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  1. I keep a text file with Chief fixes that I only use once in a blue moon. The living area is one of the items. Another is turning off rooms in the layer set to show the subfloor ISO the finish floor.
  2. I have always used intel processors. The motherboards and cpu seem to be advanced compared to i-9 motherboards. I see the single thread on the amd is slower at a standard clock rate compared to the i-9 9900k. Is anyone using the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X ? How is it working?
  3. Hold the control key down and quickly double click on chief to open. Sometimes this needs to be done a few times to work.
  4. I have notified chief architect. Mainly want the users to understand what chief is doing to be sure they dont have the same issue I had today. Not often I dont have internet service. Have a great day.
  5. Okay. I guess everyone thinks it's ok for chief to deactivate x10 and x11 everywhere if you only deactivate x11 on one computer. But requires me to activate each one separately when I reactivate. I give
  6. If you only activate x10 you can not use x 11 on that machine. They deactivate simultaneously but must be activated separately.
  7. When you unlicense x11 it also unlicenses x10 or if you unlicense x10 it also unlicenses x11. That is fine and I understand why it is being done. However is should also work the other way if I license x11 for my laptop then it should give me access to x10 or vise versa.. Case in point, I licensed x10 on my laptop to go into the field and meet with a client on a job, I have been working on for a while. Unfortunately the drawing had been opened and saved in x11 and was in the wrong file folder. Being in the middle of nowhere without internet connection I was hosed <that's the nice word> thanks to chiefs new way to license. If you are going to remove access to x10 and x11 if just one is unlicensed then if I license one product the other should be licensed on the same machine it should automatically give access to the other product. Chief please fix this MAJOR licensing problem.
  8. I just had a friend put in a GTX 2080. Until he made this change he had 4 to 6 seconds lag time... Remove chief from your control panel and see what happens
  9. Be sure to go into NVIDIA control panel and set cheif X11 to use card. Otherwise chief is very slow. This should solve your issue. See attached. Let me know. Ken
  10. I always figured they thought we could not do fractions in the southeast... LOL
  11. Here is a comparison to My computer. cpu i7-6700 = cpu mark 11090 mine i7-5690x = cpu mark 20180 disk drive 223GB INTEL SSDSC2BP240G4 (SSD) disk mark 3957 which is fast by most test, mine pci-e ssd disk mark 13633 Super fast. Video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 G3d Mark =5001, Mine GTX 980 11222 Hope this helps!
  12. The PCI-e ssd is one of the major items to speed up the computer. Even moving from a ssd drive to the PCI-e made a huge difference in speed. Do not under estimate how a hard drive effects the system speed. I do work with all of my files local to improve speed.
  13. My 5960x overclocked is $1015.00 compared to the 6950x at $1649.00. My cpu mark is 20180 compared to 19,995 for the more expensive chip.
  14. I would not go the extra cost of the new cpu. No real advantage / cost ratio. I had looked at swapping mine out and selling my cpu but after the investigation decide to stay where I am.