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  1. I use Toggl to track time for each job and it's FREE unless you are a large company. For me it's much easier than Chiefs time tracker. There are other time trackers out there as well. My opinion is to use a third party program. Best of luck and have a GREAT weekend!
  2. After a quick test everything seems snappy. I will let everyone know if I see a problem area.
  3. This was an in person event. However, now that it is out of beta I will start testing.
  4. I appreciate everyone's input. I will test on my laptop with the old version and desktop with the new release in the next few days. If anyone has noticed a speed difference between the last Beta and the last update please let me know.
  5. During a class with about 60 people everyone was commenting on the sluggishness of the program with the last x15 beta version. The slowness was very noticeable. It seemed to be in the entire program. I have not started using X15 for production for that reason, so I don't remember the details from February. @Renerabbitt would be familiar with the details. @Joe_Carrick I do the same with the AV and it does make a difference in x14. I have excluded X15 as well I just have not been using the new version. Thanks for the input and ideas.
  6. Was the slowness issue of X15 addressed in the latest update (25.2.0)?
  7. @TeaTime Ok then materials are not the issue.
  8. @BruceKC By chance, did you change the deck materials? If they are not framing materials then the deck won't frame. It makes it easier to help if you post the plan.
  9. @BruceKC Post your plan, and I will take a look. I believe it is in your settings.
  10. @KnotSquare Thanks for taking the time to create the video. This should help many users to understand programming the spacemouse .
  11. Hi all, My space mouse is jumping around when I move from one room to another. I'm guessing it is a setting. Does anyone have a fix? Thanks in advance
  12. @Chrisb222 Good catch! I just started searching to find the answer.
  13. @rgardner If you have an 18 ft deck then you may only want to stagger near the center Look at the attached image to see how Chief is laying out their decking boards.
  14. This can't be done automatically in Chief. Chief does not give us a minimum length for a deck board. Hence their pattern keeps repeating on what looks like a 16" stagger length. You may want to send this to This has never bothered me, but it may for some others. The only way to do this as of today is to get the boards the length and stagger that you want and then copy the deck boards
  15. @SBCWyoming I believe if you explode the dormer then you can use Vhampon fix.