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  1. JLU THANKS. that worked and was very simple. I appreciate the assist!
  2. Chopsaw Good idea. I did that just now. thanks cortes 4302 N. Orchard remodel plans2.zip
  3. I have most of a house plan finished but I have a problem with a roof overhang. In the 3d of the second floor family or media room, it shows the overhang and fascia. Most of room is a scissor truss but the area on the back is flat and the overhang shows through the ceiling. I inserted an interior wall where the scissor ends and made it invisible. I cannot figure out how to change that truss hanging down into the room. thanks guys I tried to attach the CA file but it says the max would be 14mb and the file size is 15.3mb so I have inserted a pic of the 3d below
  4. glennw Yes that is what I mean. But I still have to open every single folder, one at a time....
  5. I wonder if there is a way to view all the library 3d images like 36 or 100 pics on a page or something like that. Like looking at all your pics in your gallery. I was looking for a particular type of chandelier but opening every folder in the library, expanding each one to see if it is what my client wants is very time consuming and often unfruitful. And I have looked at 3d Warehouse and registered but I am afraid to download a file from some random stranger. Is there a word for "fear of computer virus"? How do you know? And what file type works with CA15?
  6. Drawzilla Thanks you just made my day. I have never even looked at that wall type or room definition and locate. I will remember that, I hope... Elliot
  7. Drawzilla thanks for the help. Here is my file. I appreciate the assist Elliot cortes 4302 N. Orchard remodel plans.plan
  8. I am having trouble creating a second floor over a garage. I drew the whole house and I saved the file as the "before remodel". then I saved the file as a remodel and starting making changes. The house was a 2 story with a one story attached garage on the left side. they want to turn that garage into living space and add a media room above. So I recreated the garage into living space and called it "kitchen" . I tried to just have CA add a second floor above but because there was already a second floor it would not do that. So I just extended the 2nd floor walls over the new kitchen area but it will not recognize it as a room. And it does not put a floor in the room. and when I try to do "auto build roof" It does the roof on the second floor but it puts the roof on the lower first floor walls of the kitchen and ignores the new walls in added above for the media room. What am I missing or doing wrong? thanks cortes 4302 N. Orchard remodel plans 2nd floor.pdf
  9. thanks guys that helps a lot
  10. I design a lot of remodels in which the client wants a linear gas fireplace. I have all the libraries about fireplaces but nothing is even close. Is there a manufacturer library catalog I am not seeing? Sometimes I need logs and sometimes I need the glass beads and LED lighting. Can anyone direct me to this or share with me how to create it? thanks
  11. I am struggling with plan views and layer sets. In the plan I am working on now, I created two views. A ceiling framing view and a floor framing view. For each one I created a layer set and assigned the layer set to the corresponding view. So the Ceiling framing view gets assigned the Ceiling layer set and so on. And for each layer set I create layers which would be very specific to just that view. For the Ceiling view I have Text - ceiling framing, and for Cad I have CAD - ceiling framing , and same for dimensions. So those items show up only on that view. I have watched the videos and I think I am doing all correctly. But I am in the Floor Framing View and the layer set is the Floor Layer Set with the Text - floor framing turned on. But I start to place text in that view and CA asks me if i want to turn on the Text- Ceiling Framing layer. I don't understand how the layer sets coordinate or are affected by what I set in the defaults/setting. I thought the selected layer set overrides whatever is in the defaults. Is there a setting to make it ignore the defaults and just use whatever I have set in the layer set. Why is it doing that and what am I doing wrong? thanks
  12. ShCanada2 I figured out what you were saying and that fixed the problem. I was always going to the definition of the wall type and it would not work. But when i did like you showed me, selecting the materials item on the menu, it was really easy to change and it worked. All fixed thanks everyone for all your suggestions.
  13. Glennw. I did a complete plan backup and tried to attach it to this post. but it would not because the complete zip file is larger than 14mb whcih is the limit. Any other way to do this? thanks Elliot
  14. Guys I am still having ser Serious problems with this. I place an interior wall and sometimes one side of the wall will have exterior siding on it. When I check the wall definitions, it doesn't say anything about exterior siding. But in the 3D images, it shows a exterior signing. It's not even the sighting I set as default, which is a lap siding like Hardy. What is showing up in the 3D images is a cedar shingle, which is the default for the program. Somebody please help me. I really need to know how to fix this.. perhaps I should call the SAS service on Monday.