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  1. Rene, your video and exit from the feature clip was, well.... shocking!
  2. Sorry I can't. I am on vacation right now and using my laptop which only has x-14 installed.
  3. Nope. This is from X14 and the deck is still generated to the rim board and not the exterior surface of the brick. In my opinion CA should have an option for where the ledger is to be placed, and I have suggested that in the suggestion forum, but for some reason the programmers have not gotten around to this. On almost every project that I do I have to fix this.
  4. I have made a few changes to your plan and used a pony wall for the railing side as well as some changes to the stair materials, top height and materials. I would suggest a landing and door at the bottom of the stairs because most building codes require some "gas tight" provisions to prevent gas fumes from entering the living portion of the building.Gadway House DN_2022_07_31.plan
  5. i7, 32g RTX3070. Seems to work flawlessly. I had to get one quickly as I am Clayton New York on my boating vacation. Still have to work even though I am on vacation. Wish I could have gotten a bigger screen (16.1") QHD. Pretty darned good. I was surprised how well it works.
  6. Dermot.  I suspect that these are caused by file storage architecture.  You may only be able to capture this by doing remote sessions with users to see their actual situation.

    That was the principal cause of my installation hiccups, and over time I have found the hierarchy problems and eliminated them. Just my thoughts on the topic.



  7. Well you are certainly living up to your login name!! I wholeheartedly agree with your comments and feel lucky to have chosen CA and to belong to such a great group of helpful and professional colleagues. Thank you all. To also to the CA employees that hang out in the forum as well. Your comments and recognition go a long way to making users feel appreciated and valued.
  8. I built a new computer, no point in putting a corvette engine in a pinto. The card is an MSI Nvidia 3080Ti and it is dynamite. I also installed two 2T SSD and 32g DDR5 memory.
  9. Rob, this is a wall dialogue box, not the room dialogue (DBX) that I have posted a picture of. There were two solutions that were alternates. I did not post a picture of the room DBX, just the wall DBX.
  10. Unfinished spaces have no ceiling or floor finishes. Change the space to kitchen, and turn off the room label for that space or, make one of the walls no room definition.
  11. IN addition, I just took the leap to W11 64b Pro Everything working ok so far
  12. Ryan, I think you are on to something. When the minimum distance is reached, say show any dimension less than 24" in inches only then, in your case, both the primary and secondary dimensions are the same. If both formats are the same, then show only one format. That may be a bit tricky for the bit magicians, but, it could be programmed. I think you should make the suggestion.
  13. Hi Jason, I am doing the scan for my own purposes, to help me to get the base building info for making design drawings. So it is part of what I am doing as part of the process, and my fee includes the scan. Matterport charges a monthly fee of $79 or an annual fee that is discounted. That gets you a space where you can upload files, and they put the scans together. If you want to download a OBJ file or floor plans, that is an additional $49. There are other fees that may apply if the model is large of really complex. The advantage of the scan is that you can measure things at leisure back at the office, and see features, such as soffits bulkheads etc. that you might miss when taking coarse measurements, you can get window sizes and locations without hand measuring them in site. I suspect that this will save about 50% of the time that I have to spend on site, but this is still early days. I will need more experience to offer an opinion about how worthwhile this is.
  14. This took about 45 minutes. A lot of that time was used to explain what I was doing to the owner. I will be charging about $3,200 for the as built and proposed drawings. I can't see how I could take measurements around the furnace. Tim will tell as I continue to hone my skills. Perhaps I could have closed the door to do a better job of "seeing" the furnace. I took a lot of hand measurements as well, and most of the camera measurements were just about spot on. I was amazed at that. In Ontario, a second furnace is not required if the apartment is an accessory suite. That is, a main dwelling and a smaller apartment in some part of the house. The one proviso is that a smoke detector is installed in the cold air return, with the detector wired into the furnace controls to disable the furnace in an alarm condition to prevent smoke and the products of combustion from circulating between the units.
  15. Well here it is! My first client Matterport scan.
  16. I don't know about your jurisdiction, but that solution for a garage would require engineering to prevent possible fluid leaks from entering the habitable space. The plans examiner would still require the certification of the design for the building assembly, not just for the pre-engineering slabs.
  17. Do a model of the house in Chief Architect and make a basement under the garage. The garage floor will be a suspended slab, probably with at least one steel drop beam under the slab. The ends of the beam can bear upon the foundation stem wall or on pilasters. More than likely you will need one column in the center of the beam if the garage is a double width. The beam will probably be 8" deep so make sure that you have enough headroom (say 7') under the beams, and then make drawings for the structural engineer. He(she) will tell you how to change the drawing to suit, and provide a structural drawing along with load calculations.
  18. There are two possible reasons. 1) you still have the plan file open in Chief Architect. Exit Chief Architect and then try. 2) The file is too large to upload. Run backup in CA and save to a zip file for the plan file only. This may or not reduce the file to a size where it can be uploaded.
  19. Hi Amy, Please post the plan file. You can do this by exiting Chief Architect and then uploading the plan file in the forum. Please note that if CA has the file open, you will not be able to upload it. Doug
  20. Back when I was on the tools, there was a saying that the contractor with the worst estimator often got the job.
  21. Change your settings for footings in Default Settings, Foundation, Edit Default Foundation Wall, Footings