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  1. mtldesigns

    Capital Lighting Symbols?

    Even though Chief has descent CAD tools, I'd do this in AutoCAD. Better solid modeling tools and easier to use IMO. Then convert to a symbol in Chief.. Assuming you are using Chief... nothing on your signature. Have you went to the vendor's website? Small chance, like 0.000001% they might have this as a file to download. Check 3D Warehouse as well, and the other free 3D sites.
  2. mtldesigns

    Top Elevation of a "Fixture"

    Didn't know that.. learn something everyday. So using the screw requires no digging or concrete, or you still need to do that too? Here I thought all houses up north looked like this... eh! As always, your very helpful Chop
  3. mtldesigns

    Top Elevation of a "Fixture"

    Interesting work gents... In Missouri and here in Florida, I've worked with slab/crawl and full basements has foundations, never a helical screw. When would a helical screw be needed? Even on the beach here its on concrete or wood pilings, about 15' off grade depending on the area.
  4. mtldesigns

    How to make a groin vault?

    I'm sorry that this is not related to your question.. but that is the most unique user ID (1090291004350551) I have ever saw... just sayin!
  5. mtldesigns

    PBR in each room

    Thanks Robert and Graham. Beach life is better than work life, even though it was real windy and water was choppy. Still something about that Vitamin D.... heals all kinds of things! Outsourcing I don't think will work, even though that sounds wonderful. The builders are cutting cost too, and do their research. They see the ads for Chief and look for us, me, to get realistic renders for their marketing. I would love to learn this, instead of plugging away and like you said Robert, and watch that money go down the drain. I charge by the job, so added hours equals less money. Its not terribly busy right now, even though spring is typically overwhelming. I will do some research on this, but any advice to point me in a direction of learning more would be great. Suggestions of add-on's too. I'm smart in the 3D world, just need to learn key terms and setting on the rendering part. My goal is to get Rabbits and Graham, and others quality without having to add a lot more cost to my clients. This would be great for the pictures. The walk through are a different story though. I love this idea. What's that texture on your walls graham, I like it!
  6. mtldesigns

    PBR in each room

    PART II of my gripe, Sorry I am venting here. Why in a BPR mode do I need to have it night time to get any descent results. I have read through so many of the post, some are pages and pages of info.. a lot of it confusing too. Where can I go to in the knowledge base to find simple instructions? Do I really need to adjust lums, sun angle, etc., etc. in every view? Try searching "physical based rendering" in Chiefs Knowledge Base. Nothing, maybe at least refer to a page or link of the experts on here?? I love Rabbits, and Kitchen (Graham's) stuff. How do I get there without cussing? :-) I think I need a break, heading to the beach!
  7. mtldesigns

    PBR in each room

    Chiefer's, I have seen so many comments and ideas on how to make PBR a better tool. I know when we first got it (9 or 10??), it took a little bit to understand. But it seems now I need a college degree in video graphics and lighting to make this work. Is there a better way to do this? I have a client who wants walk through's, showing shadows, textures, etc. for marketing (and believe me these are not fun). When I do these walk through vids using PBR, every time I go into a room, everything is off. I have to pause and adjust material definitions to get any sense of worth. Is there something I can do that it would be a smooth transition? I have my lights set at 200, and all are on. My vid card shouldn't be an issue either. Stumped here. I uploaded a quick test video showing my concerns. test.wmv
  8. mtldesigns

    Building Monolithic Slab or Stem Wall Dialog

    I have never seen that before. Your system max'd out by chance?
  9. mtldesigns


    Always impressed with your work rabbit. I still struggle with PBR and RT, and yet you get these to look so real.
  10. was that a summer backdrop with all that snow up there in MN? :-)
  11. mtldesigns


    Your awesome.. thanks. That was it. 99.9% of designs are with north up, but this house was to long..
  12. mtldesigns


    Now that I have this house designed.. and north is to the right of the screen. How do I change the sun angle so that south will be from the left side of screen? Basically I need this angel to rotate 90 degrees clockwise to give me the right shadows. As of right now high noon on June 26th, the sun light is coming from the N.E.
  13. mtldesigns

    Copy and paste in Place

    Thanks Johnny, I love the hotkey idea. Long day.. brain is fried.. the experts gave a great answer.
  14. mtldesigns

    Copy and paste in Place

    Hey experts.. is there any way to get the >Edit>Copy and Paste In Place, back to the bottom toolbar? I use this all the time.. no biggie if not, but my mouse keeps going to the lower left corner to search for this.. was there on 11 and before.
  15. mtldesigns

    trying something new

    NP, looks good.... see I'm not the only one up and running tonight. We kinda have the same career.. I'm a mechanical designer during the day (Plant 3D), and this on evenings and weekends. Cool!