant Chief Architect Technical Support
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    Connecting different pitched roofs

    The advantage of using auto build for roofs is that it gets all the base lines in place, and the facia heights aligned. Pitch and intersections can always be easily changed to get what you want. Sometimes intersections are a bit of a problem, but with a little work it can all be readily solved. The auto build is, from my experience, always a great place to start.
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    Square footage not displaying

    Mike You're are entirely welcome. it was a fun exercise anyway. Glad the answer was found for the problem. Doug
  14. When doing instructions for framing a roof I realized that the CA framing model is somewhat strange for the outlook detail. Maybe I am doing something wrong but here is what I was hoping for, VS what CA is generating. Something like what I was expecting. How Chef actually models it. Here is a clip from a framing manual. And finally here is a cross section of what I was hoping for and what I got. So a couple of questions: 1) How have you detailed outlooks - what is the practice in your area? 2) Have I overlooked some setting in CA that does this automatically? Edit: When playing with the roof structure DBX here is what I discovered. Here is the original DBX And here is a revised DBX Swapping the dimensions for width and depth. And a much better result! This still would require a note about notching the rafters I suppose or manually reducing the depth of the rafter to make the outlook members more like purlins. Any comments? Outlook Framing.plan
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    Roof Lookout Framing Modelling

    Thanks for that Ken and Michael. Good to know. Doug
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    Square footage not displaying

    Not sure if I have captured the problem because I couldn't reproduce it, but I took a swing at answering a possible cause.
  17. Doug_N

    Roof Lookout Framing Modelling

    Hi Ken, Where is your part of the country? I have seen it done this way in our locality here in Ontario Canada, and it is called a ladder outlook system. The inspectors are cautious about it because to resist vertical loading past the gable it relies upon the pull-out strength of nails resisting shear loads. I think they make the builders install gang nail plates at the gable joint. Do you have uplift problems with wind loading with this construction method?
  18. Doug_N

    Opening .dgn files??

    Not anymore. Windows 10 is a paid upgrade. However, there may be a back door Here's how you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade Microsoft's much-hyped free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ended in four years ago, right? Not exactly. It's September 2020 and my readers report that you can still use Microsoft's free upgrade tools to install Windows 10 on an old PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. No product key is required, and the digital license says you're activated and ready to go.
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    Attic wall clipping window top

    If there is no ceiling, the balloon through option frames from the floor plate through where the normal ceiling plate would be to the under side of the roof framing.
  20. Doug_N

    Roof Lookout Framing Modelling

    Hi Glenn, Happy New Year! Not really if you look at the details that I have posted. The way that the outlooks were modelled were out of correct rotation. Why? I have no idea because when I fiddled with the roof structure DBX it stopped doing it, and rotated them to the correct angle. The OOTB copy still requires notching the gable rafter. Most framers around here reduce the depth of that rafter so that the outlook can cross the rafer without cutting.
  21. Doug_N

    Required # of Parking Spaces

    Hi Alan - Happy New Year's Day!! Hope the new year is much much better than the previous year for you, your family and all of our colleagues here in Chief Architect user forum. You make a very good point on this aspect of project planning. In the Greater Toronto Area this is called a pre-consultation meeting and there is a fee for the meeting. The meeting is entirely optional unless the project meets certain application complications that are determined by, from the best I can figure, someone using a crystal ball. In any case, these meetings can be exceedingly useful because you get a list of contacts in all departments not only from the responsible municipal authority that will issue the building permit, but also other parties that have a veto, such as conservation authority, the department of urban forestry (yes you need permission to harm a tree in some areas), the health department if there is a private sewage system or well, and the region or country for trucking load permits etc.
  22. Doug_N

    Wooden to align posts with newels

    Thanks Ryan, Happy New Year by the way.
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    Creating a room in attic, gamerrom wall.clg issues

    I fixed the roof problems, then the room sort of fixed itself. I think this is a good start on getting your solution. Joe makes an excellent point of adding a floor to control some of your other structural issues. Once the roof boundaries and intersections where fixed, then I created a wall on the second floor that was a siding type to enclose the side of the attic room. And there it is, the wall that was giving you grief. Your wall was an interior wall and was generated by the program. It intersected the roof, so it was cut along the bottom. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas from the Frozen North. Best to you and your family. Doug 693753679_MichaelHackRemodeling.plan