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  1. What problem with the platforms are you having exactly? What are you trying to do?
  2. Thanks for the idea, Glenn, I will give that a try.
  3. Thanks Michael. I don't have X13 so I can't open your test plan, but I will try using those steps.
  4. We are designing a house with a shed roof and soffits that slope up on all sides of the roof overhang (See attached screenshots and test plan). This creates a condition where the soffit going up the sides of the house must be sloped in two planes (to match the pitch of the roof, and to slope up perpendicular to the roof pitch), and has a compound miter in the corners. I am using X12, and have figured out a somewhat complicated and time consuming way to manually draw this. I'll show the method I have figured out to do this, but I'm also wondering - is there an easier way in X13? I know X13 offers a custom rafter tail on both ends of a rafter, but can it create a soffit sloped in two planes with a compound miter? Here are my steps, and it seems to only work if they are followed in this exact order: In a side elevation where you can see the pitch of the roof, draw the soffit as a rectangular polyline, rotate it to match the roof pitch, and make it a polyline solid with the correct overhang depth Take a section where you are looking at the butt end of the polyline solid you have created, click on the upper edge of the butt end to get the upper rotate handle, and rotate it to match the slope of the rafter tails Miter the soffit in plan I have attached photos of the condition and a test plan with the roof framing and soffits, with a saved camera with those layers on. Thanks. Sloped Soffit
  5. Funny, for some reason it won't work when I use the keyboard shortcut, but when I use the edit menu it does. Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks, Mark. We are trying to move from away from CAD details to taking all elevations and sections from the model, but that is a useful workaround. However, there is no way to paste and hold position from the CAD detail to the live elevation, is there? It seems very time consuming to have to reposition all of the dimension lines when pasting them back.
  7. Hello, I'm having an issue with dimensioning in a back-clipped section with the point to point dimension tool (or any tool). My dimensions will only snap to certain lines in the section. For example, they will snap to the finish floor, but not the subfloor or the bottom of the joist. I have attached the plan, and I have saved Cross Section 4 as an example where I can snap to the finish floor but not the subfloor. I have tried adjusting the reach of the dimension tool which does not seem to make a difference. Thanks for any suggestions. Dimensioning