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  1. Eric: Of course...long obvious...thank you!
  2. See pics (and plan) attached. I have drawn walls, designated them as "roof cuts wall at bottom" but they refuse to show up in the interior and exterior perspective views. Any help is always appreciated...thanks! Feb 20 Second Floor.plan
  3. SNestor: Thank you...that worked! I don't know why, but it did.
  4. I admittedly still struggle after 5 years with dormers. In this instance, I got the shed dormer in. However I need to make some changes to the garage below and adjust the roof - labeled "A" in the pic below, and every time I do so the dormer disappears with the "can't find walls to attach it to" message. Any help is appreciated...thanks. Chief
  5. Question: How do I get rid of the piece of OSB (see pics below)? Obviously it has to do with the fact that I created a stair well under a sloped ceiling, but I can't be the only person who's ever done this. As always any help is appreciated...thanks!
  6. I've tried changing everything including the rafter size, and it doesn't help. Structure dbx attached.
  7. Tried that, it doesn't change anything. Further, I did a test plan setting the eave fascia default at 5", and it turned out fine, plus the settings under "structure" are identical to mine, ingluding the gable sub fascia.
  8. I changed the eave fascia from the standard 7 1/4" to 5" on the addition to the main house, but you can see what happened. I have no idea how to fix this. As always any help is appreciated.333 Lucy Street Plan.plan 333 Lucy Street Plan.plan
  9. Chopsaw: Thanks that did the trick. I've changed deck sizes 1,000 times and never encountered this issue...go figure!
  10. I shrank the depth of this deck by about 10" but I can't get rid of the funky edge...see pic below (file attached). Not sure what's wrong...any help is appreciated. June 8 Revisions.plan
  11. Chopsaw: Thanks that did the trick!
  12. Thanks. I DO typically use CAD lines for the site plan. In this instance I am following exactly what he does in the video: switching to plot plan view, adding a North arrow, and creating a perimeter with the length and angle boxes checked. But it still isn't picking up the correct angles on the labels. I can't figure it out!
  13. I can't get the terrain perimeter to sync with the north arrow dirNorth Arrow.planection...what am I missing? Sample plan attached...thanks.North Arrow.plan North Arrow.plan
  14. OK...I'll admit to being dumb...downloaded Substance do you actually open it?
  15. I am trying to take simple white subway tile and turn it into 12x24 vertical tiles in a grid pattern with the same grout profile. See pic below...what adjustment am I missing? Nov 5 PRIMARY BATH.plan