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  1. mtldesigns

    Indoor swimming pool

    Love the back drop David. 8 months out of the year probably snow covered or too cold to have outdoor pool. I did the same thing as David mentions, created a room then used divider walls and opened below. Square or rectangular pools are easier for a inside room.. you can do plines too.. just more a PITA.
  2. mtldesigns

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    awesome things to come for sure...
  3. mtldesigns

    Moving Wall, Walls snap to 1/16ths

    Why use the snap grid at all, when you can control everything with a dimension, down to thousandths of an inch? My day job we use Inventor and AutoCAD and I don't use snaps/grid there either (and we design/build everything from plant steel to mechanical parts with GT), and never had a an issue. So my curiosity to you all is asking why is it used, except for a good starting point?
  4. mtldesigns

    cmu walls

    keep in mind.. unless Home Depot sells as nominal dims... most are not.. Just like a 2X6 is not a 2x6.. I learned the CMU actual dim the hard way..
  5. mtldesigns


    Thanks again Chop.. was so simple to create. All the issues corrected. In the future on old plans, things like this, need to see if a new version can fix items instead of using more duct tape.
  6. mtldesigns

    32" dropped garage walls & frost foundation

    Hi Mike, Was this what your trying to do? Lower the garage floor so you can drop the shed roof to clear second floor window? The issue was the second floor dropped too? I had a similar case, split level basically. See the attached cross section. I also attached your plan... I did not mess with your roof.. fig. you can do that. Hope I understood the issue and helped. Oh.. on the foundation dbx I checked room supplies floor for the room above. Lot 13 111819 mtl.plan
  7. mtldesigns


    WOW... I was reusing the same plan for a builder for another house, and I had the ramp wall in that (did back X10 days). OK.. well, no more answers required.. Thanks Chop. And I was like "whose Jenna"? :-) How could I forget... we all look forward to her vids in the spring.
  8. A little guidance here.. please. I have a ramp wall that I am capping at the stairs. I have a couple issues with this method... was wondering if there is a work around or setting to correct the items I mentioned below, or do I just need to finish using 3D Polylines. My first attachment I was wondering if there was a way I can delete the post at the wall? Just like we can do with railings. On my second attachment (2-pronged question here), I am assuming I have to manually model the stringer (red) or is there a setting I am missing? One creates at the wall.. but not the ramp. The second part (yellow) involves offsetting newels, banisters and the railing. Ramps put two railings in, and you either have to turn both off or leave one on. In this case I left the right on. This hangs the newel post over the "tread".. what I call the "wall cap". So I offset this in the newels/balusters dbx. The post moves, but not the railing or the balusters. How do I get these to move also? I will be out of office most of the day tomorrow, so hopefully when I return I can hear from all you experts :-) THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  9. mtldesigns

    Difference Appearance in Section vs. Layout

    curious... whats a .rar file?
  10. mtldesigns

    Stumped! (and tired after a VERY Hard Crash)

    nothing ruins a great day of work than a major issue like that... sorry!
  11. mtldesigns

    Hiding Room Divider Lines On Layouts

    In most cases there are areas I want to show that divide, so I usually create a new layer, "Invisible wall to turn off".. and then as Chop mentions, turn off that in the model.
  12. mtldesigns

    Architect / Drafst person

    Told all my kids this as they entered adulthood... It is GREAT ADVICE. After all your going to be working for 50 plus years, do something you love.
  13. mtldesigns

    Radius dimension

    Been a long day, thanks for the help both of you. I totally forgot about the arc centers toggle.
  14. mtldesigns

    Radius dimension

    I'm guessing the radius and diameter dimension is still not an option on X10? Will it be there on X11? Shouldn't this have always been a standard thing in dimensioning? I can fudge a circle dim., but how many actual circles do we build? I need to dim many arcs.. Any shortcut ways to dim. a center of a arc? I can see the point when I pick the arc, but not in dim mode. Back to the drawing board and locate centers with cad lines is the only way I can think.
  15. mtldesigns

    Turning OFF cabinet filler

    I did exactly that.. worked great.. I added legs to the bottom and thought, I need to make it a symbol, once I did, the fill disappeared. Thank..