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  1. Just one of those setting that fell in between the crack I guess. I had the "sub flooring" set as framing-truss. Unchecked and it works perfectly. I saved a test model, to do this. Noted for the future.. The house I did has way to much deck to possibly mess with a structural rebuild, that's why I did a test model.. Except for the main deck, all others were hand detailed. 1800 sq deck for a 520 sq house.
  2. I had the same thing happen to me about two weeks ago. While your in perspective framing overview camera, you should be able to pick the top of each chord and delete it. I'm not sure of the setting that plc it there, but that's how I got rid of it.
  3. Yep, same here. Its ugly of course in regard to the neatness of the package.. but if it can save time and avoid math errors in the field, it is worth it.
  4. That worked great John. I put in 148 degrees in that box, and the sections come in right at it.. perfect. thanks!~
  5. I hope I can explain the predicament. This project I am adding a new build to tie into two existing builds. One is a carriage house (aka garage w ADU above) and the other a guest house. I have the plans for the two builds and to fit the rocky, very sloping land of NC that architect put these builds at a funky degree (Main front wall is Chiefs 148 degree with walls perpendicular to that). These were drawn on the board BTW. I cannot get my section views to be perpendicular to the walls and having a heck of a time even putting roof planes on. Is there somewhere I can adjust what Chief thinks for these degrees.
  6. @joey_martin I see you put a corner to corner dimension so trades can verify square. I do this too, but never seen it done by others. Glad I am following such a pro at this. This how I used to do them to, haven't had one in a couple years though.
  7. I really liked that colored detail sheet. Different plus easy to read. I am up here in Crawfordville (just south of Tally), when you say 3D rendered details, are you referring to the example I attached? If so, I've been trying to get one going myself, and have been trying to figure out how to take the 3D model, and put each view on a layout sheet w annotation. The only thing I can thing of is a screen grab and annotate on the sheet itself.. which isn't productive at all, esp. with changes. I attached views of my working detail model in progress. That last one is a screen grab put on a sheet... not liking that process.
  8. So do you want the crown molding wrapped all around (into the shower), but not have the shower floor move like your attachment shows? Is that a step up shower, hard to tell? As far as the lighting at the cabinet floor, I would first try moving that pendant just a tad, hard to say. Can you put backsplash on the side to see if that helps? Maybe move the cabinet off the wall and put a filler piece in? Change sun location sometimes does the trick too. This is one of the things I struggle with too, lights from no where. Cool sink and faucet btw...
  9. See if this helps
  10. I would love to help, but you support that team down south. LOL. Go Blue!
  11. So you want the gravel to show on top of the conc slab? I am assuming not, but that's what you have in your room dbx. You had the foam and gravel as flooring, with a slab underneath. Actually, you have two slabs. One in the room DBX but other as a terrain feature. Delete that feature and that pattern will go away from your plan view. Once that is deleted, go back to your dbx and pick "Floor under this room" and your gravel will appear, so will your foam and slab. Adjust accordingly... Hope this helps!
  12. Curious on how you will tie into the existing walls though. Your model view shows block at the kitchen door, are you just going to put a ledger board there and bolt thru that block like a deck? How about the other three walls, looks like that's wood framed? Is that a crawl space on the other side of that block? Thinking ahead for you on the waste piping that will have to connect to existing.
  13. Sorry, wife had me putting up shelves all evening after work. IKEA is becoming a PITB. Nice stuff, easy to put together. But mounting 8 of these things to a wall was just the best time ever.. To your wall.. Hope you figured it out since I was absent. You can see the dashed line is my divider wall, dim'd 4" off the "apparent" intersection. I stretched the horiz wall to that divider, then connected.
  14. Your almost there Stephen. Where you have that dashed line, put a room divider line there and it should work. That room divider line will be in your wall pulldowns if you didn't know.
  15. Thanks gents, I kind a figured as such. This is the client I mentioned in another post, in regarding wanting "shopping list" per say. I should be able to create a material of the the Z's, but still show as a channel, so that he can get that count. My CAD detail will show the correct config.