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  1. All exterior walls are FoxBlock and very similar to Quadlock. We used Quadlock for years but Fox is a better product for us. Vertical siding is a difficult to attach unless you use horizontal purlins. BIGGEST DOWN FALL OF ICF is sunshine and no foam can be left exposed to daylight.
  2. This was a quadlock floor, still required 1 beam but it is a 50' x 50' room
  3. We use it and Foxblock. Great products but a great deal of support posts are needed because Deck will not support floor until concrete is cured.
  4. I tried that Glen and did not work. I built a foundation in template and then deleted and saved as template, but when you go to build foundation in this new template it goes back to unchangeable defaults like carpet in my basements!!!!!!!! Framing changes stick.
  5. I want floor zero or foundation or 2nd floor, It should be under foundation in default settings,,,,, I wish. Maybe some day.
  6. I see no where to set up Floor "0" or 2nd or 3rd ect,,,,,,, I want no floor covering or ceiling or ceiling structure on floor "zero".
  7. Toolbars are a form of art,,,,,,,,,, I use no key commands or hot keys. Set up takes a minute but once you understand how to control them it gets easier. All toolbars
  8. Roof system is incomplete, not guessing on what you want.
  9. No magic button for your wishes, manual work to accomplish what you want.
  10. That screen shot was form X9, but this is how to change size in X11 and it is same for X9
  11. You must of made some changes, I see a different view than you posted
  12. How would you do it if you were building it? That's how it should be put on paper. No easy way, cross section with details. Codes might want some engineering on existing roof system bearing the load of the new. If steel truss was in center of each new porch I think that would be structurally beneficial. I see you wood framed existing building, is that the plan?
  13. window & door label offsets are in the window or door default settings
  14. @ Newell give the man a point for fixing your stuff!!!!!!!!! I and many others have fixed your stuff and you should show some gratitude.
  15. Delete roof plan and make new will fix overhang, go to floor defaults and make it 109 1/2" on floor 0 and delete existing elevations and make new. I did all this in X11 or I would post plan.
  16. Your 1st floor walls in garage area are all checked as a "foundation wall" that is why a footing is showing there. I fixed foundation manually
  17. I have done several panelized jobs where I designed project and panels. Trick is to break wall at each panel location then it will frame independently. It is very time consuming but panel company was very happy.
  18. Tutorials and training videos and the manual has all the info needed to get this done.