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  1. Ha, thanks for catching that. This model is quite messed up from lots of changes that I haven't had time to properly fix. Deleting that railing seemed to fix the issue. The strange thing is that railings are turned off in that layer set...
  2. Thanks, but the problem is that I'm trying to create a new saved plan view for structural steel that doesn't have all the floor framing dimensions on it.
  3. Yes, X12. If I edit area and copy it to a new plan, won't that plan have all different settings? The plan I have the question about is an old plan that does not have all my current defaults etc. set. I can't seem to get the file small enough to attach here, even zipped.
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble with the angular dimension tool. Trying to dimension two floor beams (see attached pic). The 90 degrees is correct, but why is it not snapping to the edge of the beam? My locate objects settings are also attached, and are set to locate the sides of framing. They are steel I beams, not that that should affect anything... Thanks.
  5. Thanks, I thought that the text for posts was on the layer "Framing, Posts" but I guess it is actually on "Framing, Text."
  6. Hi, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the text size of a label for a post to change. I have tried editing the text style that it is assigned to, and it does nothing. It does not change the text size of the existing labels or new ones that are created after I make the change. I hope someone can see the very obvious thing that I am missing Thanks.
  7. Hmm, maybe I need to play around more with dimension settings in live section views and try to get it to work better. In general, we're trying to move away from creating a million pages of chopped up details, and instead just create highly detailed complete sections. On projects we build, we have our computers and monitors on site and this makes it very easy to zoom in on and print whatever detail we need at the moment, while being able to see it in the context of the whole section. We are trying to also have contractors learn the program so they can access the model in this way too.
  8. Thanks for the advice Gene. I don't think we can be quite as disciplined with the design process as you suggest, but I appreciate the general strategy. The project is in two phases- we actually built that finished part as an addition to an existing house that the client was living in, then he moved into the new addition (a "guest wing"), we tore down the old house and are now framing the main house. He wanted to be able to stay on site during the whole project and live with the finishes he chose for the guest wing before making decisions on the main house... you can imagine the fun logistics involved And we do have crickets in the places where a roof slopes toward a wall, and on the butterfly roof, they just didn't all make it into the model.
  9. Hi Rob, This is actually a very old plan (the design started 7 years ago, believe it or not...). We now use all of the features you mention extensively- saved plan views tied to layer sets and default sets are a life saver! This plan was just too complicated and we were too time crunched to re-draw the whole thing correctly once we started implementing those features. However, the one place where we still find it necessary to use CAD details extensively are sections. I have tried to keep the sections tied to the saved cross section views, but in x12 I haven't been able to do the level of detailing required. If this is something that has changed in X14, I would be very happy to hear it, and would make upgrading worth the cost. The problem I have found with using a live cross section view is mainly that dimensioning is a huge pain (won't dimension to the right lines, laggy compared to CAD detail, especially in a complicated plan), and that there isn't the same kind of detailed control over fills. I have attached a couple examples of the kind of section detailing that we just can't achieve in a live view, at least in X12. Is this kind of detailing possible in X14? We need to be able to show the actual aluminum window extrusion, fills for all the wall layers, etc. Throwing in a current progress pic
  10. Thanks How would you suggest better managing CAD details? For the most part, they are all needed for this plan. I could keep them in a separate plan, but that is a bit of a logistical nightmare.
  11. Interesting, thanks, so your monitor had too high of a PPI? I calculated my laptop monitor to be 143 PPI.
  12. Not sure I understand- which CAD details are you referring to?
  13. Well, that seems to have solved it. Thank you very much Ken! It presents a whole other set of problems to have to keep CAD details in a separate plan, but it's good to know that there is at least a solution to the slowness.