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  1. wjmdes

    Stair Tread at top Even with Floor?

    The strap @robdyck posted works, but luckily I have been doing 2X12 rim Boards on decks anyway, cause it does not meet Simpson's criteria with a 2X10.
  2. wjmdes

    Stair Tread at top Even with Floor?

    This is with a 2X12 joist, with a 2X10, there is not a whole lotta nailing space:)
  3. wjmdes

    Stair Tread at top Even with Floor?

    That does not do it....
  4. Is there a setting to make the first (or last tread) even with the platform it connects to?
  5. wjmdes

    Low Slope Truss Roof with Parapret

    I really appreciate your input, this is a commercial job, however have several residential jobs coming up that will have some low slope roofs.
  6. wjmdes

    Low Slope Truss Roof with Parapret

    I'm just asking for help, no need to be insulting. Sorry, I do not know how everything is framed being a desk jockey, but got most of it down. Other than the way it was presented I do appreciate it. I ALWAYS do my plans to allow the contractor leeway on details like this. My attitude is they generally know much more than I do and I would be crazy not to give them discretion on how some things are built. My Goal is to figure out how to get this correct or as close as possible in Chief as I have this and 3 houses that will use this method. And only one of the images above are correct but after downloading and regenerating the wall framing they both show the truss being notched at a bearing plate. So that seems to be the part I need to figure out at this point! Nothing like being 99% done with a project and having to regenerate framing and mess up all the things I had to correct by hand.
  7. wjmdes

    Low Slope Truss Roof with Parapret

    Perhaps I made the assumption that this was the only way to build this... and even included a sketch.
  8. wjmdes

    Low Slope Truss Roof with Parapret

    So, when I regenerate the wall framing on this file it ads a 3rd top plate that cuts into the truss. This does the same thing. At the end of th day the section should produce this: Is this something acceptable to send support and have them figure it out?
  9. wjmdes

    Low Slope Truss Roof with Parapret

    Not correct. Make the third floor the hight of the parapet and the roof goes to the inside material and raise or lower as needed.
  10. wjmdes

    Low Slope Truss Roof with Parapret

    Yea, I had that, then did not. I have tried again. It has something to do with the floor settings of the upper floor and the ceiling settings of the floor below the roof trusses (I think) I don't know how to tell chief I'm using trusses in this situation.
  11. This has been a nightmare, but I have accomplished most of want I needed to do for a variance submission. It is a second story addition on an existing building. Not sure how to fix this, but the walls do not generate correctly. I have settings messed up somewhere and have tried a 3rd floor and other things. I think it might be the truss, but not sure. I have watched a bunch of videos and am just stuck.... 20-2052 600 Floyd - Copy.zip
  12. OK, then what do I do about my template plan I am using now, that has been a work in progress for years? I have all the "anno sets", layers, layer sets, etc set up. Can I import all that into a new template?
  13. This is the answer I have received from support. In my opinion, this is not something that I can wait until somebody decides to look at it for a possible future version. It took me almost 5 years to get comfortable even using this software to have the knowledge to start customizing it. I have been using "programs" for over 45 years and this is one of the most complicated pieces of software. Not only do I pay several thousand dollars a year for 2 licenses, the training hours, the hours I have spent in troubleshooting, and the hours customizing makes this piece of software very expensive. Yep, a mini tantrum on my part, just not real happy about this today!
  14. I did turn that into support but started looking further into my library. I had created these doors specifically to add to a "Doors, Existing" Layer, but in the library, they show as layer "Site Import" which I only use to put raw survey info. I spent a whole bunch of time trying to set things up to work smoother and just am not feeling the love for Chief this morning....