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  1. wjmdes

    combine plans

    I can usually fit the whole garage, elevations, framing, schedules on a sheet or two so they DO have separate schedules than the house, but it works.
  2. wjmdes

    combine plans

    Yes, you can make a symbol of it and insert it into the house plan. That is how I do it and then do a rendering. That is the way I do detached garages. It makes things a whole bunch more simple.
  3. wjmdes

    Is it Possible to Hatch a Deck Railing?

    Yep, I need to add the hatch under Deck Railing Specification under Newels/Balusters and then save to the library so I can reuse it.
  4. I changed the hatch on the Wall Type", nothing and just can't get it to show. Am I missing something?
  5. wjmdes

    Human figures?

    Thanks, I needed that laugh!
  6. wjmdes

    Excel not Pasting to Layout in X12

    I have pasted very large tables before and never had an issue.
  7. wjmdes

    Excel not Pasting to Layout in X12

    Interestingly, I opened my Layout that I was testing yesterday and on the first page were 7 pasted Excel worksheets. Not where I pasted them yesterday, but...
  8. wjmdes

    New Default Sets

    I needed to recreate a few new "Default Sets" (wish they had not renamed this), so I exported all my default sets and layer sets from my template, made my project current with those settings. I then created a few new default sets, exported and put back in my template. Everything came up "Active Defaults" until I saved and reopened. So there ya go...
  9. When and where are you setting the origin? I go into the library open symbol, change it and it still inserts at the center.
  10. Good to know. Another thing I did learn from your video is the return does not look good in Orthographic view and I need to keep that in mind when I create symbols. I created the border with a polyline molding and the "grid" with p-line solids and just ran them into the middle of the border. That really shows up in that view. I either need to stop them at the inside edge of the border or raise them 1/32" so those extra lines do not show. They look fine in other views. And yes, I was pleased the way they turned out. As soon as I get them tweaked, I will share on the symbols page... FYI, the supply diffuser was from 3D warehouse and tweaked, the supply was from scratch but took a minute thanks to watching all @Alaskan_Son videos on symbols!
  11. Thank you!! The only issue with Michaels insertion point is my symbol is 23.75"X23.75" (got that from a cut sheet), so the origin needs to be at x=12, y=12 for it to place properly, I wonder if trying to put the "origin" outside the limits of the symbol is causing Chief to get upset.
  12. wjmdes

    X12 "Reset Names"

    If I only knew what I do now, when I first started using Chief......
  13. I have "my" origin set just like yours, but the insert point is still centered. I DID change this after I created the symbol, is that the issue? Define normal, I am assuming you mean a "fixture"? If I try to create as a fixture, there is not an option referencing ceiling, that is why I ended up putting it on electrical? Not sure what you have done here??
  14. I have created 2 symbols, one for air return and one for air supply in a commercial space with a grid ceiling. Had to create as an electrical symbol to get it to place on the ceiling, better way? Any way to get it to automatically cut a hole in the ceiling? Changing Origin Point: I want the origin of this symbol to be at the corner, not center. Changed the origin offsets, that does not do anything. When I created the first symbol, it allowed me to create a new custom Schedule HVAC. When I created the second symbol, HVAC was not an option, I tried to create a new HVAC and it says it already existed. After I place it in the plan, it then allows me to change to the HVAC schedule. (new in X12, so not high on my priority list) The biggest issue is the type of symbol I should use when creating and the origin point for placement. This symbol will always be placed at an intersection of the ceiling grid, so the origin needs to be at x=12and y=12 because symbols will not let me use point to point and select a corner. 24x24 comm supply-rtn.plan
  15. wjmdes

    New Default Sets

    Thank you Steve! You have confirmed that I am in fact doing exactly what you are. Next week I will be working on a few older jobs and I will try to pay more attention. I am curious if it makes a difference as to what you import first, Default Sets or Layer Sets. I also had an issue yesterday when recreating some of my commercial default sets (because you cannot import just one default set) that it took it a while to propagate and show up in the drop-down list or in the project browser area. I created it in Default Sets Dialog Box and then went to create my Saved Plan View and it was not in the Drop Down, not sure what went on, but it eventually showed up. I have to create 3 or 4 more defaults sets and then these will all be on my template (rather than scattered between several different plan files) and I will try and document exactly what I did.