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  1. I am using x12. I want to add a couple new room type names. I have done it in the past but apparently I forgot. Thanks
  2. I just updated to X12. On previous versions I used the Break Wall button frequently. I have looked everywhere for it in the new version. Where the heck is it located....TIA
  3. When I first started in CA, each wall size etc had different color lines. Now all the lines for walls are varying shades of grey. How can I fix this? I have never intentionally changed the colors. Thanks
  4. Somehow finished living area no longer appears. Im sure I accidentally turned it off somewhere....but where..please help...thanks in advance
  5. I can draw stairs and see them in 3d but cant see them in 2d! Please help me
  6. I can draw stairs and see them in 3d but cant see them in 2d! Please help me
  7. I have version 10. Recently I received plans drawn in version 9 CA. I could see all details in 2D but when I tried in 3D, there was nothing. I am guessing that the plans were drawn without regarding to setting up details for 3D. Is there anyway I can convert his drawings to 3D without redrawing the whole plan?
  8. I have version 10. I recently received plans from a designer that were drawn in CA version 9. In 2D I see everything but in 3D camera I see nothing. I am guessing he didn't have his defaults set etc. What is the easiest way for me to view the plan in 3D without drawing it myself
  9. When I first opened Chief, there were both horizontal and vertical sliders that helped move the drawing around to the area I wanted to work on. I also used them to recenter and resize the drawing. Now both sliders have disappeared. Obviously, I have turned them off somewhere, but I will be darned if I can find em again....a little help from my friends please...