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  1. I would do the symbol as well. Its considered a block, so there really isn't any edge you can grab to though (point to point).. but since your building is square and parallel to that lot line, you should be able to eye ball it pretty close. One note, you have to update your symbol if you intend to show modifications. Attached I inserted a symbol of the left house so builder could see how these two plans looked together. Both being built in simultaneously, 12' apart, too close for my comforts.... The other is a pocket neighborhood, all symbols on the site plan model. Curious, has anyone ever exploded a house symbol and can you? I'm to scared to find out.. :-)
  2. Detailing a kitchen island that has a pony wall on the back side for a raised bar. When I did the wall elevation view, the electrical did not show up (island 1).. I thought "that's weird" because the wall elevation showed the electrical on the full wall. When you uncheck "clip to room", the electrical does appear (island 2). So I did the same for a end view (island 3 and 4) and the same thing happened. It appears it does not recognize a pony wall, until I unchecked the "clip to room". I looked at the settings and this isn't something to set. Any ideas of why (a bug or the new norm)? I honestly don't remember if was the case in X12, and I just worked through it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey there.. Wits end here.. I did a house a couple years back, that the builder wanted open joist rafters on the soffits and lookouts on the eves. Long story short, he built the house with soffits (saved a lot of $$). Now when I did the original request, I unchecked Soffits in the roof dbx. Fast forward, this house has now been sold to a new owner and they want to do an addition. I am getting the house to an AB model so I can do this addition, but when I go to check the soffit in the dbx, it does not display. Material is ok too.. I updated the defaults too... even rebuilt a roof, and tried modeling a new roof plane.. all the same result.. Hoping one of you pro's can help. Thanks in advance.
  4. How would you build it? Is it actually two walls butted up or a wider stud on the bottom? Either way, I do this in a bath using a wall definition for both, and setting the wider wall as a pony. Then a cabinet shelf for the cap. If its two studs butted up, create a wall def of just that, with a air gap to your liking.
  5. This happens all the time in this situation. Always have to add a solid to cover and paint... One of the many issues with pony/railing walls.
  6. Yes it is... never ever type without your glasses and at least one cup of coffee.. I still have that catalog up too.. SMH!
  7. Denver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen... Chief has as a catalog too.
  8. I export a PBR camera view and give it a name. Then I can drag/drop onto my layout sheet, set the scale (and pick save to plan). I do this with all my camera views to get my sheet layed out the way I want it to look. On the final layout cleanup, if any of those views need to be updated, I export a new view, then just re-browse (as show next to file name) and the picture replaces at the correct size. Taking it one step farther, I suppose a layout template could have generic views that person could always update from their current projects.
  9. Thanks Michael, Just sent to your email in a zip file
  10. I have one of those now, unrelated to this post however.
  11. Instead of adding floors, can you just increase the ceiling height of the fireplace "room"?
  12. I am working with a fellow Chiefer, every time when we load this project model we get a warning message "3 objects are unreasonably large, we recommend that you delete them".. and it gives you the option to delete, and we do. But the next time we load we get the same message.. been getting it for about a week now. How can I find out what the 3 items are so I can manually delete instead of using the message delete option?
  13. Can you put a room divider to separate the two different types of foundation, then change in the dbx?
  14. One of the biggest things going on in the panhandle of FL. (or so it seems) is multiple colors, types of sidings on each level.. all separated with a band. Kinda breaks it up some too, instead of one long and tall wall. Attached was a owners inspiration at the beginning of a project.. but once we got deeper with design, the multi colored look, broke up the blah.