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  1. mborean

    Making layers transparent

    Hey gang, Thanks for all the replies. The obvious solution, and its silly that I hadn't thought of it was to place geometry over the aerial image and give it a transparent fill, send it to the back in drawing order. As a refinement, I placed the aerial image and the transparent geometry on a unique layer and then locked it. Still, it would be cool if we could manipulate the transparency of an object (including lines) and even an entire layer. Thanks again!!
  2. mborean

    Making layers transparent

    This may be one of those topics that has an obvious answer that I just can't see. That said, is there a way to make a layer transparent? I typically import an aerial image from my County's GIS map onto my site plan that already has the property boundarys drawn. I can send the aerial image to the back, but it still obscures my property lines, topo lines, etc. If the image (which is placed on a separate new layer) could be made transparent, it would make life a bit easier. Thanks in advance.
  3. mborean

    Fastner symbols/catalog

    Thanks Matty, I'll check it out. The Simpson catalog is very helpful, but no standard nuts/bolts. Mike
  4. mborean

    Fastner symbols/catalog

    Good morning, Looking for a selection of fastener symbols, specifically nuts and bolts. If they are in CA, I can't find them (probably right next to my car keys).\ Anyone have a good resource? Thanks
  5. Hello, This is a reoccurring issue, and I have stumped the folks at tech support. Often, my roof framing plans are showing roofs on two levels. I show the second level roof via reference display. The problem is that the text inserted either on the level I'm working on or on the reference level does not display properly. If I insert text or a dimension on the level I'm working on, the text displays behind the reference drawing. If I insert the text on the reference drawing all is well, until I either zoom or move the drawing on the screen at which time, the text again displays behind the framing. Looking for a work-a-round. Thanks, Mike Borean PS: I'm looking forward to meeting fellow CA users at the IBS in Vegas.
  6. mborean

    Layer Transparancy

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to make an entire layer transparent. This would be useful when I import a PDF and want to trace over it. Thanks
  7. mborean

    Tapered Cabinet

    Is there a way to draw a cabinet where the back is narrower than the front? I'm working on a kitchen island that is shaped like a boomerang. Attempting to develop a cabinet that will fill in the area next to the range. Thanks in advance kitchen study.pdf
  8. mborean

    Override Dimension with Text

    I use rich text and then add an line with an arrow on both ends. Works great for calling out joist/rafter sizes.
  9. I am probably missing something obvious here. When the library browser is expanded as I often do when searching for something, I attempt to hit the right mouse key and select "Collapse All" and nothing happens. It is an irritant to go thru all the sub-categories to get the library browser down to a manageable size. Thanks in advance...
  10. Bizerkley did ban the flags at the direction of the Mayor. I was a firefighter in the peninsula at the time and my brother/sister firefighters in Bizerkley were beside themselves. We just lost 343 brothers in the towers for heaven's sake. Banning natural gas is short sighted and just plain silly. Us Californians who don't live on the coastal areas and who have no representation in state government seriously want to split the stat in two.
  11. mborean

    still in dark ages? GTM vs Zoom

    Came out of the dark ages a couple months ago when a client suggested a Zoom meeting. I now use it a couple times a month. I'm up in the Sierra foothills of Northern California and most of my clients are from the San Francisco Bay Area and using Zoom for meetings has been amazingly productive. I now use it for my local clients as well. Love it, and, it is free, so far.
  12. mborean

    Greenhouse Window

    Oh heck. Found the answer. Core Catalog, Windows, Protruding, garden. Mike
  13. mborean

    Greenhouse Window

    I need to draw a greenhouse window in an as-built drawing such as in the attached photo. The Bay or Box window doesn't work as it places walls under the three windows. If there is a symbol out there I can't find it. Anyone run across this. Thanks
  14. mborean

    Polyline Union, Cannot Find it

    That isn't a bad idea. My workaround, is to create the first closed polyline then copy/past then manipulate the geometry. A bit of a pain in the backside however.
  15. mborean

    Polyline Union, Cannot Find it

    All, Just got off the phone with tech support (those folks are awesome by the way), and found my problem. It seems that I was creating rectangles using the "Box" tool instead of the rectangular polyline tool. The Union tool does not work with boxes, circles, ellipses, etc. It only works with closed polylines. Apparently, I didn't get the memo. I did stump the tech guy when asked if there was a default setting to fill all polylines with a solid or a pattern. He couldn't find a way to do that. Anyone have an answer to that? Thanks again for your responses. Mike