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  1. I have always tried to keep in mind the complexity of the drawing and the other tips listed above when I have used past versions and I continue to do that but there is no question x14 is slower with the same drawings I was doing with 13. I never keep anything set for automatic rebuild so that is not an issue. It definitely has to do with camera views but again, I am doing nothing now that I wasn't doing with x13. Also another thing that I thought was just a passing thing but have become a persistent problem is occasional freeze ups. Just working normally and suddenly I can't click on anything or do anything. A couple times I waited maybe 15 minutes and it would start working again but most times i need to go to task manager and shut down the program and hope that there is a automatic backup that is a little newer than my last manual backup. I am not sure if anyone else is having issues like this. I hope a future upgrade will help if they are just bugs. The couple projects I have been working on I did not save as x13 versions so I can't go back to 13 with those. Guess I have learned something there too. Maybe x14 requires a machine upgrade...
  2. Just checking in on this subject too. Extreme slowness since I upgraded to 14. I am using plans created in 13 so have not tried anything new yet but otherwise I haven't been able to locate anything that helps the problem Slowness everywhere even just bringing up the properties box and changing something... might as well go read a book after hitting every change.
  3. I guess that will be the way I will do it. Thanks,
  4. I am wondering if there is a way to have some rafters plumb cut and some square cut on the same roof plane? Or can I somehow take a single roof rafter and change the angle cut on the bottom, (or top for that matter). It would be nice if I could go to a cross section and manipulate the shape like I can with a poly line solid.
  5. It would be nice if there was a way to use other rendering techniques like adding line over the standard view etc. It seems like it could be a great tool but it falls short.
  6. Thanks Eric, I am seeing the ways of my errors. Or errors of my ways. All this time I had been drawing my solids by drawing a square or circle and ten converting to a polyline solid rather than just using the polyline solid tools and drawing it as a solid to begin with. It seemed to work OK in the past but this has been a good learning experience. I will now use the correct tool for drawing the solids. ....a little bit at a time... Thanks.
  7. Here I was able to upload the plan this time. polyline solids.plan
  8. I have tried all that. Nothing works. In older versions I would have to convert both symbols to solids before it would work but now I don't have the option to convert the cylinder to a solid. Before I rotated the cylinder in an elevation view, I could subtract the box from it just fine whether I had converted it to a solid or not. It's just the rotated cylinder I am having trouble with. Apparently. I don't know why it is not letting me upload the plan file here...
  9. I am trying to work with polyline solids. I have created a box and a cylinder that overlap each other. As long as I keep them in their original orientation I can subtract one from the other but if I go to a side elevation and rotate the cylinder, now I try to subtract one from the other and I get and error "this boolean operation could not be completed". I used to do this all the time with x12, so I don't know if this is an upgrade issue or what. I am trying to upload the example plan but I get an error in uploading "an unknown server error occurred" I have attached an imaged instead.
  10. This is awesome, I was able to use the Marvin regular slider and modify it. I should have known it would be so simple. Thanks!
  11. For some reason the Marvin Window and door library has a stacked slider door but it is really just a 4 panel slider with two panels sliding out from the middle which is not what a stacked slider is. I went to 3dwarehouse and they have the unit I want. Question is, how do I make it act like a door where I can adjust the divided lites and trim and jams etc. I have attached the file of the house with the door from 3d sketchup installed. Thanks, plan.plan
  12. Thanks, I am not sure what you are doing with the wall definition specs here. But let's even go more basic than this: how do I draw a slab inside ICF walls with no crawlspace or anything underneath, just fill? And then how do I put a double treated plate on top of my ICF wall?
  13. I guess the plan I sent was confusing because I tried to draw something simple to illustrate since my actual plan was to big. Let's just start with this question: How can I make an ICF wall that goes down to frost footing with a double plate on top and the top of the slab floor is level with the top of the double plate? I have a detail attached. ached.
  14. Got it, Thanks. Seems I spend half my time these days just trying to wrap my brain around layer sets and project views... Thanks again.
  15. I guess I don't understand the saved camera views. Say I just want to show the interior without the furniture so I remove the furniture and save the camera view giving it a new name. Then I go to open a previously saved camera view and the furniture layer is turned off on all the saved camera views. Am I missing something here? Shouldn't the saved camera view save the displayed layers in that view?