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  1. Jones_Drafting

    Chief Help

    Hi, I'm working as designer for California based company, and am in need of capable Chief user to complete my approved concept drawings. All, or mostly all single family residential projects. Wood Frame construction. I have standard template for my jobs, and the process is pretty simple and straightforward for someone familiar with Chief. Please reply to Regards, Cris Cris Jones VP of Design Services Intempus Builders P: (408) 320-5509 | C: (707) 367-1987 | F: (408) 907-8934 20640 3rd St. | Suite 300 | Saratoga, CA 95070
  2. Jones_Drafting

    Easy Plan sketch software

    Heh...yep...I figured out a way to mount a table to the top of my camera tripod. Works great. People go, "Ooh!" too. Think I found something in magic plan for apple or android devices... Just downloaded it to give it a spin. Thanks!
  3. Jones_Drafting

    Easy Plan sketch software

    Hi, I'm working more remotely these days, and have had some guys help in gathering dimensions and property information. While I've become practiced in sketching out the layout of a typical 2000sf house, I guess it does take a little practice. Trying to make this process simpler, I'm looking to see whether anyone could suggest easy, straightforward software which will run on a tablet or i-pad, with which someone could easily draw walls, add windows and doors, pull dimensions....doesn't have to be fancy, just able to record accurate dimensions....thinking via touchscreen would be best.... Suggestions which don't require much of a learning curve? Thanks!
  4. Jones_Drafting

    Framing in Elevation Views

    Hi, Has anyone had difficulty with Elevation view not showing various framing members? I've had this difficulty now, across multiple plans. Framing members visible in Camera view are not visible in Elevation View. Yes, I do have the framing members selected to display in Elevation. ;) Thanks! Cris
  5. Jones_Drafting

    Job scheduling software...

    Thx Mark. I'll take a look.
  6. Jones_Drafting

    Job scheduling software...

    Yeah. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Jones_Drafting

    Job scheduling software...

    ...also, sorry I started this thread in the wrong forum....I'll do better next time.
  8. Jones_Drafting

    Job scheduling software...

    I need a workable scheduling app specific to my business paradigm. I pretty much know all the steps which will be involved with whatever job. I'd like an app which will allow me to define the various fields, then allow me to fill the estimated number of hours for each, being able to schedule each specific task individually, then have that tie into calendar which will morph in real time as things progress/change....I need it to extend my schedule, say if I run a week early or a week late on any given task, so I've got a constantly up-to-date scheduling app. I ask you, because you know my pain. Ideas? I've tried to create spreadsheet to handle this, but not sure how to do what I want with tying it in with a fluid calendar....ideas? Thanks!
  9. Jones_Drafting

    Job scheduling software...

    I'm currently scheduling out about 4 months. Got about 15 active jobs. Trying to keep it all in my head is taking a toll. Straightforward scheduling software, for design projects? Sure I can't be the only one. Thanks!
  10. Jones_Drafting

    Line Drawings pdf generation error

    Thank you.
  11. Jones_Drafting

    Line Drawings pdf generation error

    Yeah, But because it's a feature of the program, I'd rather not have to build it myself. That's an idea though. Thanks!
  12. Jones_Drafting

    Line Drawings pdf generation error

    I like the look of the Line Drawing option, for my elevations and for my cross sections. I have had difficulty with these generating correctly. When I add CAD info to the view, it prints off-set from the squiqqly artsy lines generated by the effect, so I end up with a double image with dimensions pointing to the wrong thing, leader lines pointing to nothing and text boxes moved to where they ought not be. When I choose to use the vector view option, this does no happen....but because I kinda like the artsy look of the line drawing, it irritates me. I've been told that it could have something to do with my video card, but what I am using is more than sufficient. It happens the same with the Chief pdf generator as well as with pdf995 printer. Has anyone figured out how to fix this? Thanks in advance. Cris
  13. Jones_Drafting

    Remote/local experienced CA user for construction documents

    Sent an email. Let me know if you'd like to talk. Cris
  14. Howdy, I'm not an architect, but have been California based Residential Designer, using Chief Architect for the past 20 years. Keeping my California "shop" open, as I relocate to N Idaho. I'd be happy to work with whomever, to get your project put together. (Even around the corner, in Wyoming.) Purdy busy at the moment, but if you're not in a giant rush, let me know. My website has some examples of my work, and I'd be happy to provide some plan-sets, created over the past several years, as reference. Let me know. Cris
  15. Jones_Drafting

    Grass Valley Chief Architect Users Group

    Howdy, I've been Chiefer for about 20 years... I've got a job off Main St, helping bring an old Victorian "beauty" back to life. Haven't yet had opportunity to work in the City of Grass Valley. How are they to work with? Any heads-up? Thanks in advance. Cris