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  1. BryceEngstrom

    panoramic background picture orientation change?

    I got a Ricoh Theta a while back and I guess I just got lucky with the orientation the first time when I was trying to create a spherical backdrop for a new custom home with an ocean view where I was hoping I could give the client an idea of what their view would be like at eye level on the second floor on a fairly steep lot. I got a story pole with a camera mount on top and guesstimated the height to eye level on that floor. You can operate the camera remotely with a smart phone app. But, second time I didn't get lucky and my solution was taking a series of 360 panos rotating the story pole about 20 degrees at at time and then picking the image that most closely matched the actual view. Not perfect, but with a lot of disclaimers to the client, there is a real wow factor to using this tool. I logged a feature request to have the ability to orient the pano within Chief. The more people that do this, the more likely they might do something about it. Can't imagine this would be technically difficult, just a matter of getting it to bubble up on the priority list.
  2. BryceEngstrom

    Commas in Note, Note Schedule

    Found it! Thanks again.
  3. BryceEngstrom

    Commas in Note, Note Schedule

    Thanks. Now I have to FIND it.
  4. BryceEngstrom

    Commas in Note, Note Schedule

    What causes these commas to appear? Nothing in Help and searching here didn't turn up anything. Went digging through the plan trying to find some stray additional note I put somewhere, but can't find it.
  5. BryceEngstrom

    cultured vanity sink top

    You can't explode sub objects in a Sketchup file imported to Chief. You have to do whatever editing of the object in Sketchup, and then bring it in to Chief. It's always been this way.
  6. BryceEngstrom

    cultured vanity sink top

    Don't remember ever seeing those in the core catalog. Why wouldn't you just use an undermount sink in a countertop?
  7. BryceEngstrom

    Printing Grid Lines

    Yeah, thought about that too. Just thought there might be setting or something.
  8. BryceEngstrom

    Printing Grid Lines

    Okay, thanks. Tricky to get a snip to scale, but do-able. Not critical, just thought it would help with verifying an as-built plan in the field.
  9. BryceEngstrom

    Printing Grid Lines

    I never have the grid showing, and did a little search but couldn't seem to find an answer. I would like a print to PDF to show the gridlines. Is this an option at all?
  10. BryceEngstrom

    Custom Layer Set Dimensions

    Sounds like you need to set up a Saved Dimension Default and assign that to your Foundation Layer Set.
  11. BryceEngstrom

    Newel Offset

    This is what happens when you try to use a single layer wall def for a railing in this condition.
  12. BryceEngstrom

    Newel Offset

    By making this revised wall definition unique to the railing wall, this appears to be a good solution, thank you. Will send in a feature request to fix this, which seems really non-sensical to me.
  13. BryceEngstrom

    Newel Offset

    No invisible layers. If it's true it centers on the total wall width, that seems nonsensical to me. This is not the way it would be built. Post/beam framing would want to center on the wall framing below. I really want/need my wall layers to match. This is something that has annoyed me for years, especially when I send the CAD over to structural and the newels don't show correctly in plan. Plan attached. Thank you. Newel
  14. BryceEngstrom

    Newel Offset

    Same as the stucco exterior wall per the 3D view. And, that is the way I would want it, and the way it would likely be built. I have toyed with the wall def, but the outside edge stucco disappears, or the stucco deck edge doesn't die into the wall behind it, etc. Why aren't the newels just drawn in the center of the main layer, or on one edge of that or the other, and offset if desired from there?
  15. BryceEngstrom

    Newel Offset

    In a Post to Beam railing wall, why aren't the newels draw in the Main Wall Layer? What determines where they are drawn? If I change the Offset on the newels to get them lined up with the Main Layer, then it isn't lined up with the Beam/Rail above. If I screw with the wall definition, I lose my stucco finish along the out side perimeter of this roof deck.