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  1. what's ALDO Chris? Prob a dumb question, but its got be baffled.
  2. I did the filled polyline. I tried the room fill, but that's not a layer I can turn off, so as not to mess with the plan set. My first attempt. Not liking the white closet shelving, but maybe that will be ok. Whatcha guys think of my first attempt? Maybe another stream of income, huh?
  3. I got a request from a builder wondering of we can do MLS floor plans? I've done many plans for this guy and we reproduced the same plan for multiple builds, now he wants to market as his competitors do. He sent me an example of how he wants these to look (compliments of Lennar Homes). Trying to think the best way to go about this with Chiefs layer sets. You guys/gals do any of these and have some tips you could share?
  4. Now how in the world would you know this? It sure doesn't make sense but I'd be d----d if it didn't work. Now going to bed.
  5. Scratched my head on this for a bit.. so going to bed to refresh. Anyways I'd thought I throw this out there. I've done this same plan a couple of times for a builder, and my door way to the courtyard/entry has always had a full size wrought iron gate.. but all along he has been building with a half gate. Just found this out, since we are not local to one another, actually found it out via Google Earth. Here is my question. How do I put a gate that is ~5' tall in a door opening that is 8' tall? I thought a "symbol".. but that just brings it at the full size of the doorway.
  6. Check to see if by chance this isn't sticking in a wall, a invisible wall or an attic wall. That's the only way I can duplicate this issue.
  7. In regards to seeing the floor plan in relation to the terrain, do as Eric suggest, or turn on your "Wall Normal" layer (or " Wall foundation") and lock it. This way you can move, rotated your terrain easily. Can even dimension off the walls. I do this when I am positioning a house on a tight lot.
  8. Jeff, Have your tried putting a shed room over this bump out? It will have its own roof plane. I wouldn't pull the wall down either, let it ride free. When you set a roof plane, right above the windows (as you mentioned), the walls will come down on their own. BTW, cannot open that path. But that's ok, I don't need the file.
  9. I have seen this before, but usually when I am using my PBR camera and go from the outside to the interior. For some reason the foster-grant lenses don't readjust from sun light to room light. What I have done though once your back inside, is go back to standard camera, move your viewpoint just a tad.. to the system to readjust to the light, then switch back to PBR. If still an issue, turn off the sunlight.. which in my opinion shouldn't be a work around, but it is.
  10. Thanks Michael, looks like I was thinking the same as you. For this particular client, I have done a half dozen custom homes for this guy, including his own residence. I would consider him as a friend too, so I did a half price. Now another builder, not as close, so I will be doing a little more different. Lost money, IMO, on his designs, and I know he will be building the same houses again because he's bought the lot for them already. I will probably add a little to make up the difference, but not the same price.
  11. You all are in the biz, so have ideas and I'd like some input. Working with a builder whom I did a house for a couple years ago. He wants to build an exact duplicate. Only thing that changes is the site plan.. address, setbacks, etc.. easy breezy.. What do you all charge? Some kinda of Home Plan Magazine Rate..
  12. need to make that room behind the door a "open below" room in the room specification dbx. Its one you can pick from the dropdown.
  13. Ah.. cut them, so I won't have duplicate. Got it, thanks Glenn. Just in time, still have 1.5 floors of decking to do.
  14. Is there a way to look at the deck framing on the floor I am on? I am think probably not, but need to ask. Chief is probably thinking this is ceiling framing for floor below, even though that's unchecked. When you are level 2 (for example), and you adjust the railing it's for that floor but when you turn the framing on, its for the floor above. So after you adjust a railing, you have to go to the floor below to adjust framing. Talk about confusing and crowded trying to line things up, framing layers on, reference displays on, etc. Thanks in advance
  15. I've had more issues with getting quality views than I did designing the house. Walls that glow, doors that are black, white tile showing silver, just to name a few. To get the views that I need for this project, I'd like to stay with PBR. So here is my question, the 3 views attached (camera, PBR and RT) are from an exterior pool shower, under deck (house on 15' pilings). When I PBR, my door is black, why? I have one light out here and it has been on and off, with the same result. The sun lums are set 75k, sun follows camera. There isn't anything black that its pulling from.