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  1. @javatom. Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try.
  2. Eric - Thank you for letting me know about plan needing to be closed. Ok. Here is the plan. Thanks. Lake Remodel 1.plan
  3. The thought is to build the new shed roof over the existing roof plane Trying to upload plan. CA is telling me there is an error processing upload. File is 14.1 mb and max upload is 25 mb.
  4. @joey_martin Thank you for your response. There was an invisible wall there. I removed it then regenerated roof framing, the rafter depth issue remains. By the way, thanks for the FWIW about the depth of rafter. I should've known that. Just goes to prove that I need more caffeine today. Ha.
  5. Hello. I am running into an issue where automatically framed rafters are not the same width along the rafter's length. Has anybody run into this? If so, any thoughts on how I can fix this would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance. See attached photo.
  6. @rgardner Thank you! It worked! I am out of practice with CA, but getting back into the groove.
  7. Thank you everybody for your feedback. @DRAWZILLA I would also need to turn off the attic walls in the perspective overview and that creates other issues on gable walls. @solver Attached is a pic of the particular wall I need to remove. @rgardner Is there a way to stop the foundation from trying to build up to the roof? I tried the Wall Specs --> Structure ---> Platform settings to see if any of these would work. No luck.
  8. Hello. I am starting a remodeling plan based off of an existing plan. When I delete an exterior first floor wall (i.e. a wall that is being demolished), an attic wall shows in its place and the floor disappears in perspective overview. Why are attic walls being automatically generated for my first floor exterior walls? Any suggestion on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. TIA ! Remodel 1.plan
  9. I found the Auto Interior Dimension tool icon in "Tools"...."Toolbars"..."Customize Toolbars" and had to drag it onto the toolbar ribbon. I can't place it under the auto dimensions parent tool.
  10. @solverThanks for your response. I also checked under "CAD"..."Automatic Dimensions" and it is not there either. It's also not under "Tools" ..."Toolbars"....."Customize Toolbars".
  11. My automatic interior dimension tool has disappeared. Has anybody had this problem? If so, how do I get it back again? Thank you for your help.
  12. @solverThanks for advice about chatroom. I will post in there. I am teaching architecture and using CA as tool for the students to produce their projects. The students will be graded on their CA abilities. I am an architect and entering the teaching profession so this will be my first time teaching this class. @DavidJPotterThank you for the list of resources.
  13. Hi. I am teaching architecture this year at the high school level and super excited to be using Chief Architect in the classroom. I have visited the CA getting started web page which has tons of information. I also purchased the CA training tutorial. There is so much great information. Just trying to figure out how to simplify all the content. Any teaching/curriculum suggestions or advice? Thank you in advance. Have a fantastic day.
  14. @Chrisb222. Thank you. Saving the view to layout worked. For some reason, I thought that once you created the cross section, it automatically added it to the browser. Thanks again. Have a great day!
  15. For some reason, my cross sections and back clipped cross sections are not linking to the project browser. Has anybody had this problem? If so, any tips/solutions would be appreciated. Thank you kindly.