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  1. I installed X13 last night and then this morning I watched the Chief video on all the new features while having one of my new plans open. Then as she taught about many of the new features I would flip over to my plan and try it out, so it imprints in my mind. No way to remember everything but I knew if I tried it, maybe I would remember more of them. Lots of nice new features I will use and I am really excited about the new version.
  2. Thanks Mike and DSHall and Eric and Larry. I appreciate more input. I've only been using Chief for about a year and a half, so definitely learning every time I open the program. I can't wait for X13 to be released. I know the public Beta is out but I am uncertain about using it yet. Maybe I will wait for the full release. I will study ref sets and Saved Plan views and continue to learn.
  3. That is what I needed. Display on floor below solved the problem. and I turned off all layers I did not want to see. thanks
  4. Thanks I will explore that also
  5. Ok thanks I will work on that.
  6. Yes I can turn off layers. But I cannot get all the roof planes to show up when i am in plot plan view which is locked to the first floor of the plan. Turning on the roof planes layer works and I can of course change the line style but it will not display both the first floor and second floor roofs.
  7. Well I thought I understood enough to do this but obviously not.
  8. I am having trouble with showing just the roof in the plot plan view. When I create the terrain perimeter as I start the plot plan, Chief puts the terrain on floor 1. But it is showing the interior and exterior walls on floor one. I have the plot plan layer set on. And if i turn on the roof plane layer, then only the first floor roof planes show up as a dotted line. there are sections of the house where the roof is only on floor one and some sections with the roof on floor 2. What I want is just to see the roof from above on the plot plan, the entire roof with all roof planes with a nice b
  9. I built a new PC and I installed X12 on the new PC. I saved my whole data file from the old PC and I am wondering if there is a way to import all the libraries from the previous install to the new one without having to download them all from the website again? I actually have all the CALIBZ files in a downloads folder on the harddrive. Would it work to just drag them to the program while it is open. Or can I just copy all the files to a certain folder in the program folder in Windows File Explorer? thanks
  10. Chris thanks that makes sense. So the higher dpi is probably not a bad idea because if the client is looking at the pdf on their phone it might make it easier to see the whole image on a small screen. I was always hesitant to use the higher dpi because I thought the file size would be prohibitively huge. Now I know Appreciate the help
  11. I often export views as pdf for my clients to review as I design a project. Typically various 3d views of the kitchen, bath, or addition. When in the export pdf screen there is a drop down to select the resolution for the pdf. I just conducted a test because I wondered if the file size would get too large if I saved the views with a higher resolution. So I saved the same exact view at the default 600, then also 1200 and 4000. Then I looked to see the three pdf's and they all looked exactly the same. no change in clarity of the image or depth of color. So I check the file size and all thre
  12. Eric thanks that worked just perfect! I appreciate you always being there to help
  13. I am having trouble with inserting a client info macro in my layout template. I watched the tutorial and then created a text box with the macro for client name, address etc. It looks right and it is on sheet 0 of my layout template. But then I cannot find any way to get Chief to insert the actual client info for that file on each layout page. I gave the plan file all the client info under Tools/project information/client information. How does it populate that info to the macro? thanks guys
  14. Thanks for the help. I got the plans done and sent them off to the structural engineer for his review. I am spending a LOT of time with X12 and I learn something every time I use this program. And you guys are great, helping on the forum thanks Elliot
  15. I need a bit of help. I am working on the ceiling framing layer set and I have a layer called "Text- Ceiling Framing" and I want the text to all be on that layer. But every time I try to add text CA asks me if I want to turn on the Text layer. If I say no, it won't do my text. If I say yes it turns on all the text from that layer. I know I can do the layer painter to move all my text to the layer I want but isn't there I way to tell chief to work on a specific layer for text or cad or whatever? Like set the "active" layer? thanks Elliot Gesang Gesang Remodeling Graha