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  1. In my case, it is not worth since I don't work professionally with Chief Architect. I just make my own designs as a way to relax. I think that's the best option for me. I'm not planning to build anything serious with symbols; just replacing some textures or remove some elements that I don't need.
  2. Hi, Joe! I have managed to use the "Delete Surface Tool" and it worked for what I wanted to do (just delete). I didn't know what this tool was for. The create new Symbol worked aswel so I guess I have something done in my list of learnings. Hi, DBCooper! The tool I use more is the polyline square or box, or just the triangle shape. What I can do for the moment is reall simple: some moldings or figures to fill spaces; not much. I can't think about makind a perfect symbol. It's impossible for the moment! I try to use symbols from the library, change textures and so on. Hi, Mick! It would be really welcome! I'm working with the basic knowledge now. * By the way: Very interesting the use of the soffit. I'll make some tries in the future
  3. Hi, everybody I would like to know how you edit symbols or CAD blocks. I don’t have much experience creating my own objects so I usually download them from pages like 3D Warehouse. Most of the times I need to make changes or remove elements included in these objects so I just load the symbol, go to Edit CAD block and try to modify what I need in the CAD Block window. When the object is ready, I just add it to the library, but when I try to reload again the symbol previously created I can’t see it in the 3D view. I’m sure I’m missing some steps or, probably, I can’t understand how symbols work. Many thanks for the help!
  4. Where is the "Inserts Into Wall" option? It sounds interesting. Maybe I can try to build carefully my own shape with a polyline, convert it into a symbol and do the rest. I know Chief loves to snap. In fact, sometimes I have some problems with that so I use the Ctrl key to avoid it. Anyway, I must confess the snap option has saved my live 95% of the times. For me it's difficult to create a balanced shape, specially with curves. I'm not too quick with the tools.
  5. I'm a bit stuck in all of this. The doorway doesn't look well cos it's made by hand (I don't have any kind of method to do it). I just use a polyline to make like a "guide" over the wall. I don't know what I need the solid polyline for. I think I'm lost
  6. I keep on getting problems with the black screen so I'll have to think about another graphic card or, maybe, a new computer (the one I have is old). I have walked my first step with the wall ellevation view. Many thanks for the help
  7. Hi, David! Many thanks for stopping by. Any detail about how you made the hole with the polyline solid?
  8. Thanks, Mick! I've just installed the version 526.98 but, for the moment, there's any change at all. I'll restart my computer and see what happens. One last question not related to this: Is there any way to make a doorway like the one in the picture below? I have tried all door tools and I can make the arch on top but not the sides.
  9. I have a bit of more light now. It's not enough yet but I think this option can help. I have configured Chief Architect for a high performance with my graphic card. Now it seems the soft is a bit faster. Anyway, I keep on getting problems with the dark screen in the night view. Probably there's something I'm missing or it's just a problem of my card.
  10. What do you mean with "invisible" lights? Maybe some hidden lights behind a forniture or something? The problem is that it's not posible to edit the GPU Ray Tracing in my case. I don't know why. My computer is not a laptop but it's old. In my signature you can check my hardware specifications.
  11. Many thanks for the links, Susan! I'll check them out in the upcoming days since I've been working with lights configuration and it's a bit messy. I have recessed lights in the dark area but they don't reflect enough. Probably they need a proper configuration. For the moment lights in the plan are too weak. I was checking my shader model and it seems it's enough for the programme. Maybe I should come back to version X12. Probably X14 is too much for my graphic card (and for me too!).
  12. Talking about lights is complicated. I’ve been checking some of the links you sent and making tries in Chief Architect but the result is not clear. For example, I’m working on a ship cabin design but I don’t know why the first room of the suite is dark and the second one is full of light in the physically based view. Then, I think my graphic card is not working properly. I love night views but when I click on “toggle sunlight” the preview screen becomes totally black (it only happens with this option) and I need to remove the camera and open it again. There are so many questions about lighting… Maybe it would be better to talk about this in other post in order to avoid a mess for users...
  13. I know. I'm getting big fights with lights since I don't know how to set them. By default (tilt angle: -90º,) they look like in the pictures. I can't notice much difference between 2850 lumens and 100; I don't know why. I always try to play with the standard view and physically based one but they both are totally different and that messes me up.
  14. True! I didn't know how to do it but I think I have found the way. As always, tons of thanks, Mick!
  15. Right. I was planning to cover the hole up with a 3D solid and then adding the lights but I was not sure about the proper method so I left it.