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  1. Thanks Eric. Yeah I was going to, I thought being this topic was so on point and would save having to repeat veer bat um everything that was already said here. As far as returns, I'm so used to posting on FB and having to go back and edit every time you hit enter cause hitting enter in FB it posts instead of entering a return, I never know when I post something till I hit enter, will it post or actually do a return. A 50-50% shot at that.
  2. I apologize for Hijacking this post, Just that you guys have more or less nailed a problem I'm having... I suppose in reverse. I have a custom window label, Just the word "Existing- WxH" in an As-Built plan, (no macros). I have all the windows checked to be included in the windows schedule because they will be getting swapped out for new windows. But I don't want the schedule call out changing the word Existing- WxH. So I unchecked Use Call Out for Label in the schedule DBX, Yet the schedule is still taking over the custom label err go removing the word Existing-WxH. I need the schedule to reflect Existing -WxH as it's label the As-Built plan and (in the comments field in the schedule) I will type "R.O. will Accept XYZ window". If I uncheck include window in schedule naturally I lose the window and it's no longer in the schedule. Not realizing what was going on while I was editing the schedule's comment column, when I returned to plan view all the windows had call outs W01, W02 etc., tpical if I wanted the call outs, even though I had unchecked Use Call Out for Label. I was unable to get my custom label back without removing the window from the schedule or deleting the schedule all together. Am I missing something? Thanks for any assistance and again I apologize if butting in.
  3. Thanks Eric, I knew it was easy... Just had to ask the right person. Enjoy your day off. Doug
  4. I'm sure it's been asked, perhaps even by me yrs ago. Try an recall years ago, I can't recall yesterday. ...Can't find anything in search. Can we or is it possible to add a storm door to an existing front door. We don't have Levels as we do in adding a transom window, (or do we). It's more of adding a more realistic representation than anything else. Thanks for any feed back. Doug
  5. Flattening is only done if you have Tiff, PNG files being sent to printer or converted to a JPG format. They can handle layers where JPEGS can’t. So they must be flattened prior to printing. Same with a PSD file from Photoshop. Keeping a layered copy means you can always go back and edit the original. Once something is flattened in to a single layer, you can no longer edit individual layers. But you can do global adjustments.
  6. It’s reaching for something… do an all in selection window and see if anything is floating around up there. It’s happened to me, Not with story pole but just with dimensioning. You might use all on layer set to see if anything is hidden. It’s not supposed to reach for anything on an off layer, but it has happened. You may have created a solid on a wrong floor without realizing it. Just throwing out some thoughts. Also change to right side and see if it’s still up in space. Let us know.
  7. Never mind, I figured it out....My text "LINE SPACING" in Rich Text is set as a default to 75%, cause the CA default is 100% (to much space between lines of text). Weird that it only affects scales of 1" -1'-0" and above. Below that I can keep my text spacing to 75% and leader centers as it should.
  8. So, I needed a few new defaults, 1', 1-1/2" 2" & 3" = 1'-0" I set them up as I normally set up a new Layer Set. via browser, edit new defaults. However, regardless of settings my leaders are not centering on associated text strings, Any idea of why would be helpful or a fix would be better. Thanks so much, Doug
  9. Whoops, I forgot the hot key,” Control - “ should work.
  10. Thanks all for your comments. I do appreciate everyone’s suggestions, especially about having a hot key to delete FB. LOL. Seriously though, this is something so basic in the world of drafting, it’s amazing it’s never really been solved. Heck, even it the world of Rivet it can’t be done, not easily that is. What amazes me is it can be done in Inventor. Hidden lines that is. If I were a programmer, “if grade is present” true| set layer to Below Grade| set line type dashed| color set to white| follow grade. See how easy that is, come on ladies and gents, you can do it.
  11. Thanks Rich, aside from that work around which I’ve used many times, and the request to CA was probably me 10 yrs ago. It just seems to be a programming thing being the terrain is a real diving line. Where the building can clear or break the building pad, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in reverse where the terrain breaks the foundation, sets the line type and or layer set. When a roof plane is created, the roof outline is dashed. I can’t believe there is something to that , that would clue a programmer. With today’s technology, I just don’t see it as not being possible.
  12. Thanks Rob for understanding the issues.
  13. Thanks, I’ve done the same, along with several other methods. I do believe I’ve sent in suggestions to CA years ago to no avail. Hoping they read these q&a’s. Amazing that more haven’t suggested it. I found that cad boxes with dashed lines to be the quickest after sending a section to cad from view. But it was always an absolute last thing I’d do so as not to lose the live views. Once I knew there is no returning to a live view I’d group select all foundation lines and make them dashed, then just trace over the verticals from grade up. It goes pretty quick unless last minute changes need to be made. If it’s a real big job, I’ll make a copy of my plan file before sending views to cad. That way if there are last minute changes, I have the copy just prior to converting. If I send in another request, I’ll let you know.
  14. Awesome setting, been using CA since I think since around 1995 ish. I’ve been using work arounds to do just what it does. Maybe it wasn’t available yrs back or just never noticed it. Alaskan_son, if you lived closer to NJ, I’d treat ya to a few cold ones. Cheers just the same. I can’t believe that browsing Q&A I found this little goodie. Like being reborn. Cheers….