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  1. Thank you Greg. I forgot about disconnecting the molding section. It didn't ended with what I was expecting. So I ended by filling the molding end ant the hole in the ceiling with a 3D solids. Thank a lot for your answer! It will be useful for the next time.
  2. Thanks for your answer Michael. I realize I didn't send the right image. I want the crown molding to stop at the corner, not going into the shower. The shower floor is actually a step up due to the1st floor staircase under it. So it is limited with invisible walls. When I move the invisible wall to align it with the shower wall, I get a king of floor step around the corner. And when I move the wall inward to eliminate that corner step, I get a hole in the ceiling and a cut molding. I would like molding to end at the corner and the shower floor to be flush with the wall. Also, the backdrop intensity was causing that light under the cabinet even if the "Use backdrop image when available" was not checked on. I set that intensity from 2000 to 200 and there is no more light. I attached an image of the plan that might help and the corrected 3Ds Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi! In this bathroom renovation I have this hole in the ceiling and the crown molding peering into the raised floor shower. I can set back the invisible wall in the cabinet direction to shorten the molding and fill the hole in the ceiling. But when I do that, I get the shower floor wrapping around the corner. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance P.S. It would also be great if I could turn off the lighting under the cabinet's corner.I tried turning the pendant light off with no success. (roof and foundation are built)
  4. Can anyone tell me where I can find the email address for the tech support please. I've been looking for it but coudn't find anything. Or else, is ther any way I could tag the tech support on this post? Thanks in advance!
  5. SHCanada2, I will do that. Thank you!
  6. This is a good suggestion Michael, it's what I currently do. But I would really like to print right from the layout and save a little time. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. Hi, When I send a layout to the printer I get a warning telling that "Printer DPI value is low: 96 DPI". When I try to modify the DPI value, there is nothing else thant 96 in the drop down menu. But when I send the plan file of the same drawing to the same printer, I get 600 DPI. Can someone tell me if there is a way to set the layout printing to a higher DPI? Thanks in advance
  8. My zipped file is 15MB. I placed it in my OneDrive. Here is the link: Girard 23-05-03b.rar Thank you!
  9. Thanks DBCooper (As I can see, they finally found you! ) for pointing the bath walls alignment. I didn't pay attention to those referenced bathroom walls because they will remain in place. But you are right, I should have placed them accurately. The red line next to the railing is the attic wall reference. The only wall of the stair case that will be touched is the one replaced by a railing. And that railing is 9" thick instead of 4 1/2", so it is actually exceeding in the cathedral part. That is what I figured was causing the ceiling exceed and this is what I am trying to fix Danielle
  10. Thank you for your help Ryan. I don't know if you wanted the real plan file, or an image. So here is a plan image with the attic floor referenced. I don't see any misaligned wall. If you want the plan file, I will post it. Thanks again! Danielle
  11. Hi everybody, Can someone tell me why I have this ceiling exceeding above the railing wall, and how to fix that issue please. Also, I can't modify the drywall color of the triangle on the railing to give it the same white of the rest. There is no mention of drywall in the DBX materials list. I've cover it with a backsplash, but I would prefer to fix the problem at the source. Thanks in advance!
  12. This is very sad news. I was pointing the SSA advantages to my students when comparing with the other drawing softwares. The lower price was more affordable for young people that start in life. Now that the SSA is not a point anymore what would be the advantage for them to learn another software than the one they studied at school? I think it is important to target young clients since they are still experimenting with new software. Once they made their mind and get used to another software, they won't be as willing to spend time in learn something else. It will be more difficult to convince them to change for Chief Architect. So if the price is not a point anymore, they will stay with what the already know. I hope, no I beg Chief Architect to change their mind and keep the SSA for the new subscriptions. This would keep CA in an advantageous position compare to other drawing software.
  13. Ok. And is there any way to have the material listed for all floors together?
  14. Hi Eric, thank you for the fast reply! Yes, and no. A part of the material is listed in the same line when I open it. But I still have another row with the same material. See the red arrows in scren capture below. Thank again!