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  1. I will remember this if I know I will be putting them together. I use reference drawings now and then for my remodel work, so I know what you are saying. Thank you
  2. Yes! I like that a lot. Now I can get the foundation and the attic walls too. Perfect! Thank you
  3. Very good! Thank you Now that I know I can select a number of objects (walls, roofs, openings, slabs, etc.) and still make a symbol that would be my preferred option.
  4. I like the idea of a referenced plan. I will try that. Also, when I selected only the walls and the roof it allowed me to make a symbol so that works well also for a quick idea of putting structures together. Thank you again!
  5. I have tried this and it does not copy
  6. A few times I have had to put several projects into one file. Like I am drawing a pool house on one drawing and the residence on another drawing. I would like to just make a block of sorts, or even a library object would work and paste it into the main drawing. What I am doing now it just copy and paste, but the defaults in the one drawing including the main floor plane messes up everything in the structure I am pasting in. Can I just group a structure with the roof and foundation? Thank you, Steve
  7. Just ran out to see The Batman. One word, dark. (On my phone now) trust me, I do honor your years of experience and skills and do take your word for it. I would just like to see an example of how you manipulate frost walls. When you say create a room I have in mind what I think you are on to. also, just to set the record, the house in the example and half of my larger homes have all the studs, floor joist and trusses added. yes I spend the time at times to figure out my trusses, girders and beams. When I say my heights are perfect, I mean they are perfect. My footings are exactly where I want them, my floor is exactly where I want it, my daylight wall, sill plates, joist and floor boards. 99.9% of my work is done in the dbx. My daylight walls are typically on target unless my basement height changes. I typically go into the dbx to set my pony heights, floors, etc. I mainly drag the frost wall down and adjust the daylight if I’m right there. Most of the time it is on only one or two of the elevations. And to be straight forward, I don’t know how to drop my frost wall from within the dbx. Can’t say I really tried after creating my layer section sets. So I believe I am using CA the way I think it was intended 99.9% of the time. I will add that I wanted from the start to draw as CA intended and you and others have really jump started my learning curve. Thank you! half the reviews on my website are in the last few years. 41 years designing homes and now with CA modeling makes for very satisfied and happy clients. Heck, I’m scheduling people into September now so I’m doing something well. I can’t begin to tell you at 60 years old how it feels to be at the top of my game again. Once again I want to thank you and others who were/are so willing to help out in the forum. I especially want to give a shout out to Steve Nestor @SNestor who scheduled a number of hours with me to teach me the ropes. Amazing fellow! I strongly recommend for newbies!! thank you Steve
  8. There is a lot here, and I would say there is some bias as to dragging walls as my heights are perfect and untouched when I am done, again in seconds really. I understand where people can and do drag things and hope close is close and then fight for the rest of the time. I'm not that guy. I am a perfectionist by fault and for decades have figured out systems and processes to doing things. Not to say they are the best or that I will not change. But there is a lot of assumption in your statements based on many of the people in this forum which I completely understand as I know there are many people that will not figure out steps to assure accuracy. Yes, I do set up my heights in the Defaults before I start any plan, and in fact I also set up many of my materials which are also all set up to my defaults and into my Library. Your idea of using a room does intrigue me for my frost wall. If you care to share your idea in a video I would be happy to look into it. Thank you for diligently working the forum to help those of us who are still learning. I do mean that. But I have also drawn 120 homes my first 12 months of using the software, and many are not small or simple... Have a great evening! Steve
  9. This will help explain what I am doing...
  10. Yes. In ADT I made a program where I could enter in my wall heights and footings, floor joist and grade, and it would add these "section construction lines" to my 2D area generated from the 3D model. So I am setting up something similar in Chief using layers and objects. Instead of a program generating what I want as reference lines, I can just choose the layer that fits my heights. If there is another way, I am open to see it work on a video. Now that my work is done and everything set up, and with only one click of a button I have everything I need, how could something else give me all my different heights with an example of the structure? These work in conjunction with my foundation pony walls which are all set up as well to a perfect daylight and walkout wall. I literally spend less than 2 minutes adding my foundation pony walls (daylight) to my generated stem walls and set their heights to frost walls if needed, in my four elevations. Again, I would love to learn more of what Chief can offer. Thank you, Steve
  11. "I think I gathered that you are using layers to drive line style." Nope! I am not drawing these lines. These have been setup to give me precise heights without having to think through this process again. Took me a few hours to setup. I have set up a number of things and now I can crank out plans faster than ADT. The plan I show in the video is like 3000 ish sq.ft. and was completed with 4 sections in less than 35 hours. Thank you, Steve I should add that once I am done setting the heights of my walls, I turn the layer off as I no longer need the lines.
  12. This will help explain what I am doing...
  13. Ah!! Of course - Thank you!! I figured it was something simple. Yes, I have a few of custom layers, most I have abandoned. But I use some custom layers to set up my different foundation and floor joist types. Example