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  1. Just an FYI...if you're using any of the pool tables from the library, you may need to adjust the sizes if you're looking for an accurate representation. The sizes the table come into plan are over-all sizes, Which is great for determining whether or not it will fit in a given space. However, pool table sizes are determined according to the actual playing surface. For instance, a pro (regulation) table called a 4-1/2 ft. X 9 ft or just a 9 foot table (50" x 100') from nosing to nosing of the cushions (playing surface). If you require other sizes, you can check on for table sizes and playing areas needed. For example, the 8' table in the library comes in at 4'-8" x 8'-3", the playing surface is correct at 44" x 88". Which is fine... keep in mind not all rail widths are the same width. You should lookup the table actually being used and draw a rectangle based on the over all dimensions ant hen another to represent the playing surface. The room size is based on playing surface size plus 5'-4" clear area around the perimeter of the table. I.E.add 10'-8" to playing surface lengths for room size, more if possible. I've been playing pool for some 50 yrs., a semi pro player and a table mechanic. I know what it's like trying to explain to clients if a table will fit or not. Or what's a comfortable area. Hope this is of any help.
  2. DougDM

    Kitchen Cabinet side and back thickness.

    Thanks Gene, I'll take a look at it.
  3. DougDM

    Kitchen Cabinet side and back thickness.

    I do both, framed and frame-less.
  4. Unless I'm missing it, is there a way to specify side, bottom and back thickness of cabinets, I.E. 1/2" or 3/4" for sides and bottom. 1/4" and 1/2" backs? Actually for drawers also. We do a lot of custom in house cabinet building and I'd like to be able to make more material specific shop drawings. At the moment I do them in AutoCad or SketchUp Pro. Thanks for any assistance. Doug
  5. Sorry Michael, been out of office and just now read this. To many projects at once. I'm sure you know how that goes. I will post a sample ASAP. Appreciate your time. Doug
  6. For you Macro Gurus...I'm Using X12 I'm trying to automate some of the more mundane & time consuming aspects of my layouts. If this is even possible, What I would like to achieve is to create a custom schedule for Zoning information, To populate the schedule with square footage and or percentages obtained from closed polylines and or dimensions. (to be done in Cad details then sent to layout). I'm sure most are familiar with the heading of such a schedule so I won't list them here. Unless one would like a sample of what I'm looking for and need populating. I do use macros that come with CAP and currently taking a couple "Learning Macro's for beginners" courses. I'm not complexity unfamiliar with macro coding but I have a long way to go, it just new for me. I used to wright LISP routines for AutoCad back in the 80's but have been out of touch with that for quite some time. Any advise, references, videos, classes I could fall on to boost my learning of the subject would be greatly appreciated. Regards and Stay safe. Doug
  7. DougDM

    Real Time Ray Tracing in X13

    Yeah, for now...Apple hasn't even released a video card yet to accommodate RTRT. Supposedly by the end of 2021. If I heard correctly.
  8. DougDM

    Canvas Software

    Looks Similar to Matterport
  9. It's called a "Belt Line" As mentioned it's easier to just do it manual, Select roof plane, hit the #3 key (for break) and click on the roof plane where the dormer corner meets the roof, then select the edge of the roof and drag the lower section over along the dormer.
  10. DougDM

    Need 4 Sill Plates

    A "Sill" plate (the first board down on a foundation wall) as it's typically called and the first board down under a framed wall is typically called a wall plate or "shoe". At least that's what I and my framing crews call it. I've called it a "shoe" for 40 yrs. But to the OP, depending on which Plates/Sills your referring to, I assume the lower wall plate/shoe based on your picture...I was able to add 3 and 4 show up after framing walls.
  11. DougDM

    Bow Window Selection

    Doesn't work for me.
  12. DougDM

    Symbols & Terrain acting funky

    I beg to differ, I realize what Absolute means. It was set before I even built the terrain. Rebuilding is what triggered it to drop. I even deleted the terrain several times AFTER trying different settings. Job is done so no matter now. But I will get to the bottom of it when I have time. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. DougDM

    Symbols & Terrain acting funky

    Thanks, I know it’s doable but still quicker (For me that is) in SU if I want them looking like the real thing. Can’t say I won’t use CA’s method on jobs that don’t really require such detail. Thanks for your time.
  14. DougDM

    Symbols & Terrain acting funky

    Thanks, yeah I know, tried um all, Absolute, From finished floor etc. etc. Same results regardless.. I just did what I always do, move my model into a photo of the real property. If I remember I'll post a finished rendering. Thanks Again Dermot.