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  1. +10 for the stairs! I can't remember how long we have waited for this anymore!
  2. Hi J, Here is the Home designer forum link.
  3. Hi Kevin, Your camera has to be in the same room as the lights for them to show-glow. If you start with the camera in the room then move/pan out to the required position it will still work.
  4. Hello, Edit, snap settings, bumping and pushing. (keyboard shortcut F11)
  5. Hello, Is object bumping and pushing turned on?
  6. Hi David, I did a search for your question on the web and found out that Windows 10 has a feature called "Windows Ink Workspace" built right in! I do see your sig says you are still on Windows 8, is this correct? If so there is another option a small program called "Zoomit" There are several program options out there.
  7. Hi Chad, Here is the place to turn off the railing half post at wall.
  8. I would suggest that you delete the view and send it to layout again. have seen this in the past and it appears there is a double image.
  9. I am in the area of Minneapolis, please email me to see if we can help.
  10. Great, good luck with your project. Thank you
  11. I can help with project, please contact me to discuss your project. regards
  12. Hi John, I sent you an email last Wednesday when you originaly posted. Please contact me for an estimate.
  13. Hi Rene I did read Brown Tigers reply and it sounded like a very professional inspection of whats going on. ( Thank you Brown Tiger!) My system was built 1-2012 so I will need to upgrade the whole thing in the near future. I have been watching your threads about ram disk and the nvme drives. I cant wait to get that newer hardware.
  14. What I dont understand is why the p-solid stress plan is slower than snails with one object?
  15. I agree with your statement Graham, I upgraded my gpu recently from a gtx960 4gig saw very little improvement. Was disappointed for the amount of money I spent. Also when I ran my test all I had open was task manager and fire fox window for email and the forum. Also Bit defender security software.
  16. 1. 35sec. 2. 36sec 3.37sec. 4. 1:00 min. my computer spec is old, but over clocked to boost to 4ghz. I was seeing 3.98ghz gpu rate.
  17. Thank you Graham for starting this thread! It will finally put a sequence of importance in hardware upgrades. I just tested this and am amazed at the slowness I am experiencing from such a simple plan. Im getting times like you Larry following
  18. Hi, I just left a voice message. Contact me when able.
  19. Also if you use a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive you can save them there and then send your client a link to download them.
  20. Hi, I can help, please send a pm with contact info. Click on image on left column.