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  1. mtldesigns

    House with Colonial Columns

    I searched this sight you sent, where did you find this chart? There will be some loads on these, esp. lateral, house is being build in a hurricane wind zone area, so if I get this contract, I will have to rely on engineer before I attempt to design and spec out. Like I mentioned, def not used to this type.. not a 4x4 post by any means. For quoting purposes, I will figure a couple more hours than normal. Thanks Eric!
  2. mtldesigns

    House with Colonial Columns

    Hi Eric, Yes I did. Your link looks good too. I know these "slide" over a post of some kind or a built up structure. I'm trying to find out how to design the structural part, or get close enough for a engineer to look at.
  3. mtldesigns

    House with Colonial Columns

    I was asked to bid this 3500 sq. ft. design. I have never done this style type, and really not my favorite, but I do like a challenge. Would this house be considered a Classic Colonial, I have no idea. The house itself and the roof, I don't see a problem with, but my concern would be the columns, esp. being at 20' + tall? Would anyone have a place where I can go see details of this (link), esp. the structural parts. Any help or direction will be appreciated. Thank
  4. mtldesigns

    Architect / Architectural technologist

    Never heard this term before... is it fancy term for Architectural designer?
  5. mtldesigns

    Shower Walls Exposed..?

    Thanks David.. After watching, looks like I am on the same page by using polys. Gave you an upvote for others that might not know how to do this. Video showed it being a simple task. Looks like linen door wont open with molding. Sorry.. have a checkers eye.
  6. mtldesigns

    Changing calibz install location (Suite)

    Hey Sardine.. love them in mustard sauce BTW, don't forget to clean out your archive folder too. I found that's where most of my "C" space was being wasted. You can move over to D or delete. And the end of the day I usually upload to Dropbox (with a new name-date), "THEN" delete the archives. But good to have when you have a crash or power outage, until then.
  7. mtldesigns

    Looks like a picture from hell..

    It sure is....
  8. mtldesigns

    Looks like a picture from hell..

    To all you other west coasters.. man I feel for you guys/gals, cannot even imagine. Even if your not in the fire areas, the smoke must be horrendous. My brother lives in Phoenix and cannot go outside with his asthma. The news looks like a video literally from hell, with skies orange, and the backdrop all fire and brimstone. If I could send one of the tropical depressions full of rain your way, I would.. Stay safe my fellow Chiefer's...
  9. mtldesigns

    Best method for creating shaped parapet wall?

    Great job Christina, very cool~
  10. mtldesigns

    Refresh time - Rebuilding the model

    Hi Steve, I had no issue moving, adding, walking through camera. NO rebuild pop up at all. I have fond memories of the beach there in Holland and Grand Haven.. Sisters still live there..
  11. mtldesigns

    Is a 1 hour wall needed?

    yes sir... already noted. Thank you!
  12. mtldesigns

    Is a 1 hour wall needed?

    The matching gable access via the breezeway was shot down. I will be putting in a 1 hour wall just cover the a$$es. She is OK with two pull down stairs attic accesses. Now to find a place for these ugly things. I really liked the gable access to, but not my house. Thanks for all the input.. at least I know I was thinking along the right path, as you all.
  13. mtldesigns

    Is a 1 hour wall needed?

    My suggestion to client.. And to me has to be cheaper in the long run...
  14. mtldesigns

    Is a 1 hour wall needed?

    I am glad to see I was on the same train of thought as you gents. And like you mentioned its 5/8 drywall, so not going to break a bank. I just want to make sure its noted, even if not required, can't go wrong. Joe, I love the idea of the vault, I will ask Sharon (my client) if she likes it also. Maybe even create my attic access to both sides via that "gable wall" instead of going through ceiling. Gets rid of me trying to figure out a location for these ugly things.
  15. mtldesigns

    Is a 1 hour wall needed?

    For all you code experts I have a question for you, maybe I am over thinking this. Designing a single family home (very small) that will be built in N.C. I don't have the county yet, my client is still looking for a large chunk of land, but wanted home designed first. My client is lady who will be retiring early 2021, and she will be using this home as income property. She will be living in the main house and it will be separated from the bedrooms she wants to rent by a breezeway. The breezeway is slab over fill, and the "bedroom" wing will have its own utility closet, so she can control if not being rented. My question, will I need a 1 hour wall in the attic above this breezeway? I understand the code if this was two units, but this is kinda edgy. Makes sense that it does not, because if she was renting rooms inside the main house, it wouldn't. Just trying to think ahead and avoid any potential design error.