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  1. I need to show the turning radius for a 3 point turn, what's the best way to show this?
  2. Thanks is there a way to export current list say to csv or to excel without prices enter the prices and import it back with the prices?
  3. I just switched from soft plan and I see Chief has a materials list. Is there a way to bring in material pricing from local supplier to give semi realtime costs?
  4. I hope all is well! Does anyone have any symbols or cad blocks that can be used to show turning radius of a car?
  5. This is excellent thanks Ryan!
  6. Works great! Thank you! Out of curiosity how did you make that?
  7. Good day what’s the best way to show Huberwood Zip System and Advantech Subfloor?
  8. Sorry this is a new b question but want to remove cabinet but keep countertop and extend countertop to other cabinet counters so stool and feet can go underneath. How would I do this?
  9. Here's a photo trying to remove the frame at bottom only and trying to make just the back subway tile match backspace as well
  10. I'm looking to add a wall cabinet basically without a bottom to hide kitchen clutter. I was able to add without the bottom but it still shows the frame above the countertop. Is there. away to remove just the bottom frame.
  11. Good day, where can I find a bar fridge in 3d?
  12. Is there a 3d symbol out there for Juliet balcony or way to do this within chief without?
  13. Good day is there a way to make a car go down a particular driveway or specify a line for it to follow pin 3d? Want to show the turning radius