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  1. New update... I'm really enjoying the curve monitor. It works nice because I am using FancyZones and using them a lot like multiple overlapping monitors. I also set up a zone specifically for zoom meetings so that I have access to outer spaces/docs that I can drag into my screen. Note I have zoon set up on the zone and not my whole screen. You can of course click the expand button on the top right of the window your working in to fill the screen. Click again and it goes back into the assigned zone.
  2. Just an update on the 55" curved monitor. I am not sure why it is different, I have not changed my computer at all, but working in Twinmotion the last few hours, and running a PBR (Path Tracing in TM), it is very fast. In fact I increased my Samples per Pixel to 256 and it is still 4 times faster. It used to take about 2 minutes at 128, and now about 30 seconds. Anyone know why a monitor would make that difference? I did increase the Hz from 60 to 165, but I thought that was more for animated 3D and video???
  3. Very nice set up! It is nice to see others expand their desktop like this.
  4. I have been messing with the new monitor and FancyZones and that might do it for me. I'm going to mess with it this way for some time and see how it goes.
  5. Giving an update here. My monitor showed up today so my son and I set it up... I can tell you that I already miss the real estate I once had with four TV's (just to be clear, they were TV's - 4k, but TV's). My refresh rate went from 60Hz to 165Hz. Not a big deal for CAD, but nice for gaming. Also made my mouse more responsive and smooth. The curve is very nice when putting CA at full screen, this is even larger than one of big TVs - 42" to 55". I like that all of the screen is facing me and I am looking straight forward. With my last set up, more than a foot on each end faced past me. This was ok as that is why I put my menu on the left of the left TV. Back to real estate, I am planning on adding two 27" monitors (vertical) to each side of this new monitor to add back some space as I liked my email, scheduling, etc on one of the upper TVs, and other related drawing docs on the upper left TV. It is just nice not to have to flip through windows, back and fourth. As far as my computer build, I am also looking at more of a workstation with multiple processing cores. Not cheap so really having to think about it, but a nice tax write off. Today I am going to work on making a few Layer Sets to help speed up my production by turning off more layers. I'm hoping to rethink my drawing process and find when I want certain layers on or off. My current computer is fast, but grass is one killer so I think that just will not be used, and I like to place my furniture as it gives me a better sense of how things are flowing. But that is one thing that I will have to toggle. When a lot of layers are on a 6000 sq.ft. house, working with walls, doors and windows it always a small delay in my click to click. I'm trying to find a way to eliminate that delay. Teaching patience for sure, but truly annoying when you want to get things done. I thought I had super good HTMI cables, put this new monitor is telling me to get better cables if I want to run multiple screens inside the one screen, which I am planning on setting up Microsoft Power Toys, FancyZones to accomplish something similar.
  6. This is the one I purchased. I just got it from newegg for the same price. Thank you
  7. Very good! Thank you. I will post my findings as I put things together.
  8. I am starting out by purchasing the 55" curved monitor and see how things go with that. I was messing around with CA and found that opening a 3D view is where you see a jump in GPU. I also noticed that the new X15 grass plays a big role in slowing things down, so going to remove that (delete it or drag it off the terrain perimeter) as you cannot turn it off and show only the old terrain in X15. I realize that we can turn layers off in the 3D view to really help, but I guess that is my point, is there hardware, or faster and increased sizes that can speed things up with the layers left on?
  9. Just to add to an old thread in case someone wants to upgrade to a 3090 video card. TV's, even at 4k will not communicate with the 3090. I gave my 3090 to my son and put my 3080 back in so I can get things working again. We spent a lot of time testing and trying different settings trying to get it to work until we finally found out it was the 4k TV's. the 3090 wants true computer monitors to work. From reading this thread, I see that many of you have TV's and many have computer monitors. Just letting you know in case you purchase a 3090, you might not be able to get it working with TV's.
  10. Hi Chopsaw, are you saying that this SSD drive is thee component to help speed up CA operation despite the other components? I guess what I am asking is, I can have other really nice hardware, and should, but if my SSD is not the best it will not matter, or matter less what the other component are? Is this what you have found? - I did update my signature as I have 1TB M.2 980 PRO, etc.
  11. Thank you gentlemen for your comments! Right now with 2 flat monitors I feel like the last foot on the ends of each monitor are facing away or past me, and a curve would be a better use of space having all of it's space facing me. And also with the two monitors above which are typically used for email, scheduling and reference docs, are still cranking my neck to look up all the time. Thank you once again for your feedback.
  12. No 2 1/2" sata ssd. All 980 pro m.2 For anyone, I was just looking at CA's recommended specs. They recommend an i9, it seems to me that the processor pulls more weight for CA than the video card.
  13. My son has put together a new computer build for me, I would like to know what in this build would really boost CA performance. You can see my existing build in my signature. This monitor can be split into 4 individual monitors. It would be replacing my 4 cheap tv's I use now. I know curved isn't liked much by anyone other than gamers. Has anyone used a curved monitor? Current monitor setup. Reason for the upgrade, I am working on some bigger plans, and CA seems to drag a bit. Thank you, Steve.