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  1. I have been getting organized and the majority of my work is renovations/additions. I have searched and I honestly do not understand the out of the box different layers Chief Uses for walls. So my question is if I create a layer, simply Walls, Existing, and put ALL existing walls on that layer, will there be any repercussions or issues with layers such as Normal, Exterior, Interior, etc or do I need to do Walls, Exterior-Existing, etc.? I would also like to have existing layers, for fixtures, doors, and windows.
  2. wjmdes


    I would love to see an answer for this.....
  3. wjmdes

    Serious Error Occurred - Send Report?

    After further research, this error is occurring only when selecting user library folders that include Library Items I have created that have a Schedule of some kind in them. This issue only started upon updating to the newest version Build:
  4. When this comes up, is sending the report adequate for Chief to get enough information? I have had this come up several times since I updated Chief a few days ago. It occurs when I am accessing my user library and click on a folder, not all of them, just a few. I can still access "<" and open the folder and still access my blocks in that folder. <--- Because I know someone will ask.
  5. wjmdes

    dimension center

    When I took my first drafting class in 8th grade (1977?) it was made very clear to dimension to the face of the framing member, because that is where the framer is going to draw his line. Putting a line down on the slab at the center of the wall hides your target line. This also requires framers to do unnecessary math. This has been reinforced by framers I have worked with for almost 40 years. The only thing worse than dimensioning to centerlines of walls is dimensioning to finishes and I have seen a lot of drawings from others who do this, mainly on commercial jobs. There is an exception to this such as on my ADA detail sheets where a minimum clear dimension must be maintained. In those cases, I will draw a dimension and add "CLEAR". I never did understand the concept of putting dimensions lines to the face of the tile, but I have seen it.
  6. wjmdes

    Exposed Rafters for Interior

    Just remove the drywall from the ceiling structure in the room DBX.
  7. wjmdes

    Any Issues with Disabling File Locking?

    That dialogue always comes up when my son has a layout open on his computer. Any plan file that is attached to his current layout comes up as missing, but I am sure Chief is just not letting me open those.
  8. I am assuming that File Locking is what does not allow my son and I to work on two different layouts at the same time productively, as our layouts reference different files for standard details. Kind of defeats the purpose of having 2 licenses. If we Disable the file locking of our standard referenced files, are we going to have disastrous results?
  9. wjmdes

    Room Number Again !

    (I am glad to see I am not the only one working today)
  10. wjmdes

    Cupola .. ?

    Bonus Catalog -> Exterior Attachments. I just had to do one for an existing building and built it as a small 4'x4' room with roof, windows and all the details and made a symbol of it.
  11. wjmdes

    Tried The New Style Palette in X12...

    I agree. I am not good at colors and material choices. I still use color schemes from Behr or Sherwin-Williams to "paint" for my renderings. This is going to be an awesome tool for me even with its little quirks. I now have the ability to quickly show a client what is possible in their dream kitchen. Chief just released a bonus catalog of styles and very awesome.
  12. wjmdes

    X12 Crash During Roof Framing Generation

    That was the culprit, thank you!
  13. I circled back to this project today and had to move garage over, due to site issues. No, the roof planes are not 100% correct yet, but I was able to generate roof framing before the 2 updates this week. I have opened a few other plans and they do not have this issue. I have deleted a few various roof planes, still locks up. Wall, floor and ceiling framing appear fine. Any thoughts or ideas would be great! (of course Chief only acts up when there is a deadline) I have submitted it to support as well. I need to get this done.
  14. wjmdes

    Note Schedule clarification

    Yes, I find that to be the case after hours of searching for a topic. Highly frustrating.