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  1. change your framing settings, add 1.5" to all sides and allows for window bucks
  2. slabs, floor beam and cylinder polysolid. Minutes and your done
  3. fixed it, not sure what causing it. Attic walls can be a SOB 1657526790_SND1975RonandKathaPetroelje fix.plan
  4. and the paint can takes another project down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. open room dbx and raise floor, it will have a adverse affect if roofs or floors above.
  6. Attic wall not behaving well. 1657526790_SND1975RonandKathaPetroelje.plan
  7. I have built a few homes with stairway to basement in garage,,,,,,, not against code.
  8. Charge 4 times as much as paid for design,,,,,, or offer continued services at a fair rate for modifacations.
  9. Agree 100%!!!! but when they are changing wall types from siding to brick with paint can,,,,,,, it is SILLY.
  10. Post the plan and we fix it and then you know answer. Many have previous versions so you can continue to work on project
  11. Foundation & daylight wall = 0
  12. I fix plans for many and this spray can tool needs to have warning on it,,,,,,, "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, WILL CAUSE MAJOR PROBLEMS" . Seriously change your wall type if materials thicknesses do not match.
  13. Change layer colors of each framing type.
  14. Trusses all need a little adjusting to get it right
  15. You can modify ends of framing with a cad line and the extend tool
  16. It has to do with your roof plane and depth for truss to build with in program. We have energy heal settings too
  17. Use foundation method, make your walls invisible and set room height to the length of your pilings. You can trim down your wall type ( no footing ect...) then your floor frames normal and of course all your Pilings will be manual work.
  18. Change scale of drawing, it is 3d object so it is to scale.
  19. This was fun, you can see missing trusses from truss company. They refused to design round room truss configurations. 2 rooms 26' wide and 1 56' wide.
  20. I always do my own truss design,,, of course truss engineer can over rule me. Trusses are sold by sales persons and therefore they want to always sell you the most expensive type or layout.
  21. Everyone wants a single button to fix their issue or they are going back or getting refund or ????? Chief is by far the best we have to work with or we wouldn't be here. Work arounds are in all aspects of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Grab roof planes drag them to overhang you want, go to attic and move gable attic wall out to match roof you just moved. Chief will regenerate another wall but it works in seconds no settings to change.