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  1. Yep, the slowness has been very annoying. Frequently (how frequent varies, sometimes it's every 20 seconds and sometimes every few minutes) X14 will just freeze for a few seconds and then continue. It doesn't matter which view I'm in, 3d views and plan views are all the same. It was doing it in beta so once it went public I made all new templates from the X14 default templates to try to rule that out. Didn't help at all. It happens with a fresh plan, even off of the default templates, so the amount of items in the plan aren't involved. Everything's up to date, computer is very powerful, but it just doesn't matter. On top of that it just runs slower across the board. Everything feels a bit more delayed than X12 or X13. I have no idea what the developers did differently but my goodness I wish they hadn't done it. Here's a quick video showing one of the pauses that happens often.
  2. It's suddenly working after closing and opening the plan again LOL. For sure, I've been doing a handful lately. I've got another few in my queue. Yeah it was set at 200, also just used a few different light sets to try to get it to kick on. It all worked after restarting the darn .plan file. Side note - do you know if we can have light sources on multiple floors enabled simultaneously? Seems that chief enables the lighting for the floor that you are on but I didn't find a setting to adjust that.
  3. Classic "Did you try turning it off and back on again" situation. Once I reopened the file it's cooperating. Odd. That screenshot that I linked had the camera view on the first floor, which is why the upper light didn't turn on but even going to the second floor wasn't working. Not as important but a related question, is there a way to turn on the lighting in that upper floor at the same time as the lower? Other than setting the loft fan to the first floor and raising it up?
  4. This is a bit odd, I can't figure out why the lighting will not turn on for this ceiling fan in the loft. The first floor is working as intended but I can't seem to turn on any lighting fixtures placed in the second floor/loft. The light source is enabled for that fixture, same as everything on the first floor, but the only thing that happens when switching the light on or off is the bulb turning from white to black without casting light. What could I be missing? Thank you! Plan file:
  5. It's definitely an odd issue. I just tried turning off all terrain features, perimeter, etc. that make the elevation much wider on another plan that has the same issue but it still has the color shifted to the side and a bit blurry. Even after sending a new elevation it's still bad. I can't figure it out.
  6. Occasionally when sending an elevation view to a layout using plot lines and color fill the colored portion becomes blurry and offset. I have seen a few other complaints on the forum regarding this issue but with no concrete solution. I did see recommendations related to items in the distance that may make the view very large but I don't have that issue here. I've tried new elevation views but with the same issue. It shows on the layout view in Chief and the PDF it spits out. I have this happen every couple of projects that I work on, it's not every project but it's a bit annoying. I usually just forego color but I do want color on this tiny ramada project that I'm doing. Has anyone found a fix for this? I'll attach the plan (drive link) that I'm referencing. I've sent the elevation to new layouts and the issue persists.
  7. The foundation will not adjust manually, oddly enough. At least no way that I've discovered. Room divider would need to be in the main floor and it'll work fine. I'll have to keep doing that, I just prefer to not have the divider there as it tends to make my plan behave unexpectedly.
  8. Happy Friday everyone, I swear I had figured this out on a prior project but I can't find which one it was. I've got an addition that I am currently working on. The existing space is floor framed with a basement below but we are enclosing a portion of the patio and extending out the kitchen. The new portion is slab on grade. I can't seem to get this single room to have part of the foundation as the existing framed floor and the new to be slab on grade! The addition's foundation has the floor height below the framed floor thickness, which I do understand seeing that the floor thickness is set for the room. But is there a way to make this work other than using a room divider above that foundation split? Thank you! File:
  9. Downgrade to Windows 10, I did right after my comment prior to yours and it hasn’t crashed since.
  10. Thank you for this updated. It has indeed been frustrating. I upgraded to 11 a few weeks ago and each day it's been crashing a few times while working, I now have the habit of manually hitting save every minute. I've completely wiped out all graphics drivers and clean installed them, turned off TDR after bumping up the delay, disabled nahimic and blackisted chief, just looks like it's out of my hands. Happens regardless of the plan I happen to be working on at the time. 2022-01-04 14-58-20_Trim.mp4 Please continue to update us! I don't see why this would help, but I grabbed a quick recording of it crashing. EDIT: 4 crashes within the past 3 hours.
  11. To update this, I was too hasty saying that all plans are this bad. I'm clearly mixing my pre and post update experience. This plan set is pretty awful so I am assuming that I have goofed something up to cause the lag though I'm not sure why it is only occurring in those views. I'll attach it here in case anyone cares to see if they are experiencing the same issue on their system. This build has been through too many changes and updates so it wouldn't be surprising if there's something obvious that I'm overlooking. Zipped due to size. Skousen Orchard Ranch
  12. Unfortunately yes, I actually kicked it back to a standard render before switching to the elevation view in that recording.
  13. Afternoon everyone, As the title suggests, elevation and cross section views really struggle as of a month or so ago. All commands in the window, even mouse movements, are very choppy and it makes any sort of precision challenging. The standard top down plan view or any sort of 3d view (including PBR/RTRT) work beautifully, smooth and very little noticeable hanging under the most stress. It does not matter which .plan is used so I won't bother attaching one, it happens even in a new .plan. This issue was directly addressed in the latest update's patch notes so I hoped that the update would have fixed the issue. But after updating X13 and all of my graphics drivers it is still choppy. I did a fresh install of X13 as well but it was no help. I emailed chief support but I had my SSA lapse so I will be waiting for their response. Until then has anyone been experiencing this or found a fix? Here's a recording of it: Thanks in advance for the guidance. Ethan
  14. Thanks Rabbitt, I'll look into that and cross my fingers. Not a fun issue to fight with.
  15. Yessir, as soon as I had received the prompt. And it seems to have a mind of it's own now. It hasn't crashed in 20 minutes or so, just being slower than the norm. I dialed back some of my normal OC settings which could have been causing issues given the size of this plan.