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  1. Until now I have been using doorways to accomplish showing posts within Chief. However, I would like to be able to use railings instead, as clients frequently would like to have a railing shown in the plan and it can be tricky to manually move a railing into place. But when I use a railing as opposed to a doorway, the foundation plan is negatively impacted. Here is the doorway technique that I have been using (which will show what I am looking to accomplish in my plans. The only polyline I add in these instances are for the larger 24x24 footing represented by the square
  2. Ah of course. Thank you for your help and have a wonderful end to your week, Eric.
  3. Hm, yes it is oddly hit or miss when Chief decides to place the wall properly for me. It looks to work if I extend the 12" from a perpendicular adjacent wall. A followup to that - is there a way to select the width of the wall I am drawing vs adjusting the thickness after I have placed it? Hopefully that is clear. Thanks again.
  4. Woops, I had the plan open on another screen. Closed it, here it is: Demo Plan.plan
  5. Seems I am unable to upload the plan file, apologies.
  6. I'm looking to add these accent wrapped doorways in my plans, but have always struggled to have it show properly. As you can see, the walls do not like to play nice as I use multiple thicknesses. I've used polyline solids to show it in the plan, but I'd definitely prefer it to show as a wall properly. Any tips? I very much appreciate your help. To keep drawings simple, I just use a 4" interior and 6" exterior wall. I generally look to use a 12" wrapped doorway.
  7. Essentially the foundation, not looking at the porch, has a nice footing shown at those corners - mine is not as pretty. And in regards to the line, I agree. I did that initially but a combination of the prior picture and my OCD is pushing me to search for the proper fix. The screenshot from above comes from a gentleman that has been helping me out and uses Chief. It's doable, but even he isn't entirely sure what I've done wrong here (on top of having limited time to help me out).
  8. Hello everyone, This has to be something simple I'm overlooking but I'm wasting valuable time trying to figure it out. Figured I should bring together the brain trust to help me out. I need my foundation plan to appear like this (note the solid line around the porch and dashed for the footing. Not dashed on both sides, and the other walls shown have the footing continuous and ignoring the patio: This is where I am sitting currently(foundation view): (Floor 1 view): (The juncture at the underbelly, all funky): Again, pro