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  1. How would I post images directly??
  2. Got an issue, The drywall wont generate at the ends of a wall as you can see, i have several spots like it in my model. It worked fine before unless i did something in the settings without knowing. Any help? Chezzetcook Final.pdf
  3. What about my library and CAD details thats stored ? Same Idea?
  4. Hello All, I have just bought myself a new laptop and i can t seem to get the files to attach to chief when i do the transfer over to the laptop. The transfer of Chief works fine but no plans or layouts comes along with it. What am i doing wrong?????? PAT CX 12
  5. How did i miss this, Thanks Micheal.
  6. Due to the spike in soft wood lumber i am redesigning my home for a ICF wall system to the roof. As you can see in the PDF my subfloor is sandwich in between the the upper/lower wall. what am i doing wrong here? any advice? P.B CA X12 ICF House.pdf
  7. Hello All, I am in the wall specification definitions and i am wondering what you have all done with the wall layers when it comes to building ICf foundation? Should the concrete core be the main layer? the 2 1/2" foam layer keep them in their respective layers exterior/interior ? Or keep all the ICF components as a Main Layer? Any Advice? P.B CA X12
  8. Thanks for the input, advice taken... will give this a shot....
  9. Hello, I am designing a walkout basement, Should i put the main floor on floor 2 the basement on floor 1 and foundation @ floor 0 ? what"s the best path to take? P.B CA X12
  10. Hello, When i press the Library browser icon i don't get the pop up screen anymore, Any idea on what's happening? CA X13 P.B.
  11. Hello, I have created an access to a crawl space from my garage. As you can see in the attached photo i want to have the garage floor go over top of the foundation wall where the access to the crawl space is located. Any advise on how to accomplish this? P.B CA X12 ACCESS.pdf
  12. Hello, I rotated my house in the plan file but when i go in my layout thats linked to it, it wont change.Anyone can help? P.B CA X12