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  1. You are 100% right. I like the idea behind it, but clearly some kinks to workout
  2. I've re-connected roofs and still no fix
  3. Can anyone advise why this isn't rendering correctly in X13. Its almost as if anything "sunlight" touches, glows in the dark. What is going wrong? Fixes?
  4. So basically, raise the roof baseline to account for the 16" i have for the 2nd floor platform level..? I usually use 16" web truss on bonus rooms over the garage and normally sit my baseline to that level, however it doesn't (technically) have to be done that way, particularly on a 12/12 roof. I can't raise the ridge height much without going over the ridge on the roof perpendicular roof. So i'll probably raise baseline, and lower pitch to a 10/12 and see what that does for me. Think that will work?
  5. Hard to tell anything out of place, because how the roof valleys in on both sides. And that seems where the issue is.
  6. The odd thing is that it's only on the front gable. The back gable, no problems.
  7. Yea i've put "attic rooms" on both edges but hasn't changed anything. I'd liek to post plan for some reason its over 20 mb though. Don't know why so large.
  8. What is going on here? Ive never seen this before. The floor platform going through roof planes where they join together. I've tried re joining planes multiple times, but nothing changes.
  9. Thanks to everyone for the advice. Very helpful!
  10. I'm well overdue to upgrade to x12 or x13. Is there any problems associated with upgrading to x12 and then working on files/plans that were created in x10? X12 seems worlds ahead of x10. I have Several projects ongoing now and I fear i would have issues if i were to upgrade mid project.
  11. Yea I changed CA to use only the Nvidia card and also adjusted the PhysX setting to use the Nvidia still not working.
  12. Hello, I'm needing some help. Just getting started with CA X10 and with a new Surfacebook 2 machine. I have the GTX 1060 GPU version 398.36 (most up to date version). The problem i'm having is that if I open up a 3d view, then close the 3d view after no longer needing it, my 2d plan view seems to do some weird freeze thing where I can no longer see my mouse or anything. Of course I know that the program isn't freezing because I can still utilize the file/save screen and can still exit the software. If I open another 3d view prior to exiting, I can switch back to the plan view