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  1. mtldesigns

    Tile Plan- 2D/ Construction Doc

    Something this small, I would just draw lines to replicate the grout line, and be done with it. I never know what the client will end up using, so I don't show these lines. But since your doing interiors, I guess you need to. Drawing lines is far better than the frustration of trying to offset. My $.02. :-)
  2. mtldesigns


    Wow.. never knew that.. for years been locking things.. that was it. I knew it had to be simple, and I was overthinking it. Thanks Chris.
  3. mtldesigns


    Just curious if there is a way that I can set it where my text can be easily picked without having to lock items? I thought by changing the order that would do it. When you r ripping through the model annotating, having to stop to lock a items, like interior fixtures or cabinets, just to move text, is a buzz kill.
  4. mtldesigns

    Triple Slider Window components

    can you put the three windows as you want, then mull them?
  5. mtldesigns

    Railings in doorways with arched tops

    Just had to do this.. making the railing off to the side and changing to a No Room Def worked perfectly.
  6. mtldesigns

    Bookcase secret doors

    Just saw this post, was looking up the bookshelf doors as well. Then I found under the Bonus catalog "Doors No.3 Specialty" there is a inswing and a outswing bookshelf door. Just modify to your liking (the 2D symbol isn't the greatest though). Other cool doors in this catalog; like a star ship door (in case you want to design a Death Star), or the security door folder has hatch doors so you can design cruise ships. Now that's a challenge for someone bored...
  7. mtldesigns

    Help! My custom pics do not show inside pic frames

    Are you converting that picture to a new material? >USER CATALOG >NEW >MATERIAL >give it a name and on the TEXTURE tab, browse for that file... stretch to fit > then you can place in your frame
  8. mtldesigns

    Connecting different pitched roofs

    As you get more experienced Philip, you will find that you will hardly use the auto function. I haven't in years.
  9. Hi Scott... The ad states your needing a design-BUILD firm. Just making sure that's what your looking for. I'm not affiliated with a build firm down there, is why I am asking.
  10. Now that is thinking outside the box Glenn.. Next B&B, I'm trying this.
  11. mtldesigns

    Horizontal bands on siding

    Called belly bands here too.. Its pretty simple BnC. Pick the outer edge of you build, then select "Make Room Molding Polyline" The height is just what it means, the height you want this band.> OK > The whole area will highlight > Open the object> from there you can build your band with the style you like. Can build on top of others also, to get the stacked look. I use this method also for brick ledges..
  12. mtldesigns

    double column railing

    That's a good idea Joey.. That's what I ended up doing.. ended up looking great.. IMO Thanks guys for the direction.
  13. mtldesigns

    double column railing

    That did it.. unchecked full wall width of rails. Watching your Railing - Part 2, to see if it gave me the fix.
  14. mtldesigns

    double column railing

    Yes they do. I made a sample deck off to the side. The first problem going with a larger sq. column, is it hangs off the edge of the deck, if you use the dbx. So I made my newels 0" in size... placed the symbols of columns. I cut the wall, and where I don't want railing is an invisible wall. How do I get the rails to sit back? If I can figure this out, I should be ok.. just a tedious process.
  15. mtldesigns

    double column railing

    I save a lot of those vids.. going to watch them now. Wife just gave me a hot chocolate cookie with a coffee...