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  1. Thank you for this piece of information. I will have to try to remember this for similar future scenarios.
  2. I was almost certain I tried that combination sometime earlier in the day and it wasn't working. Now I can't even remember. Anyways, it seems to want to work. Now tomorrow I will be doing something and it will be messed up again.
  3. Lower wall type if split by butting roof wont generate. This scenarioalways gets to be a royal big PITA. What's the secret sauce to getting "Lower Wall Type If Split by Butting Roof" to actually work? Roof
  4. Individual Mod Pools Mod Pool 4.skp Mod Pool 3.skp Mod Pool 2.skp Mod Pool 1.skp
  5. I am up to date on my SSA.
  6. it's probably because I whine about stuff they think is trivial. Just like my idea of being able to copy and paste angular dimensions and reassociate them to things just like we can do for linear dimension strings. Being able to rotate dimension text for angular dimensions. Being able to add to or override dimension text for angular dimensions. Being able to modify material defaults list similar to the room types dialogue. They probably know I would complain about not having 3D angular dimensions. Just Joking!
  7. I didn't know private beta started yet? I asked to join the private beta and never got a response, so I just figured private beta had not started.
  8. Its starting to sound like X16 won't happen until summer, maybe June at the earliest. I sure hope that is not the case. I have a project starting this week that would be a great candidate for putting through the paces of X16.
  9. Hopefully since it is the week of the builder's show they will not keep us hanging too much longer. I have projects I would have loved to try out in X16.
  10. I am now wondering if they have started the beta testing yet for X16. Some years in the past they were already releasing sneak preview videos to the public of the next release by now. I have an active project for my employer that would be great to try out in X16. Hopefully something will happen soon.
  11. I have been wondering about the X16 beta testing myself. Usually they send out invitations for people to join the private beta testing this time of year.
  12. I have a Facebook group that I started for Chief Architect users that live and/or work in the Great Lakes region of the United States. My intentions were for it to be users that reside in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio Users. Feel free to join the group if you are in the Great Lakes region. Someday in the future I wouldn't mind creating / hosting an in-person users group meeting but, I don't have the means to do that at this time.
  13. 1. Make sure the wall girt framing layer is in the exterior layers. Normally I have my wall girt layer as a main layer but, this doesn't allow a girt at the slab. 2. Your walls containing the wall girts need to be on floor 1 or start on floor 1. 3. You may have to delete and regenerate the framing for it to repopulate with the new settings. 4. make sure the wall girt layer has a value of -4" specified for the "Extension" field. That is new and allow wall layers to extended down past other wall layers, like a framing main layer. 5. Make sure "Bottom Run Elevation" is set to -2 1/4". In my picture above Chief architect is not going to automatically generate a 2 X 8 or other size treated grade board. What it does generate is a 2 x 4 white lumber horizontal framing member starting at the same level as your slab. You then go into a 3D view modify that first row of girts to mimic a grade board.
  14. I have been playing around with the automatic framing tools and horizontal framing recently to see how close to the way we build pole barns in Michigan I can get. One thing I have recently discovered if you... + Draw your walls on floor 1 + Set your wall girt layer to be in the exterior wall layers area + Set extension to be -4" for the wall girt layer + Set the bottom run elevation for the horizontal framing to be -2 1/4" It will place the first row of wall girts starting at the bottom edge of your concrete. This is assuming you are using 2 X 4 wall girts and have a 4" thick concrete slab. I was then able to modify the first row of wall girts in a 3D view to mimic a 2 X 8 treated grade board around my building.
  15. I always have the wall wrap and steel siding layers as exterior layers. The wall girt Layer and post layer are my main layers.