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  1. Thanks for all the input. . .in the end, I spoke with the county representative and we decided it would be easiest in the long run if I made the changes for them. As has been alluded to, a file this big gets complicated and has a lot going on that would take a while to reverse-engineer. Robert - I understand what you mean by "it may be the highest money per hour you ever make." Now I'll have to actually work for it! Here are some pics just for fun. Craig
  2. I was recently approached to draw an addition to a large govt. building. I did so and they were pleased with the results and paid me for the job. Now they are wanting to purchase the plan file from me so they can use it with their own CA license. How much should I charge for something like that?
  3. I've done this before by selecting EVERYTHING in the first room and assigning it to a seldom used Layer (such as Audio/Video). Then I redraw the room and select everything again and assign it to another seldom used Layer. Then I can toggle each layer on or off as needed. Might be a goofy way of doing things, but it works.