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  1. Thanks Eric, I am seeing the ways of my errors. Or errors of my ways. All this time I had been drawing my solids by drawing a square or circle and ten converting to a polyline solid rather than just using the polyline solid tools and drawing it as a solid to begin with. It seemed to work OK in the past but this has been a good learning experience. I will now use the correct tool for drawing the solids. ....a little bit at a time... Thanks.
  2. Here I was able to upload the plan this time. polyline solids.plan
  3. I have tried all that. Nothing works. In older versions I would have to convert both symbols to solids before it would work but now I don't have the option to convert the cylinder to a solid. Before I rotated the cylinder in an elevation view, I could subtract the box from it just fine whether I had converted it to a solid or not. It's just the rotated cylinder I am having trouble with. Apparently. I don't know why it is not letting me upload the plan file here...
  4. I am trying to work with polyline solids. I have created a box and a cylinder that overlap each other. As long as I keep them in their original orientation I can subtract one from the other but if I go to a side elevation and rotate the cylinder, now I try to subtract one from the other and I get and error "this boolean operation could not be completed". I used to do this all the time with x12, so I don't know if this is an upgrade issue or what. I am trying to upload the example plan but I get an error in uploading "an unknown server error occurred" I have attached an imaged instead.
  5. This is awesome, I was able to use the Marvin regular slider and modify it. I should have known it would be so simple. Thanks!
  6. For some reason the Marvin Window and door library has a stacked slider door but it is really just a 4 panel slider with two panels sliding out from the middle which is not what a stacked slider is. I went to 3dwarehouse and they have the unit I want. Question is, how do I make it act like a door where I can adjust the divided lites and trim and jams etc. I have attached the file of the house with the door from 3d sketchup installed. Thanks, plan.plan
  7. Thanks, I am not sure what you are doing with the wall definition specs here. But let's even go more basic than this: how do I draw a slab inside ICF walls with no crawlspace or anything underneath, just fill? And then how do I put a double treated plate on top of my ICF wall?
  8. I guess the plan I sent was confusing because I tried to draw something simple to illustrate since my actual plan was to big. Let's just start with this question: How can I make an ICF wall that goes down to frost footing with a double plate on top and the top of the slab floor is level with the top of the double plate? I have a detail attached. ached.
  9. Got it, Thanks. Seems I spend half my time these days just trying to wrap my brain around layer sets and project views... Thanks again.
  10. I guess I don't understand the saved camera views. Say I just want to show the interior without the furniture so I remove the furniture and save the camera view giving it a new name. Then I go to open a previously saved camera view and the furniture layer is turned off on all the saved camera views. Am I missing something here? Shouldn't the saved camera view save the displayed layers in that view?
  11. I am wondering how I can set up my foundation walls and main floor so that I can have a slab on one part and a framed floor on the other that flush out at the same level. But I would like the top of the ICF foundation walls to have a double sill plate with the concrete poured inside of that where the slab is and the other side would have accommodations for the framing to come out at the same height. I have a simple plan attached and some cross section details of how the top of foundation wall would look. I know I can just build it with the slab at the same level as the house and then just have these detail drawings included in the plan but I am wondering if there is a way to actually have Chief build it this way? plan.plan
  12. I guess I didn't realize that somewhere along the way my main floor ceiling height got changed to 9' instead of 8'. The second floor should sit on top of the walls. I should have noticed that. Guess my question is not a well thought out one though I thought I had looked it over extensively before asking. Sorry. And thanks for the responses.
  13. I often have trouble with walls protruding through the roof like this. I am thinking it has something to do with my loft or 2nd floor being higher than the top of the 1st floor roof but I can't figure out what to do about it. I want those walls to define my second floor space even though they don't really exist... I will be drawing dormers in to get more space but where the roof cuts I want the walls to show on the plan where they are but then they are sticking through on the perspective view. Walls problem.plan
  14. Sorry, I guess it looks OK now. When I was doing it this morning the sides of the skylight hole were not covered it was just open into the roof cavity and I thought maybe the ceiling hole would be the answer even on a slope ceiling. But now it looks OK so I don't know what I was seeing earlier. Thanks for the response.
  15. I am having this same problem, weather I have fascia turned on or not, the edit skylight shaft area is grayed out. Skylight problem.plan