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  1. MichaelaS


    @Renerabbitt Anytime I try it says that the upload has failed.
  2. MichaelaS


    Thanks, @Renerabbitt. How exactly would I share that file?
  3. MichaelaS


    I've created my layout templates, according to their sizes. Within the template everything looks great - everything fits within the sheet margins, the page size aligns with what I've titled each template to be, etc. However, when I go to send my drawing to my prefered layout the 'Drawing Sheet Setup' drawing sheet size is a different size. So when I change the setup sheet size to what I want then my entire layout is far too large and I need to scale everything back down. (the blue outline in the image below is my page outline 18x24)
  4. MichaelaS

    Window & Door Toppers

    @solver @SNestor @Joe_Carrick I redrew the assembly with a different crown molding piece and this time around it worked...? Not sure if it's the molding piece or just me. Probably was me. Thank you everyone for taking the time to assist me and for providing the great Lintel trick!
  5. MichaelaS

    Window & Door Toppers

    @solver The image shown above directed toward Steve was not a block, just the "union poly-line" as instructed. At one point I attempted making a block as that was the only option shown to me in the tool bars - obviously still had no luck.
  6. MichaelaS

    Window & Door Toppers

    @SNestor That is another problem I have been having. When I select the molding, the "add to library" feature doesn't always appear. @Joe_Carrick I believe I have... When I open the object it automatically has it saved in the molding layer. Is that proper? But when I was able to create the block it didn't ask about anything regarding moldings that I can recall.
  7. MichaelaS

    Window & Door Toppers

    @SNestor Thank you for the great video! When I get to the point of applying my saved block "window & door topper" to the window it does not appear in my user catalog. Any advice?
  8. MichaelaS

    Window & Door Toppers

    Looking for a way to add window and door toppers for interior millwork.