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  1. @Renerabbittso what I did was adjust the script so instead of splitting using a . it splits on a dash and then changed the known input and seperated the degrees minutes and seconds with a hypen rather than a period and that fixed. so the line in the script post adjustment is $latitude_degree.split('-').map(&:to_f) Not sure if this is an x15 x16 issue but the additional digits after the period were throwing it off. Now when I place a marker over the own it gives the same 3 decimal precision as the known.
  2. Hi Keith, I tried changing the number style and unfortunately it didn't do the trick. It seems like something is rounding the initial point. I think it may be the part of the script that splits with a period it seems like it is ignoring the digits after the decimal in the seconds part. I think this is the line that may be causing the issue or a setting I need to change in my program # SPLITTING GLOBAL INPUTS INTO DEGREES, MINUTES, AND SECONDS latitude_degree, latitude_minutes, latitude_seconds = $latitude_degree.split('.').map(&:to_f) @Renerabbitt might know
  3. This Is exactly what I am looking for, thanks! I input a known dimension with a precision of 4 decimal places for seconds but something is rounding because when I overlay a marker over that same point it is rounding to a whole number of seconds. Is there a setting somewhere I need to change to keep the precision to 4 decimal places? For example when I put in 58.10218 as the seconds in the known point, and place a calculated value over it shows 58 for the seconds with no decimal places. Something is causing the decimal precision in seconds to be lost.
  4. Is there a way to have chief provide longitude and latitude of a point by entering a known point?
  5. I am using a program called swmaps, it exports a GPX file but chief doe not read the file I guess it is track and I need to convert to waypoints. I tried using this site to convert to waypoints which it does and chief imports however somehow during the process the elevations get messed up. When I open the raw files it appears the data is in meters and not feet which I believe is the problem https://www.alltrails.com/converter Anyone know of any good tools to convert GPX files from tracks in meters to a GPX with waypoints in feet?
  6. Sorry new b q how do you extend the walk line around the landing in Chief
  7. Sorry new b q how do you display the stair tread count in Chief?
  8. Is there an easy way to set in Chief a minimum for the winders?
  9. Good day does anyone have a symbol for a king size pull down Murphy bed? Something similar to https://murphydoor.com/products/murphy-bed-only
  10. Good day does anyone have a 3d symbol for a two person side by side air tub similar to either of these? https://www.build.com/product/summary/1445432?uid=3401496&inv2=1&&source=gg_!c291398528!a1264438500391348!k!me!p!dc!ns!f&msclkid=146792197e58109faae8f432abe343f3&gclid=146792197e58109faae8f432abe343f3&gclsrc=3p.ds or https://www.walmart.com/ip/Empava-72-Acrylic-Whirlpool-Bathtub-2-Person-Hydromassage-Rectangular-Water-Jets-Alcove-Soaking-SPA-Double-Ended-Tub-EMPV-JT367/945332372
  11. Sorry new b question but how do I change the default elevations displayed from " to fractional feet?
  12. Anyone have a good side by side tub 3d object? Can do drop in or standalone?