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  1. So, how is this solid rail w/cap really done? this is if the wall segment is an attic wall... (ceiling good, cap gone) and, this is if it's a railing... (cap now there, but...) thanks for pointing me to any post that gets into this.
  2. Yes. That worked for the walls, thanks, but... it didn't show everything: there isn't a separate layer for just the frieze, is there?
  3. I didn't know how to describe my issue, so if this kind of question has been posted somewhere, please point me to the solution. When building the box window on the 2nd floor, i discover walls up on the 3rd floor above, which, thinking that making them invisible would be OK in plan, results poorly on the exterior... what's the proper way of getting rid of unwanted walls in plan but not in elevation? thanks!
  4. yup, just a frieze was needed, thanks, Mark. (as well as that Min. Separation of 0)
  5. ...btw, how do you nudge a third window up against two windows (that are either mulled or not) as you can see from the interior view... it doesn't seem to matter which two, the first two work, the third one won't join.
  6. i kept working on the ponies... i think i got it... I assume i use a molding polyline to apply any pediment corbling? thanks, Eric, Ryan and Glenn
  7. correct. Ryan mentioned the use of pony walls to help create the window seat. (...not getting my head around that)
  8. sorry, am i making pony walls out of the 3 attic walls? ...or, the main wall?
  9. OK... more specific questions to my window: My situation is that I'm adding this box window to existing exterior walls. (can't really follow your new wall steps, Eric) The 'attic' walls unintentionally continue up to roof above. (just want the box on one level) Can my process be continued, some how bottom moved up, top moved down?
  10. got it. (had been doing so much searching in the online Chief resources, didn't know i had not searched here) Boxed Bay Demo A.plan thanx! also... i see a passthru suggestion.
  11. How do you guys recommend i build this first floor box window? (it would only project 6" from face of brick, and bottom edge would not align with floor) hint, using CA's 'box window' is not it... Thanks! -gint
  12. understood. ...not gonna model it if there's not a easy, 'garage slab slope', checkbox somewhere. thanx.
  13. Thanks, Eric. I did what you did, made the stem wall for that room 4" taller, and that's what i needed! is there a way to keep the 4" garage slab but slope it, say at 1/8", toward the door?
  14. i think i did that, no? (btw, in my floor elevations, I'd want to raise the entry floor 4", as opposed to lowering the garage slab 4"... so as to make those risers a little less tall)