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  1. Thanks. Super helpful. I watched how escape cycles through different tools, and thought it was tripping out! Jim
  2. I feel like I should know this by now, but I don't. What's the difference between space bar and escape keys in Chief, if any? I find myself wanting to use the escape key a lot to "leave" a tool mode. Likely a habit from other programs... Thanks again, Jim
  3. Brilliant! I had mulled sub-units which I did not de-mull. Time for a glass of mulled wine. Thanks again and taking the time. Jim
  4. Thanks to everyone for the very responsive and detailed help. I will work through all this! P.S. I went to the grocery store and came back 1 hour later to all this good input. Really a helpful community. Jim
  5. Tried that but didn't work.
  6. I thought it was automatic too... Plan posted. I clouded the area on Floor 2 so you can find it. Thanks DB. KELLY - PROPOSED (2).zip Jim
  7. Good morning to all, My mulled window unit is not suppressing the room's wall base / molding. You can see the 4" base running through the window unit below. Is there a setting somewhere for this? As a test, I deleted window unit and replaced with door. The wall base stopped at the door as expected. Thanks again for help, Jim
  8. Looks really great! I think I read in a previous post that a limitation of a single stair flight is that it cannot overlap or cross over itself in plan. Is this why you stacked 2 sections? Jim
  9. I just looked at Newegg and they still have cards with Cyber Monday discounts, but ending soon as it's now Thursday. (act fast!) I'll let others recommend a card, but I have a Nvidia RTX 3080, which works well for me. Jim
  10. Thanks Mark. Looks pretty cool. I'll try this tomorrow. Jim
  11. I've been following this discussion as I've also shared Kristjan's concern about the clarity of OOTB standard window and door callouts. I personally think inches underscored is a classic and clear format. Don't think superscript would even be necessary. But, I suppose getting the underlines to work would be a macro job. Jim