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  1. Good to know David! Thanks for the information. Danielle
  2. Thanks for the answers Chopsaw and Kbird1! I don't think my freelancer would upgrade to X13. But having her to start the file first and then transfer it to me is a good idea. Kbird1, I have X12 installed since last fall (yes, from v10!!!) and I plan to upgrade to X13 as soon as my computer will be fixed. I need more drive storage. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, I'm considering hiring a freelance designer. Is it possible for two users that have different versions of Chief to work on the same file? - If yes, how can this be done? - Is it possible to "save as" an older version?
  4. Robert, you are perfectly right! I appreciate your opinion and I agree. Thank you! But this is a special customer request. They said that the toilet lid will be closed most part of the time. :D
  5. Hi everyone, The issue is gone. I don't know how. It might be an update issue. When I saw that Bullzip was working well again, I reinstalled Cute PDF. Everything is OK now. Thanks to all
  6. Yes Michael, you are right! I was so focused on having that red line off, I didn't realize I could change the colour only in one layer set! Thanks for the reminder.
  7. Great Joe! I hope we could have the pleasure to see you participate in our French conversations! Can't wait!
  8. Bonjour Gilles, je suis d'Orford! Je travaille avec X12. Au plaisir de partager avec vous dans le futur Danielle
  9. Thank you Mike. I thought about that. If this is the only solution, I will do that. If possible, I would prefer not to have to change the layer color. Thanks again
  10. Hi everyone, I am tying to turn off the display of the coloured outline around the electric symbols in a wall elevation view. I have seen something once, but I can't find it back. Would someone tell me where to find that configuration please? Thanks in advance! Danielle Working with X12.
  11. Just a little update. I tried with Bullzip and the same issue came back. As I can see, the problem comes from Chief. The only option that works is the Chief save to file. But I would really like to create smaller PDF files Danielle
  12. Thank you all. Chopsaw, I was so used to print with Cute PDF with my Chief older version than I didn't even realize I could to use Chief save to PDF! I just tried it and actually it works great. But the file big. As I mainly sent the files to my clients for their residential project, I don't need that extra quality. I don,t know what happened with Cute PDF lately, but I will try the Bullzip driver mentioned by Ridge_Runner. Thanks again to all of you for your answers! Danielle
  13. Hello everyone. Cute PDF Writer prints portrait oriented pages instead of landscape even if that last option is checked in the Print Layout window. This is the first time it appends to me and I've been trying to find why for a few hours now. All was working great and I didn't change any thing. I tried to reinstall Cute PDF and reboot the computer several times with no success. Has anybody already encountered that issue? If yes, can you tell me how to fix it please? Thanks in advance Danielle Here are 3 folders showing my configuration, the PDF I got today and the good one that was printed lately. Working with Chief Architect X12 MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro GTX880M Windows 10