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  1. Hello everybody. Thank you all so much for your help and feedback. @Mark3D. I looked at the file and made the changes based on your feedback. Success! Thank you! Have a fab day!
  2. Good question. For some reason, I cannot select those lines. I checked my layers and everything is unlocked. Not sure why there would be room dividers there. Hmm.....
  3. Hi. It's working for me now too. Not sure what happened. Thank you so much for your response.
  4. I am using the railing to auto generate columns and beam for an exterior porch. For some reason, the railing is generating 4 -1/2 columns, where only 3 are needed. The spacing is set to 8' o.c. for the columns. How can I correct this so that only 3 columns are being generated? Any feedback is appreciated. See attached plan file and circled area on the pics. TIA PLAN FILE
  5. Hello. My basement slab is not showing in the cross section nor the 3D overviews. I have looked to see if I maybe have a layer turned off, but I do not see any. Link to plan is below. Any feedback is appreciated. TIA PLAN FILE
  6. Michael: Hi. Thank you kindly. Turning the layers off is def helping. Have a fab day!
  7. When I export a cross section/elevation as a "cad detail from view", there a multiple layers of cad lines on top of each other. When I got to delete a cad line, there is another underneath. It takes a few times of deleting a line to finally remove it. Any way to prevent this from happening? See attached video clip. TIA. Recording #119.mp4
  8. Thank you so much for your help. I was able to fix the issue. I also updated my signature. Have a great night!
  9. Hello. I am having issues with an exterior wall. There seems to be a random base plate that is generating a few feet about the first floor level. It appears that this plate may also be causing an issue up at the second floor where there is a hole in the exterior wall. I try deleting the base plate, but I am not able to select. How can I fix this so that the exterior wall generates properly. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you kindly. See the areas circled in orange on the attached photos. Link to PLAN FILE
  10. @javatom. Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try.
  11. Eric - Thank you for letting me know about plan needing to be closed. Ok. Here is the plan. Thanks. Lake Remodel 1.plan
  12. The thought is to build the new shed roof over the existing roof plane Trying to upload plan. CA is telling me there is an error processing upload. File is 14.1 mb and max upload is 25 mb.
  13. @joey_martin Thank you for your response. There was an invisible wall there. I removed it then regenerated roof framing, the rafter depth issue remains. By the way, thanks for the FWIW about the depth of rafter. I should've known that. Just goes to prove that I need more caffeine today. Ha.
  14. Hello. I am running into an issue where automatically framed rafters are not the same width along the rafter's length. Has anybody run into this? If so, any thoughts on how I can fix this would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance. See attached photo.
  15. @rgardner Thank you! It worked! I am out of practice with CA, but getting back into the groove.