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  1. Jones_Drafting

    Remote/local experienced CA user for construction documents

    Sent an email. Let me know if you'd like to talk. Cris
  2. Howdy, I'm not an architect, but have been California based Residential Designer, using Chief Architect for the past 20 years. Keeping my California "shop" open, as I relocate to N Idaho. I'd be happy to work with whomever, to get your project put together. (Even around the corner, in Wyoming.) Purdy busy at the moment, but if you're not in a giant rush, let me know. My website has some examples of my work, and I'd be happy to provide some plan-sets, created over the past several years, as reference. Let me know. Cris
  3. Jones_Drafting

    Grass Valley Chief Architect Users Group

    Howdy, I've been Chiefer for about 20 years... I've got a job off Main St, helping bring an old Victorian "beauty" back to life. Haven't yet had opportunity to work in the City of Grass Valley. How are they to work with? Any heads-up? Thanks in advance. Cris
  4. Howdy, Just scrolling thru ChiefTalk, and happened across your post. I've been residential designer in Northern California for 20 years, inherited business from my dad, who started 30 years before that. I'm moving to N Idaho, in the Late Spring, but will continue working in California. I've also thought a lot about working in OR/WA as well. If you're interested in a "telecommuter", ring me up. (707)456-0185 Regards, Cris
  5. Jones_Drafting

    Curved to straight rail transition

    Aha! Figured it out! Turns out I had 2 wall types for the different rails.....changed'em both to Deck rail/fencing & all is copasetic. Hope it helps someone else. Cris
  6. Jones_Drafting

    Curved to straight rail transition

    Set point, as center of a 4' radius, 4' in from outside surface of rail. Stopped my straight rails to create the 4' curved rail within 90 degrees. I'm thinking I must be misaligning something.....anyone else figure this out already? Thanks for your great wisdom.
  7. Jones_Drafting

    Assigning annotation set to camera view defaults...

    Hi Rene, When I open a camera view, I want to be able to define which annotation set is automatically associated with the camera view. Default is to assign it to the camera/section view set.....I don't want that.....just another step. Just more time.....trying to pare time takers. Cris
  8. Anybody know a way to assign annotation set to camera view default setup? (so i don't have to keep changing from "Section view" or "Camera View", to my preferred defaults?) Thanks.
  9. Thanks again, I'm mainly single-family residential. Working across state lines, rather than making sure my drawings are code-compliant, I'm looking more at the tax laws and business licensing aspect. I think I have the code part pretty well figured, and can hire local professionals to accomplish the unmanageable. I just want to know what I'm getting into, before I get into it. If I travel to another state, sit down with a client, design their home, return to my home state, draw the plans......I believe I'm supposed to have business license in the other state, where I'm drawing the plans for, as well as license in my home state.....and what about tax laws? I only report in my home state?...or do I need to report the income earned in the state where the job is...I just want to be certain of reg's before making decisions.... Thanks, Cris
  10. Hi David, and thank you. These projects are for my own contacts, and are my own designs. My name will be on them. Hence the search. Thanks again for the reply. Cris
  11. Howdy, I'm certain this is a question to which many of you must have sought an answer. How do you work taxes, business licensing, etc? (Seeking to remain above-board.) Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  12. Jones_Drafting

    Wall won't accept paint

    As usual, chief users united are great! Thanks guys!