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  1. If you're having an unexplained "glitch" and it is not normal,,,,, ALWAYS RE-BOOT your computer 1st!! It could save some serious time tracking down an anomaly.
  2. Right out of my Architecture dictionary. There is no TREY spelling
  3. Very nice Eric!!! I did 11 of these in one single house. +1
  4. Newel I think you are ungrateful and use others talent to make money for yourself. I have seen MANY help you over the years including myself and you never change. Your blank attitude with posting your troubles and saying fix it gets old. Get your check book out and I hope others get on board. I'm sure you are a nice guy and all but BE A LITTLE MORE GRATEFULness AND GIVing THESE GUYS THAT FIX YOUR MESSES an up vote goes a long way. Please and thank you.
  5. Very nice repair on a mess and I see no TY from Newel or an up vote for your efforts,,, I gave you one.
  6. If that detail is a photo, import it, scale it to size and trace it in a CAD detail
  7. ShaneK


    SAVED PLAN VIEWS, learn them and you will love them, mine all have matching layersets and default sets. Anyone that wants them can have them, it is that important that you are using these.
  8. post the plan, it will get fixed or at least we can see what is going on.
  9. Eric is right on target and does excellent videos. Watch it for sure
  10. here is a sample plan with similar paralel cord truss.plan
  11. post your plan and it will be fixed
  12. It is real life conditions and ChiefArchitect is doing its job,,,,
  13. I have 56 libraries installed and 126 not installed,,,,, and more to download if I want them all
  14. I love all the content and items to use while designing projects BUT I the amount of content we have look through is taking up too much time and yes I use search engine. Anyone have a different approach or method handling of library inventory?
  15. Your roof structure on house is too thin,,,, I think.
  16. I'm that nut on Facebook,,,,, you are FUNNY a Guy!!!
  17. I am a snowmobile FREAK and I have been making trail maps with CA for decades.
  18. Do as Eric asks and it will be fixed or at least an answer without the guessing.