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  1. binkpear

    Interior wood sill only for windows

    I have tried searching, nothing seems to pop up for me...
  2. Hello, It seems I am unable to create an interior wood window sill with the rest of the returns (sides and top) being a trimless drywall return. I think I can only change all of the return material of the window one type of material. Am I missing anything (I often am)... Thanks, Bret
  3. Thanks, Eric! For whatever reason, I have been suffering not being able to convert my railings to an interior wall. I am sure I changed the wall type in the deep dark past, but didn't realize I needed to uncheck the railing in the general tab! Now I won't have attic walls in my plan where I don't want them, yay! I really appreciate your time, thanks again.
  4. Here is the specific situation I am trying to accomplish. Like a said, I have a workaround, but it all seems lumpy to me for not a particularly unusual circumstance. When I try and expand the stairwell opening with the existing wall on the second floor in the way, it won't get out of the way. Then when I want to move the railing on the second floor (which I want to change from a railing to a wall, which was my second question) so you can turn and arrive on the second floor, the stairwell is lost. Thanks again! stair issue.plan
  5. Thanks, Solver for replying. I was unable to do it your way, but I was able to achieve it by building the stairs and landing and creating the stairwell by creating an open below room. I just thought that perhaps you would be able to auto stairwell this scenario, but it appears the software doesn't like this situation. Stairs, landing, stairs - no problem, but not stairs, landing. There is one other issue I run across and that is when I want to convert the railings created automatically in the create stairwell option on the floor above into simply interior walls. It seems my only option is to turn them into attic walls... is this correct? I appreciate your time, Bret
  6. All I am trying to do is create a straight run of stairs with a landing at the top (this landing would have similar riser height as the stairs such that you can arrive on the second floor to the left of the stairs). I have created stairs and then a landing and then stairs and deleted the upper stairs to achieve this but when I try and create the auto stairwell opening it says 'the stairs do not reach the floor above. You need to lengthen them to give them more treads.' Even though when I click on the stairs it says, 'steep staircase reaches next level' and shows number of sections as 1 and number of landings as 1. Am I missing something???