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  1. Thanks, finally got it figured out.
  2. I need to create a closet under the stairs, I was able to do this with the L Shaped but having trouble with the U shaped. I attached the stair image. Thanks, as always.
  3. I need first image to look like second image. Thanks!
  4. I have a lean-to house, having difficulties with the porch roof, if possible, I would like it to be independent of the house. I've included files.
  5. thanks, appreciate everything
  6. I got an update on the plan and they wanted the front wall out another 8'. So, I had to move the roof plane/porch you created out 8' as well. Everything looks good except the gable goes through ceiling in the front bedroom. I tried messing with the pitch and top height and that didn't work...
  7. Thanks everyone for the help on this. One question, how do you draw roof lines at an angle, in contract to the box roof plane provides.
  8. no problem appreciate the help
  9. Thank you! If you have time, can you tell me what you did to the porch?
  10. Thanks, I've been working on the draft so it's a little different then the image above.
  11. Doug the plan file is double the limit that I can post.
  12. I created a gable porch; however, the porch ceiling extends below, does anyone know how to delete this segment.
  13. When I open my plan file projectone1.1 this opens as a plan in the Project Brower. However, when I open the layout, it adds another plan to the Project Browser called projectone1.plan. Thus I have two plans open, and the window and door labels have two label - One for each plan, is there a way to consolidate or what's happening here.