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  1. Is there a way to show cabinet doors that operate on a pocket system? Shown Open & Closed?
  2. Thanks guys! I used Perry's method intially, but I will edit my symbol for the bounding box. Makes perfect sense. Thanks for everything!
  3. I created a fireplace symbol and have it resessed into the wall. Is there a way that I can control what portion of the symbol cuts the wall out? If not, any reccomendations on how to better set this symbol? Chief Premier, X13
  4. I've resaved a dwg file and want to use the layout document I've been creating. How do I tell my layout document to pull the information from my resaved plan file?
  5. Hello, I'm looking for where I can download the Tile Builder Beta to use with Google's Substance Player. Thank you!
  6. What is the best method for displaying preliminary design concepts to clients of the same room? An example being kitchens; I want to show multiple cabinet layouts but would rather not have a multitude of plan sets for their project from doing a "Save As" method.
  7. Thanks, I guess I've just always referenced the Tutorial Guide.
  8. @solver You have no idea how long I spent looking for that corner board tool. Haha. I found it, thanks for entertaining my ignorance.
  9. I feel super incompetent asking this question, but how do you apply cornerboards to exterior walls?? [TIA]
  10. I have a railing that is currently being dimensioned to from the outside of the panel. I would like to transition that dimension to either the center of the post or the outside of the post. However, I am unable to manipulate the extension line itself to snap to the corner of the post.
  11. The wall shown is on the same plane with a false gable roof above only a portion. The wall from the interior will reflect the same ceiling height as the rest of the home, but from the front elevation I would like the wall to be taller to move my gable up. How can this be done in CA as the wall heights are dictated by the room's ceiling height?
  12. I created an Auto-Built Roof, changed a few of the wall types (gable to hip, hip to shed, ect) and did not like the outcome. I would like to revert back to what Chief initially started with, but everytime I rebuild the auto-roof it saves my previous edits. Any way to go back?
  13. @solver @SNestor @Joe_Carrick I redrew the assembly with a different crown molding piece and this time around it worked...? Not sure if it's the molding piece or just me. Probably was me. Thank you everyone for taking the time to assist me and for providing the great Lintel trick!