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  1. Had similar issues after about a year when it started zooming in randomly. Contacted 3D Connexion support, they were quick to respond and shipped a new one to me.
  2. I want to color highlight, say LVLs for example, on my framing plan. Is there a way to assign a solid color fill style to a layer so everything on that layer is colored in all views? Know I can open the item to assign the color or assign a colored material so it shows in 3D views. Thanks, Keith
  3. Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I use the Bosch laser and the MeasureOn app. You can sketch the rooms you need, select the dimension you want to measure, take the measurement with the laser and the dimension is entered. Saw in a previous post that there was a Leica laser that works with CA. Maybe the Disto D3. Do a search for Leica. Keith
  4. Same here. Have to login every time.
  5. Your wall have have "No Room Definition". Uncheck abnd you should be able to define your rooms.
  6. When i add an exterior stairs, i have to create an Open Below room on the next floor to see the stairs. My question, is this normal or have i maybe changed a default setting? Thanks, Keith
  7. Check where the walls resize about. Under Default Settings - Walls - General Wall Defaults
  8. For some reason when i close the Cutomize Toolbars, the order on the right side of my toolbars is rearranged. This is Rab's Pro-Plan layout that I've customized for my use. I want the Walls column 2nd from left. When I close the Customize Toolbar, the wall column is to the right.
  9. Thanks Joe. Been working on some macros, but have a long way to go & a lot to learn.
  10. @Chopsaw Looks like the same error I got a while back. If you already have the catalog in your library, delete it and try again. X15 doesn’t like duplicates.
  11. Here's a pdf showing text sizes for different scales. Second page shows sheet sizes based on each scale. Chief Architect Scales.pdf
  12. Yes, there are about 15 catalogs that haven’t been updated. Rene Rabbitt did a short tutorial on using the library that may help with the new format
  13. As always, great video @Renerabbitt. Thank you for making.