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  1. ComputerMaster86

    Required # of Parking Spaces

    I guess what I am wondering is if a jurisdiction's zoning ordinance is going to be the best source of info as to how the jurisdiction determines the required number of parking spaces?
  2. I know this is a silly question but, is the required number of parking spaces generally spelled out in local zoning ordinances on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis? I have heard it's usually calculated and based on occupant load but, I am wondering if the required number spaces varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction?
  3. ComputerMaster86

    Dimensioning a Radius

    It eerks me that I even have to ask this but, can Chief Architect dimension a radius (arc / circle)? Below is an image of a drawing I generated in another program. My gut is telling me Chief is not quite advanced enough to do everything pictured below. I know you can't have multiline dimension text. I have never noticed a tool for radius dimensions, unless I am missing something. I feel like I am about to shout "DIMENSIONS NEED A MAJOR OVERHAUL IN X13".
  4. Is the option available to stack fractions? How do you access it?

    1. ComputerMaster86


      At this point in time Chief Architect has not implemented different fraction formats.  The image you may have seen me posted is my idea for a proposed new feature implementation that would allow us to choose different fraction formats.

  5. Someone may have suggested this but, does the "Layer Display Options" or the "ALDO" have an invert selection option? I though I remember seeing a post where some suggested an invert selection option for the ALDO. I might be just seeing things. LOL
  6. ComputerMaster86

    West Michigan Users Group

    I don't know of a West Michigan Chief Architect Users Group but, I often contemplated the idea of starting one.
  7. ComputerMaster86

    Toolbar Configurations

    I am having trouble understanding why when I switch toolbar configurations I loose all my toolbar customization. This includes custom toolbars and custom toolbar icons. Would this be a bug perhaps? Either way it is annoying as all hell get it out.
  8. ComputerMaster86

    Michigan User Group Meeting

    Are you from or in Michigan? Just Curious? I live in West Michigan about a half hour east of Grand Rapids. I have been interested in who all from Michigan uses this software.
  9. ComputerMaster86

    Ruby enumerating objects: List Of Rooms, areas or sq ft

    Thanks to the original poster for posting this. I am interested in learning ruby but, I sure have a lot to learn. As I was trying to use this ruby code in my plan, I could not get the info in the text edit box to populate for more than one roof plane. It only shows info for roof plane zero. I must be doing something wrong or overlooking something.
  10. ComputerMaster86

    Safety Glazing in Windows

    Thank you! That is what I was thinking.
  11. ComputerMaster86

    Safety Glazing in Windows

    I need to get clarification on this code rule found in the IBC but also found in the IRC. My question is if a given window meets only one of the conditions listed, does it trigger a safety glazing requirement? Or is it that when a window meets all four of the conditions listed, that it triggers the safety glazing requirement?
  12. ComputerMaster86

    Fixed Door and Hinged Door no Jambs

    Do any of you guys get door jambs when you mull a fixed door with an hinged door? I am wondering if this is a bug in X11?
  13. ComputerMaster86

    Single Line Segement w/ Label - How Did I Not Know This

    I think what I like about this is a label stays attached to the line. If I need to move the line or re-orientate the line, the label moves with the line and relative to the line. I still might have to re-orientate my text. If I use text, I always have to make sure to move both text and the line. I think this can be a little bit of a time saver for me.
  14. ComputerMaster86

    Single Line Segement w/ Label - How Did I Not Know This

    I often draw my own 2D cross sections for the post-framed building projects my employer takes on. There may be instances where I need to add a very simple text note in the general vicinity of a single line. I can't really think of too many examples where I would use this at the moment.
  15. I just noticed today that a single line segment can have a polyline label. I thought this was something new in X11 but, it works in X10. I don't believe I ever really noticed this before. Here is what I have noticed... Draw a single line segment. Double-click on the object. Notice there is no label tab in the dialogue box. Close the dialogue box. Draw an additional line segment to your exiting line. Drag the second end point of the second segment until it snaps to the second end point of the first line. Line segment should now be one individual line segment. Double-click on the object. Notice now there is a label tab in the dialogue box.