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  1. Thank you for your help. It's funny how I can look at something numerous times, and not see the issue.
  2. I can't figure out why the garage walls and footings are so much lower than the floor, and also the remainder of the house. The settings look to be the same for the garage, (as a rooom), as compared to the Kitchen for example. The monolithic slab settings also appear to be the same, except the garage shows a floor level of -4". Not sure how this is different when the same settings for the kitchen, show a floor level of 0". Thanks in advance for your help. Scott Loft
  3. I'm trying to build two straight Gull Wing Gable roof sections over each portion of this house, with a gable roof connecting the two sides. No dormers or any other roof planes. The second story room over the garage can have a separate roof, if required. I've tried auto roof builder and manual roof planes. Nothing I've tried has given the desired results. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott Loft
  4. Thank you everyone, for your help. I feel pretty stupid. My foundation issue was just not having the layer display turned on. Any suggestions for the fascia? Also, how do you get information to show under your name or post, ie; CA version, etc..
  5. I see the foundation in the plan view, Floor 0
  6. It does. Also, no slab when I look under the house. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your help. I've tried your settings, but it made no difference, When I look at the 3D view, there is an air gap between the floor and the wall bottom. Also, I tried to view floor/Level '0', in 3D, and it looks the same as floor/level '1'. Thanks, Scott
  8. The roof is pitched in two directions. I am trying to build a slab on grade with a frost wall that must be 30" deep, by code. I would like the sill plate to sit at the floor level, and have the frost wall extend 6" above the ground. I hope that is clear. I've zipped and attached the plan. Angled House
  9. I am teaching myself to use CA, using X12. Two problems, among many, but two that I can't figure out. 1. Foundation settings. I can't get these to make the foundation and the walls work together. Either I have concrete showing up inside the rooms, or I have air space below the walls. 2. Roof fascia. The fascia on one side is inset from the end of the roof, and on the other end the fascia bows out not making complete contact with the roof assembly. My plan is larger than 14MB, so I am unable to attach. I'll attach a few screen shots. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  10. I was hoping an update had made things easier. All the other posts, I saw, were older. Thanks
  11. I'm working on a design with some sloping walls, (inside & out), similar to the attached pics. Is there a simple way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.