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  2. ok, i dont know how to draw shadow boards over eave fascia, file attached, thank you.
  3. yes. and also my client wants the glass garage doors to be pink tented, thanksa
  4. how can I place a 2x6 over the 2x12 barge rafter? SINCLAIR-FP1-LEDGE.plan
  5. TERRY SAGE is a CA user in So. Oregon, Grants Pass. Here is a plan being built with ICF construction. MCINTOSH-FP3.plan
  6. Thanks Chopsaw, finally worked.
  7. First floor shows up but my second floor level does not. Railing is in place but not the structure, thank you. BLANCHARD-REND-1.plan
  8. In designing a new home with a daylight basement, what would the floor levels be? Would the daylight basement be first floor and the next level be the second? I'm confused and need some help, videos or instructions.
  9. ok lets try this one. Talk to me about up-dating the card. And does it affect the other programs? Thanks a lot.
  10. How do I post the image directly?
  11. Here's a standard 3d image. MCINTOSH-FP6-B-BAD 3D.pdf
  12. This 3D standard rendering came in like this. Just all of a sudden. Seems to appear this way on the other renderings as well, although it will render in technical. Need some expert advice. MCINTOSH-FP6-B.plan