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  1. You have posted a dwg file they need your .plan file
  2. Watch some training videos on roofs railings and rooms
  3. Have a look at this file it should get you moving in the right direction As-Built.plan
  4. Terrain imported you just need to move it across to your house as you gave me no info as to placement and set the height as described in above post remember to rebuild terrain 21-144 Floor Plan Final
  5. The merged cad if you are going to try 13159-BNDRY & topo.dwg
  6. The terrain does not copy it converts to cad, so either you can watch the video and i can share the merged cad, or you can or share your plan file and i can re import the terrain
  7. i had a go it might get what you want , I had to merge the to files then did the terrain import as shown in this video also to raise and lower the terrain to suit building height adjust subfloor height above terrain in terrain specification dialog Import a Surveyor DWG file for a Site Plan or Terrain Perimeter ( Terrain import.plan
  8. Here is a file with auto roof it may help you 1467467882_existing-dormer-fix(1)Mark.plan
  9. Watch this you tube video
  10. Have look at this plan i rebuilt the roof with some other changes noted in the plan, its like you have found a condition that is tricking chief 1467467882_existing-dormer-fix(1)Mark.plan
  11. If understand set ceilings to 9’ and lower your roof planes to 60” and that should cut your walls down
  12. if you give me a plan with your model i will put the terrain in it if you want i also had no end of trouble with the cad file i think it has something to do with the contour line being blocked not sure
  13. upload your home designer file and i will have a go at it
  14. I wonder if you use the room structure to set deck framing leave a airgap where roof components would be add a framing layer floor joist then manually draw roof plane in airgap and framing then convert framing and roof plane to a symbol as that will stop the roof plane messing with the structure
  15. I was try to fix this while Eric was making his very helpful video here is my file if it helps Plan 1556 with porch (A).zip
  16. I think you have unknowingly inserted a second floor delete that with your floor tools and thing should start working also you have lots of unconnected walls witch wont form rooms you need all rooms wall connected to form rooms hopefully this will work in your software as i am guessing you using home designer brand not chief architect as this forum is for
  17. i think you have been using the eyedropper paint tool try changing the materials back the there defaults also remove the room wall coverings things should look better after that
  18. Not sure but make sure your video card drivers are up to date
  19. With that interior office that has a gap i dragged the lower wall to the ridge the the gap was gone give that a try
  20. Have a look at the attached plan your exterior walls need to be setup like in real world also the interior layer is the main layer i reset the main layer so it has altered your exterior size so perhaps use your model and reset so you can see what is going on the gap on that interior wall not sure these guys here will know i am sure 1527905163_Testhouse mark change.plan
  21. The bonus room walls are marked as no room definition turn that off
  22. plan attached should be fixed 951192931_RAILINGISSUE.plan