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  1. I hope hope so. I do wish you all at Chief Architect the best knowing we are facing interesting times. Your software has really been a blessing to me and my work at Michigan Dutch Barns.
  2. I think this type of business model encourages a company to get lazy on rolling out updates and further developing software and making it better. I despise AutoDesk for going down that road.
  3. I figured it out. I was using the wrong bracket. color = owner.custom_fields["Panel - Color"] Originally I was trying to use... color = owner.custom_fields{"Panel - Color"} Thank You
  4. If owner.component_code references the "Code" data field under object information, what would use to reference a custom object field? I have custom object field named "Panel - Color" Can I even reference a custom object filed. This is in regards to Ruby script / Ruby code.
  5. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You are a life saver. I was beginning to think it couldn't be done.
  6. I started to draw my first floor (main level) floor plans on the 2nd level. A lot of chief users do this to reserve the 1st level for an actual basement and the foundation level for the foundation walls supporting the basement walls. Is there any way to adjust or manipulate the elevation dimensions (call-outs) so they reference the second level being at 0?
  7. I am currently using my template file in Chief Architect that I started probably way back in X8 or X9. I keep importing it into the newer versions and reusing it. I have had no major issues except for a few quirks when trying to generate a ray-trace. I am guessing starting a brand new template file from scratch would solve that.
  8. What are your recommendations for a SketchUp year version to be use with Chief Architect? I am trying to import an item I drew in SketchUp 2022 into Chief Architect Premiere X14. The Item displays fine in SketchUp but, I get some wonkyness in Chief.Architect Premiere X14. Door Slab - Cross Bucks - Half.skp
  9. I use TurboPDF V4 from IMSI Design. It's essentially a rebranded version of FoxIt Phantom PDF Standard program. Serves me well and carries around a $100 price tag but, it is perpetual software. Perpetual software is hard to find these days.
  10. I have a scenario where a window is installed above a stair. Inspector is requiring safety glazing (tempered glass) for the window. I mistakenly ordered the window without tempered glass. I am wondering how you guys narrow down where the walk surface of a stair a stair is? Depending on where one figures the walk surface has a effect on whether a window would need to have safety glazing.
  11. I live in West Michigan but, it would be neat to travel to Indy for a user group meeting.
  12. Does Chief Architect have a file that stores all the "Program Preferences" data that can be copied and then transferred over to another computer? I know how to copy and transfer my toolbar layouts but, I am not sure on "Program Preferences"?
  13. Usually they have the private beta testing phase right now but,haven't heard anything about it.
  14. I am not needing to show a truss detail. I was just playing around with roof trusses and seeing if I could model a real-world scenario. This scenario is where some trusses have a truss tail on one side that is cut-off or-cut flush. This may happen where a secondary roof section meets-up with a main roof section at 90 degrees. In think I figured it out. I edited the roof truss in plan view to achieve a truss tail on one end and no truss tail on the other end. Typically, I don't have a need to go to the trouble of generating 3D framing but, it does interest me.
  15. I didn't realize they were technically framing members. Thank you for pointing that out.