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  1. I sent a backup of the file I was working on as a zip, and I sent it as a new separate issue. Thank you
  2. Here is the example of inserting a door into a wall - mentioned in the first video... Also sent to support
  3. Double clicking the library object... X13
  4. Thank you everyone for chiming in! If/when I run into the other things I mentioned, I will try to do a video to show it.
  5. I did share this with support, but also here in case others run into this or have some ideas as to what might be causing this to happen. Thank you, Eric!
  6. Please see the video for details Thank you, Steve
  7. Yes, that is what I got as well. But I have messed with my default walls for X13 so want to just make new walls and see if it is an issue. Thank you for looking!
  8. Yes, I see. hmmm. I use the same walls for X12. But removing the footing did fix the floor. Thank you, I will look more into this
  9. I agree. I took the screen shot earlier and the when I was doing the video I was shocked at how it was looking. But on the second floor all is fine. I did mess with my walls and work to perfect things yesterday for X13. X12 is all fine so I might have some defaults not set up yet.
  10. Here is the plan. Thank you! BMI1962 Kiser Residence
  11. Hello, in X13 I am running into this sill issue in the lower level Thank you
  12. Yes, so if you have sections (section lines) in your floor it will do nothing. Once I shut the layer off it worked. Thank you for that info!!
  13. That is good info - I will check that