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    Ah, I see the problem, you are dividing one area by another.

    Mind you, this is for X-15, the best release of CA ever!!!
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    Here is an example of a simple building with one of the interior walls being set to be load-bearing.

    Pictured below, is the resulting automatic foundation generated.


    I think this is why CA is creating walls and footings below some of your interior walls.
    It may be also that those areas in your screen clip have a different floor level that is lower than the surrounding floor.
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    In the file that you posted there were a couple of things that I noticed in the file before I did anything other than open it.
    1) The roofs were in manual. CA would not generate any changes to the roof structure.
    2) The wall assembly that has exposed framing has stucco on one side and drywall on the other.
    So I dug into the geometry of the roof and wall as shown in your screen shot

    Notice that the longer roof does not cover the wall below (that is an attic wall.)
    Also notice that the shorter roof cuts halfway into the attic roof.

    So by pulling back the shorter roof to just touch the attic wall the outer stucco layer shows and the framing is hidden.
    Also pulling out the longer roof, an adequate roof overhang is achieved.

    Hopefully this helps.
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    Very similar to Steve's solution. I did this before I noticed that Steve had fixed it.
    I copied down all the roof pitches, turned on autorebuild roofs, then worked my way around the building adjusting pitches, gable and hip roof settings.  I had to fix some ceiling heights and then created the gable for the entrance using a gable wall line. Disabled auto roof build and then adjusted the gable.

    Kinzler Roof
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    Rob, this is a wall dialogue box, not the room dialogue (DBX) that I have posted a picture of.  There were two solutions that were alternates.  I did not post a picture of the room DBX, just the wall DBX.  
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    First make sure that the 1st floor type is setup correctly.  Remove any reference to lumber and framing etc.


    Then prepare the foundation configuration.
    1) Make the foundation wall a pony wall with the upper wall being a reduced thickness

    2) Set the structure of the foundation wall hang the platform.  Adjust the height of the pony wall upper segment to be the same and the thickness (unless you wall something else).

    And this is what you get