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  1. Very interesting. I would not be interested in the same number of characters. For now it is working for me as I have laid out and seems to be straight forward for me. Download loom and do a video of your process. I am also interested in greater automation, but it sounds like I would be restricted to name length and having to copy an existing plan to a new plan. I am always updating my .plan and .layout templates tweak by tweak.
  2. I think I have things back in place - maybe a little different, but I am still getting errors when trying to load from the Configurations tab
  3. I was able to change the .bak file and it loaded. I will see how this goes. Seems I need to reset this all back up - hmmm
  4. My computer crashed while Chief was open and now there is no toolbars. I reset it and got my list back, but it still is not allowing me to load my toolbars from the list. Any ideas?
  5. Thank you so much Sir! That worked perfectly!!
  6. I started in X12, so no way of going back to go forward. I'm still waiting on Jay. For now I am following the video above to see what I can make. Thank you
  7. Hi David, I did purchase and download and install the ChiefSymbols, but the files are in .alb from 2003 and do not convert from the Library dropdown. I am still waiting to hear back from Jay concerning this, but was just wondering as I will need to figure something out. I will also watch the video above from Ryan, Tim Schrock does a great job. Do you have the brick and stone library in .calib format? Thank you, Steve
  8. I just got this back... ChiefSymbols <> 9:00 AM (4 minutes ago) to me Hi Steve - Very sorry, but we didn't receive notice of this purchase. We'll take care of it for you; glad you reached out. The link will be sent this morning. Sincerely, Jay
  9. Partial Solution



    I have that library. Lots of symbols and easy to work with. Wasn't sure if Jay's symbols were still around. I have a lot of his other libraries too.

    Hi Tommy,
    How can I get my hands on the brick and stone library?

    Thank you,

    My Email is -

  10. How do I get my hands on it - he is not responding and I just paid $59 for it.
  11. I'm just running into this myself - Anyone?
  12. Here is another video, a bit shorter where I show you step by step how I am connecting the default .plan to the default .layout
  13. Thank you! I am using it and it is working great for me. Mind you that I created a new common section CAD Detail which I should not have done. This was an issue only with connecting my new default .layout to older, incomplete .plan files. I have a few to get through and then I will be fine. The few new jobs I have done work perfectly! The old plans I only need to reconnect to my old common section file which takes a second, so not a big deal. I may do a new short to the point video on how to make the .layout file.