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  1. I'm running Chief Architect Premier X12, and I'm working on a porch that I'm trying to get just right. The goal is to have posts on either end that are to the ceiling, with a third column in the center that is to the rail. I've attached a PDF of how I have it now, but I had to manually add the center post after the fact. My question is: do we have a way to automatically make that center post of a different height, or is that something I'll just need to do manually each time? Front Porch.pdf
  2. I solved the issue! I went into my dimension default settings for my main 1/4" scale dimension defaults and changed the rounding behavior from "grid rounding" to "distance rounding." It appears that with grid rounding it will not allow itself to round up, which I needed it to do. With distance rounding, it appears to now be rounding to the nearest half inch, regardless of whether that is up or down, instead of automatically rounding down every time.
  3. David, I do have primary format of smallest fraction set to nearest 1/2 inch. Is there a setting that is preventing dimensions from ever rounding up? That appears to be my issue here. Thanks, Jack
  4. Using Chief X12 and have a question about rounding. Is there a way to make dimensions round to the nearest fraction? Using the manual dimensioning tools, the program is rounding inconsistently. For example, I have my current dimension defaults set to show fractions to the nearest 1/2". However, it won't round to the nearest 1/2", it will only round down. One measurement in particular is 10'-4.94", and it's showing up on the floor plan as 10'-4 1/2" instead of 10'-5" like I want it to. This is causing exterior dimensions to appear inconsistent and is overall a huge headache for me. Is there some setting I'm not aware of that is preventing the dimensions from rounding up when I need them to? Thanks, Jack