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  1. I'm seeking someone with expert knowledge in ray tracing techniques (whom I will obviously pay) to set up a zoom meeting and guide me through it. I've spent endless hours watching the various videos, played with the sun and numerous light settings and just can't seem to get it right...thanks!
  2. Eric: Just to follow up: I was indeed able to edit the symbol, wasn't sure how to save it so I just saved it as a new symbol with a different title. Thanks again.
  3. Eric: To answer your questions: Yes the curved piece is a symbol in my library. Per your instructions I selected all and created a block, saved it to the library as a symbol and it worked perfectly. Thanks.
  4. I created a pergola, which inludes 3 pieces I created myself and columns pulled from the library. Two questions: 1. See the pic below. I wasn't paying attention and have a little lump on one side of the curved crosspieces. Once you have created and saved a polyline solid to your library, is it possible to edit it or do I have to start from scratch? 2. As I stated above, the pergola structure comprises 4 components. Is it possible to "marry" the components so that it's one piece? (vs. currently where I have to drop each of the 4 pieces into my plans) Or, should I have created it as one structure with multiple pieces when I originally drew it? Hope this all makes sense and thanks in advance. The fact that I've even figured out how to use the polyline tools is a minor miracle! Pergola Pieces.plan
  5. MarkMc & MPDesign: Thanks for the feedback. I did indeed make the changes you suggested, including changing the rafters to 4". That seems to have done the trick. I'm curious to get into the attic and see what's there, because they certainly can't be 10". Anyway, thanks again!
  6. Kbird1: Thanks, but then in adding the extra 6" at the top of the plate it moves the fascia up to a height that isn't correct with the dimensions and heights of the existing house. (Sigh.)
  7. Invariably when I'm working on an older house remodel, I can't achieve a flat ceiling in the interior and always end up with a portion of sloped ceiling along the exterior walls. (See attached pic.) My interior ceiling height is correct, the height of the windows is correct, the roof fascia and soffit heights are correct. This particular house is from 1948. Did they use smaller rafters? Different framing methods? Any help is always appreciated...thanks. Base Plan 10 Inch Walls.plan
  8. Thanks, all for your responses. I'm getting the impression that there's a lot of trial and error here, adjustment and just playing with it until it's right. Exteriors certainly seem to be a snap, though!
  9. I am having great difficulty achieving high-quality interior renderings. I've attached two pics, one showing a standard view and one showing a Physically Based view. I've watched the videos numerous times, and followed the instructions step-by-step but I'm doing something wrong because the renderings are dark, muddy and not particularly realistic. Am I missing something? Thanks. DEC 1 New Design WITH LIGHTS & FURNITURE.plan
  10. Yeah, that's what I figured. Not the exact correct profile of the actual window but for my purposes it'll do. Thanks!
  11. I'm working on a remodling project that features casement windows with 4 and 5 sections. Is there any way to customize a casement window beyond a triple? Thanks.
  12. Simple question...what is the added line (see picture attached)? Not sure what purpose it serves and I can't seem to delete it. Thanks I'm using Chief Architect Premiere X13