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  1. stevenyhof

    Elevations not sitting on page correctly

    Steve Nestor helped me the answer... It was as simple as grabbing the paper grips and moving it into the center
  2. See the video for more details. My front elevation moved off to the side - but it used to be in the center. Thank you, Steve
  3. Hello, How do others deal with this issue of showing only the main wall layer, and also show the pony wall details? Thank you, Steve
  4. stevenyhof

    Lintels are flat

    Thank you - I know how to make the molding now so I'm all set. But other may want them.
  5. stevenyhof

    Lintels are flat

    Thank you, Steve!
  6. stevenyhof

    Lintels are flat

    Ah yes! You are right, the profile is probably only an inch thick (deep) - so I understand now. So I want to make my profile as close to the actual size to maintain the right perspective. Thank you!
  7. stevenyhof

    Lintels are flat

    Hello, can someone help me understand how to make my lintel crown molding to extrude? Right now it is like 1" - it was drawn as a profile of like 4" by 6" tall. When I change the casing to be thicker, only the casing gets thicker. Not that I want it to, but trying to understand this. Thank you
  8. stevenyhof

    Roof issues with different results

    Yes, the SNester Wiggle! Works great! But I was hoping that bringing this to their attention they would take it to heart and look at their code and filter in the idea of other objects below the roof and fix this. Until that happen, I will continue using the "SNester Wiggle" Pronounced Snester Steve, I ran into another gable end siding and roof issues. I managed to make it work, but with lines that show in the 2D elevations. I may reach out to you on this so we can work through this together. Thank you, Steve
  9. stevenyhof

    Roof issues with different results

    So I submitted this topic to support and got this reply. So maybe windows or other objects need to be readjusted to help fix the roof... - Support Answer - Connor H Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020 - 02:54 PM PST Hi Steve, Thank you for attaching your plan and linking us to ChiefTalk. I found that one of the roofs was fixed after moving some of the windows. Anytime there is an object coming into conflict or intersection with the roof plane, the roof plane will automatically try to compensate for the object and build around it, so moving the windows to a new location (then back) and allowing the roof to automatically adjust seems to fix the problem. I also saw the issue with the auto roof return. If the option for auto roof returns is deselected or if it was drawn in manually and it is not going away as you want it to, sometimes adjusting it and readjusting it back will force some of the automatic features to readjust and fix the issue. Sometimes the software requires things to be manipulated a small amount and then manipulated back to the prior state manually to force the automatic features to readjust. Let me know if this helps.
  10. stevenyhof

    Roof issues with different results

    I think the best be would to use some caulk
  11. stevenyhof

    Roof issues with different results

    It seems you have run into this before. So I wanted to test some things to see the results... Very interesting!!
  12. stevenyhof

    Roof issues with different results

    Good to know the roof below issue. It is things like that in time we begin to notice, and hopefully Chief does too. I actually just thought of manually filling in the soffit, maybe make some block/symbol I can put in place and stretch. I do draw a lot of boxed eaves but lately it seems clients and builders are moving to this more modern farm house which do not have boxed eaves - however, they they don't have much of an eave so I get away with it then. Thank you for the info!
  13. stevenyhof

    Roof issues with different results

    Here is a new one I am running into the same issue. This house has a 16" eave and 12" gable. Check out the video to see the issue... Download plan
  14. stevenyhof

    Roof issues with different results

    Thank you.
  15. stevenyhof

    Roof issues with different results

    I spoke too soon. Sorry Charly, no cigar! I still gave you a +1 for trying