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  1. I would suggest putting the angle in the allowed angles box. Place a positive and negative 20 in those boxes.
  2. I have reported the problem and sent a plan and layout for them to test. I do hope they can fix this in this release. Fingers crossed! :)
  3. I am also getting the black screen flash when sending a view to layout. or updating a view. Also if its a live view (update on demand) it doesn't like to update properly. The view got messed up( exploded into squares of the image) and would not repair. I had to open the camera and save it when I closed to get it to update.
  4. After spending an hour fussing! I discovered that the wall type makes a difference in this situation. If you change it to a standard block wall type and add the (energy wall) on the inside separately, mark it no room def.
  5. Place a check mark beside the default ceiling height, then if you need it a different ceiling height use the shelf ceiling option
  6. Hi Dermot, Thank you for the heads up on the location of the "flush mount" check box, I knew I had seen it before. I was in a rush to get in another meeting.
  7. Try the 6" recessed light, If you need to see it 3d. I did place a ceiling plane at the appropriate height under the soffit area. Other wise it followed the pitch of the roof.
  8. Try 150 pixels per, increase to 300 if needed. The old print standard was 300 per inch, not sure if that applies anymore.
  9. HI Kevin, You must be using auto dormers. Explode the dormer and you will have access to all the components. Roof hole included.
  10. Hey Dan, Another option that I use is make a cad detail from view, delete everything but the stairs and block, copy, paste and hold position on the floor plan. Make sure to put it on the stairs layer.
  11. I would look in the roof dbx, in the structure tab. That is probably set to 24"
  12. I would consider making a copy of the cad and place it on floor 0. turn it off as needed or make a new saved plan view for your needs.
  13. Try search the word commercial in the library, there are quite a few. I think bonus libraries too. Assuming you have more than the core libraries downloaded.
  14. Hi Jason, Try turning on the 3rd icon from the top on the right side of your screen. Has a red check mark. This will show you what layers the lines are on and can turn them off as needed. It also helps to turn off the layers you don't want before you send to cad.
  15. Hi Jim I can help, let's talk about the details and pricing. Send me a pm with your contact info.
  16. Hi Rob, Check off "set under sub eave sub fascia" and make sure your board size is correct.
  17. Why on earth are you driving and posting to chief talk? If you are driving a Tesla then I can see how it would be possible with autopilot. Are you in a self-driving vehicle? Have a safe and happy Easter!
  18. I just used this feature last week, make sure you block your cad lines before trying to load them. It works here.
  19. For a quick fix, I would try a terrain hole positioned around the house. I would need a plan copy to determine for sure.
  20. open terrain dbx and make sure the check mark at the bottom to clip terrain to the house is on.
  21. I would guess the second-floor wall isn't aligned with the wall below.
  22. I would look at your camera and light defaults. Sounds like something is turned off.
  23. Hi Eric, Ryan, and Glen, I started with Erics landing idea, It worked and I got the proof out the door. Thank you Eric! Glen, I was having a lapse of reason and couldn't remember the winder button location, don't do many curved stairs. This worked perfectly, seamless as expected! :) Thank you all for the guidance!
  24. I have a different situation where the stairs need to be curved on the left side only. Is this doable, I'm not sure it is without solids.