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  1. Hi I am using version 12. I was wondering if there is a way to make/show, U shape drawer box in a vanity? Nancy
  2. I cant seem to figure out what this "line" is that is attaching from the wall end through the cabinet. That 'square' section of walls is full length and then it switches to half wall for a peninsula. Sometimes it lets me work with it just fine and then whenever I try to make that base cabinet bigger than 45" wide and line it up against the corner, that faint angled line from the wall end to the cabinet corner (under BCB42R) appears.
  3. @genedavis- thank you, I will update I use Premier x10 @mark, thank you, I will check it out. @kbird1, looks interesting I will give it a try. Thank you!!!!
  4. I am trying to show a recessed wall cabinet bottom for inserting a light strip. I need to be able to show the bottom of the cabinet recessed up by 1 1/2" with the sides still down. The doors should cover the recess also.
  5. So it worked!!! Thank you, Can you explain in simple instructions How I use the Reference plan file to save time sending all of the units to layout? This is such a big help !!!
  6. Thank you both for your answers. I have created 17 copies of the same kitchen type. I opened one type and wanted the file name (type 1-unit 102) show up in the text box of the layout page. see attached.
  7. Thank you for replying. Tried that too! Seems to be difficult getting plan info onto the layout page. In the book I have it shows that you can add project info for the plan, and then need to add it to the layout page again.
  8. That gives me the layout file name not the plan file name. Nothing seems to generate the plan file name to the layout page.
  9. I would like it on the layout page for each plan. If I save a plan labeled unit 101 how can I have that name get rated on my layout page somewhere. I could possibly need to make 200 units. So I need to find the easiest way for it to show up. I cannot open each plan and add it manually.
  10. One layout, multiple plans with different unit #'s . Unit 101, 102, ect. same kitchen
  11. Hi I am using x10. I have a kitchen type that I will multiply many times and save by unit #. I need to have the unit # show up on my layout page for each plan that is saved. Not sure how to save the units and have the info show up. Thanks in advance!