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  1. j2narchitecture

    Automatic Interior Dimensions

    I found the Auto Interior Dimension tool icon in "Tools"...."Toolbars"..."Customize Toolbars" and had to drag it onto the toolbar ribbon. I can't place it under the auto dimensions parent tool.
  2. j2narchitecture

    Automatic Interior Dimensions

    @solverThanks for your response. I also checked under "CAD"..."Automatic Dimensions" and it is not there either. It's also not under "Tools" ..."Toolbars"....."Customize Toolbars".
  3. j2narchitecture

    Automatic Interior Dimensions

    My automatic interior dimension tool has disappeared. Has anybody had this problem? If so, how do I get it back again? Thank you for your help.
  4. j2narchitecture

    High School Architecture Class Teaching Chief Architect

    @solverThanks for advice about chatroom. I will post in there. I am teaching architecture and using CA as tool for the students to produce their projects. The students will be graded on their CA abilities. I am an architect and entering the teaching profession so this will be my first time teaching this class. @DavidJPotterThank you for the list of resources.
  5. Hi. I am teaching architecture this year at the high school level and super excited to be using Chief Architect in the classroom. I have visited the CA getting started web page which has tons of information. I also purchased the CA training tutorial. There is so much great information. Just trying to figure out how to simplify all the content. Any teaching/curriculum suggestions or advice? Thank you in advance. Have a fantastic day.
  6. j2narchitecture

    Cross Section Not Linking to Project Browser

    @Chrisb222. Thank you. Saving the view to layout worked. For some reason, I thought that once you created the cross section, it automatically added it to the browser. Thanks again. Have a great day!
  7. For some reason, my cross sections and back clipped cross sections are not linking to the project browser. Has anybody had this problem? If so, any tips/solutions would be appreciated. Thank you kindly.
  8. j2narchitecture

    Can't see terrain in camera views

    Thanks for the feedback everybody. :) Glenn: There should only be one terrain. In my CA plan, I got frustrated with and started to make some topography by using poly line solids. That’s the bit you see off to the left of the terrain in your pic above of the terrain you got to show up in camera view. I am going to look at the original cad file and see if I can clean it up and then reimport it into CA.
  9. j2narchitecture

    Can't see terrain in camera views

    Hi. I imported a terrain perimeter with elevation data from a .dwg file. I can't see the terrain in any of my camera views. I checked to make sure that a terrain perimeter was created and that each contour line has an elevation associated with it. It does. Attached is my .plan and the .dwg file I imported. Many thanks in advance for any help. I'm using X10 on my iMac. E18-00044 SITE PLAN.dwg test.plan
  10. j2narchitecture

    Curved Shed Roof Edge (not barrel roof)

    Hi. Thank you both for the quick responses - especially since I have a meeting in 12 hours from now to show my clients a design. lol. I will give it a try.
  11. j2narchitecture

    Curved Shed Roof Edge (not barrel roof)

    Hi. How do I create a curved roof edge on a shed roof (low slope 1:-12) ? I know how to make a simple shed roof, but cannot figure how to get the edge to curve to follow the wall below. Attached are photos of similar roof I am trying to create for my boathouse project. Attached is also my chief file. I am using X10. Any help is appreciated. Thank you kindly. CA_Roof Question.plan
  12. j2narchitecture

    Roof Trusses Not Displaying in 3D Camera Views

    Hi. Thank you everybody for your feedback. I'm up and running now. Have a great weekend.
  13. j2narchitecture

    Roof Trusses Not Displaying in 3D Camera Views

    Eric, Thanks for the tips as I have not posted in the forum many times before. Attached is plan file. Thank you for any insight. Roof Structure Model_for CA__02.23.2018.plan
  14. Hi. I created roof trusses using the roof truss tool. I am not sure why the are not displaying in the camera views - even when I have "all on" in the view set. The trusses show up on the floor plan and in the cross section/elevation view. In the photo, you will see the roof extensions that I created using 3d boxes displaying, but the main roof trusses (TR1) are not showing. Also, I was originally able to create the trusses using the truss tool. Now I get an error "Could not create roof truss at this location because no roof planes were found" and I did not change any of the roof/ceiling specifications. Any help is appreciated. Thank you kindly. -Jason
  15. Hi. Whenever I create a "cad detail from view" from a cross-section, I end up with double lines in the cad detail from view drawing. When I go to erase a line in the drawing, there is another line underneath so I have to erase the same line twice to eliminate it. Any suggestions as to why this is happening and how to correct it? Any input is most appreciated. I am using the current build of X9 and running it on my iMac. Thank you kindly.