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  1. Thank you Jonathan for this topic, I am also having issues with porch shed roofs. I have created a kitchen addition that includes a porch. I was able to get the shed roof over the porch as per SNester's very helpful video. However the roof area around the new kitchen bay window is all messed up and I can't seem to correct without messing up other roof lines. Any assistance is appreciated! Cathy Kitchen Addn V.4 8-9-23.plan.zip
  2. Connon RVA V.2.plan.zip I'm at a beginner level on terrains /exteriors. I added two elevation lines and the pool house is up in the air and not sitting on the terrain. I'm attaching my file. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Cathy
  3. This was such a great help! Changing the reference file saved a huge amount of time. Thank you for this tip!
  4. Thank you everyone for all these great tips and insights!
  5. Thank you Chris, I thought I did what you had instructed, please see attached plan --- I actually like the roof on the one room addition --but it is not a shed roof and I'm not sure where I screwed up! Just for my learning! Thanks again. Cathy Kitchen Remodel MaryWalter .plan.zip
  6. Jason, Thank you ---The bottom picture is what I am trying to achieve. Unfortunately we cannot change the upper window. Can you tell me the process you used to create that roof on the one story addition? I could not do it without changing the main roof. Thanks.
  7. We are adding a one-story kitchen addition to the back of a house, I was thinking a sloped metal roof would look good but cannot figure how to create a different roof (or one that looks correct for this house!) on the kitchen addition jut out that looks correct. Not reflected in the attached plan is that off of the kitchen addition we will be building a covered porch. I have attached my file. Thanks for any assistance! I've looked at some of the CA videos but keep missing the mark. Cathy Kitchen Remodel MaryWalter .plan.zip
  8. Thanks for clarifying that! I even tried to change the layer etc. to a Cabinet and that also did not make a difference. Your solution did work. Is there a way to change a Furniture piece so CA recognizes it as a Cabinet? Maybe making it a new symbol?
  9. Thank you! I was able to make it work by deleting the custom countertop and then placing the sink as you suggested. Then, creating a new custom countertop AFTER the sink was placed. When I did it before the sink was placed, the countertop went through the sink! Thank you again.
  10. I don't get a message, I get the object icon when I select the undermount sink and when I hover over the cabinet with the custom countertop nothing happens. I have also tried to change the layer of the Kohler cabinet to "base cabinet" but it still would not place the sink into the custom countertop.
  11. I added the Kohler Jacquard base cabinet to a powder room, added a custom countertop (since there was no countertop in the library item). I am trying to add a sink and faucet from the library but it won't allow me to insert it. I realize this should not be difficult, I must be missing a step somewhere. Thanks for any assistance! Abrams Powder Room.plan