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  1. Good to know! I'll have to give this a try. I do notice the OSB isn't inline with the foundation though... I wonder if offsetting it the negative osb thickness if it'll push my sill plate over. I'm thinking no, but maybe.
  2. Awesome. Thank you for taking the time to do this! It was very helpful. I felt inclined to leave comments for you, but everything you said was spot on.
  3. Strange. It honestly won't work for me that way, which is why I ended up trying to negative offset like Chief has in their template file. Below is what I get by changing it back so the foundation aligns with the osb with no negative offset. (nothing changes)
  4. True. The offset matches the thickness of 1/2" OSB, which matches how Chief does it in their default templates. If I take the offset off, it will push the wall our the 1/2" not aligning the OSB with the footing below. I think I may have to do as other have suggested and just rebuild everything
  5. Thanks @rgardnerbut unfortunately both walls types you show are not correct... for us anyway. The new Architect want the plywood exterior face to line up with the exterior of the concrete, which I've been able to do... but if you look at my sill plate, it won't move over for the OSB. Chief's default wall type from another template seems to work fine, but for our custom template we've worked with for years it doesn't want to allow the OSB to sit on the concrete.
  6. Template Adjustments.plan It isn't so much a plan as it is me trying to fix issues our Architecture department has been ignoring for along while. We plan to move to X13 as a whole next week and I want to get the template fixed long before that. I've attached the simple template file. I appreciate your help. These are legacy files brought up from X9. I'm really hoping I don't have to rebuild all the wall types we've already established. Template Adjustments.plan
  7. Hmmm. Am I missing something? The only difference I see is what I need my dimensions to dimension to.
  8. This is what I need (which is how Chief's American Causal Template comes) This is what I'm getting. (Notice the sill not moving over for the OSB. I've checked both the American Casual Wall structure and my wall structure for my template and they are identical with the exception of thicknesses of products. Any suggestions?
  9. I could build it like what you see below. Doing this Chief knows how to align it properly with the foundation... However doing it this way won't allow me to see the framing of the furred basement wall on my first floor plan, like I would by building it as a pony wall.
  10. When I tell it to offset it doesn't change, maybe because it's a pony wall and not listed as a 'foundation'? So my only alignment options for the pony wall are exterior surface, interior surface, framing exterior etc... I've always built split-levels on the first floor as a pony-wall 2x stud construction with 8" or 10" concrete as the lower half, then lowering the floor height as required. From there I build the foundation and in the lowered split portion I tell the foundation to supply floor to rooms above and I raise the footing location to just below the slab (typically 4") This allows me to show the foundation on all the same level when I put it on a layout. Perhaps there is a better way?
  11. This has been an issue for me for years. When creating a "pony wall" for a split level, I need to align the exterior OSB with the exterior of the concrete foundation below it. The only way I can accomplish something that works is to move the OSB to the 'main layer' but by doing this Chief makes me 'build platform to exterior of layer 'OSB'', which is not accurate. I've tried using the foundation offset option to no avail, and I really want to get this right. Any suggestions?
  12. I'm in charge of the templates, and there are about 15 other users all with varying levels of competency. It's extremely difficult to 'add steps' to a process they already struggle to understand and use fully. Moving it to a new layer isn't a big deal, and if that's the only solution I'll do it. I was just hoping it wasn't. I'd rather the wall type show true through the floor plan and the elevations.
  13. I've set up our walls to show demo'd walls to be dashed, but I'd also like that dashed line to show up in elevation as well. Is there a way to do this, without moving the wall to a 'demo wall layer'. I suppose I could edit all the walls so that anything that isn't to be demo'd isn't associated with the layer it's put on (remaining solid vs. dashed); but is there a better way? I would also love for the siding/ brick, etc. to come in dashed as well if possible.
  14. I did; It was actually very helpful. I'm curious to see if it helps with some of the issues I've had using 'glass walls' in the past.