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  1. Agreed. I know that my stamp wouldn't be on the drawing!
  2. Not too difficult to do, but of course it wouldn't be approved without a guard any building inspector. That would definitely be an accident location just waiting to happen.
  3. I wasn't suggesting that the roof be constructed in manual, just that the treatment of the soffit face leaves something to be desired if the soffit face is level. The roof can still be completely done automatically.
  4. Unless I am wrong, the only shortcoming of this method is that the soffit doesn't generate to the exterior wall when Boxed Eave, Flush or Default to Overhang are selected. The soffit follows the underside of the roof rafters after reaching the set overhang.
  5. That is not the only case where terrain is not shown against the foundation wall. It seems to be a general problem with how CA deals with terrain that is shaped in complex ways.
  6. Perhaps tilted in his mind is flat, just not level flat. I have had owners tell me that too.
  7. With problems like this, the best way to get meaningful help is to post the plan file.
  8. I think your only option if you can't get the DWG file is to trace the contour lines. I have done that a few times, and it works pretty well. Try just the major lines and then if need adjust with a few "in between lines" Fortunately CA supports spline contour lines. Once you have the lines traced you can adjust the curves between points with the advanced spline option.
  9. Hi Jim, I did some experimenting with the footings, even moving them to a different layer, but no joy. Unless the footings are removed, there isn't any way that I can see that will turn off the footings in the schedule view. Your second question though about pony walls, bingo, there is an answer
  10. This look is achieved by setting the railing walls to invisible and offsetting from the foundation walls by 1" (This is done in the wall DBX for the railing. The stairs have no stringers, no tread overhang and no thickness. The risers are closed and set to closed underneath. Then copy and paste concrete colour to the tread risers and walls under the stringers.
  11. Now that is a very creative way to use a roof plane and skylights.
  12. If you post the plan I will take a look at it.
  13. I have a projector that fits inside my laptop bag for visits to my client's house. Any wall will do so long as it is a light colour.
  14. I think you have the makings of a suggestion there. I have thought the same thing many times, and often just off temp dims until I need them for something.
  15. Hi Larry, There are some subtle differences (and a couple not so subtle) when moving up to X-16, but the benefits are really worth it. The leader for dimensions is one of them that is a real time saver. I had a few problems with crashes early on, but nothing since the last update. All of my production work is now in X-16. I say go for it!!!
  16. A slab or a 3d solid. Either will work.
  17. I think you mean the column base or pedestal, not a footing. You can create your own by choosing a suitable column and then creating a solid shape under the column (or in this case, set of columns) and then painting the stone surface on the solid.
  18. I removed a few walls that were in the way, and made the area between the landing floor and main floor open to below. The stair widths are adjusted to be 1/2 the distance between walls either side of the lading walls, minus 4 1/2" The upper stair railing is generated with a railing wall. Split Level Entrance
  19. Hi Jim, Try this out. Take a look at the wall definitions. Doug Double wall.plan
  20. And that is a very good opinion!
  21. The big problem with all of this work arounds is that all parametric parameters are lost