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  1. HDbyJustin

    Display objects on 0 Floor

    What has everyone been doing for displaying plumbing fixtures on the 0 floor? I had been dong a copy/paste hold location setup. Is there a better way to do this?
  2. HDbyJustin

    Dimension Lines

    I needed to line up a manual dimension with an automatic dimension for some scenarios. I just don't like where it puts some of the auto dimensions. A designer I am working with now wants all of the dimensions to line up on each view so that there is continuity between the sheets. I just wanted to have an easy/quick way to ensure they line up.
  3. HDbyJustin

    Dimension Lines

    I have an odd situation. I need to snap to the end of a dimension line. I checked my snap preferences. I am not sure this is a capability, but maybe someone has a solution. I have been just trying to line the crosshairs on my pointer to line up with the dimension/extension lines. Slow but it works.
  4. HDbyJustin

    Layout Sheet

    The architect I am moonlighting for wants the title sheet to be rotated 90° to the rest of the sheets. I am not sure this is possible without creating a new layout just to have the title sheet be in the correct orientation. Is this an accurate assumption?
  5. HDbyJustin

    Electrical Symbol Size

    I am, but all of the electrical symbols appear to be small. For example the smoke detector 2d symbol, the door chime 2d symbol.
  6. HDbyJustin

    Electrical Symbol Size

    Hey everybody. I am learning a lot in Chief Premier x12 and I am amazed I didn't make this switch sooner. I have a question regarding resizing the 2d symbols for electrical plan. They seem small but I am not 100% sure how to adjust it.
  7. HDbyJustin

    Window Label

    I have attached a pdf of the plan they sent to me to review and match. 20200131_LIUM_Blount_Revised.pdf
  8. HDbyJustin

    Window Label

    Thank you guys for the replies. It is a bit unusual. It is for a contractor that had a previous drafting firm handling drawings in AutoCad. They have come to me to not only maintain their standard plans, but to also make revisions for specific clients. I am just trying to match the previous drawings.
  9. HDbyJustin

    Window Label

    Hello everybody. I have recently made the jump from the Home Designer Pro series to Premier X12. I have a client that wants the windows to be labeled with letters instead of numbers. I have not seen a way to change that but am I missing something?