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  1. Pretty cool... not a cookie cutter house here for sure!
  2. I have a client in Mexico Beach FL.. doing a addition for her. But she was telling when Michael came in (2019), that her house did not flood (same predicament as what you mentioned) from rising waters, but from the sewer backing up into her house. I don't know if you have that kind of concern, but I thought I'd mention it. She has since added a check valve to that line.
  3. Gents, A couple thing you will need to do to get close to what you want as the example. To get the shadow, in your plan view pick the camera for the elevation view (don't open the view) and "Open Object". Check Show Shadows and Ray Casted Sun Shadows. OK. I always say no the "Cad Clip Lines" After that is set, open up the view to get the shadows you like. I saw a example on another Chief project where they put a date and time of the "sun shadow" on that view. It helps, because every time you may have to open, you will know how to make that setting. You can see it on the bottom corner of my attachment. Now that your view is loaded on the layout sheet, pick that view, as I show and open object. You will see a layout box specification. Play with the Edge Line and Pattern Line defaults to get what you like. To each his own. Hope this helps. I got a lot of tips by pulling up some Chief plans and surfing.. Also some guys and gals on here have some great advice..
  4. I'm sure we all have our ways of doing it. But when I did an addition, my main wall I used the white as my stud layer color, also renamed it "existing". I did the same thing for a demo wall, but added a hatch and gave it, its own layer name.. and then on new construction I used the standard wall layer. By doing this I could control each layer in a view. It wasn't to obnoxious, but if it did get confusing, I would do the same and create different layer sets for each one (Existing, Demo, Addition) and then do separate views. A little more work, but those projects are hourly, so it is what it is..
  5. Definingly not a habitable area. My issue is not width, but length.. so I was wondering if I went to a shorter tread, a slightly taller riser, if that would be acceptable.. Still won't be as steep as a attic pull down.
  6. Trying to find the minimum for stairs to an attic. Not the pull down kind either. This is just for access to storage above garage (I guess the Mrs. has a lot of Christmas decorations and the Mr. is tired of carry containers and a large tree through that little hole) and the occasional maintenance to the air handler, also located in the attic. Surely I wont need to follow standard egress sizes, would I?
  8. ..So away from the stairs? Good.. my eyes didn't think it looked right either and my brain was fuzzy about it, so that's why I threw it out here for others to look at. thanks Michael..
  9. I'm not able to look at it, but is that crown molding by chance? Instead of a shelf ceiling, why not just put your own ceiling plane in?
  10. Alright now, what do all think of these stairs? This newest house I am doing, the MS. of this new build is animate that this is what she wants (See attachments). First question for you guys is; are these stairs code? I know the spacing between the balusters are not.. but what about the first couple of steps right off the landing? I've read Florida 2020 a couple of times and not real clear if this is acceptable and my IRC doesn't say much either. (R311). Could I have a "wider" first tread as I show with my first attempt. I can do what is shown in her pictures, just not sure if its legal. Your thoughts?
  11. After reading all your comments and some things on my own, I concur. At the time I was thinking the bigger the better. I'm going to.. got your message. And I like the idea you mentioned above about keeping it all clean and simple. I do keep my project files on the D drive, but not sure on how to keep the programs on it, as you mentioned. Even though my OS drive is maxed, my D on the other hand has been barely touched. Would love for Dropbox to be linked to this as well. Is that possible?
  12. It loos like I can no longer wait myself.. system is getting slower, files are getting bigger and it looks like X14 release isn't too far away. I don't have space to load 14 that and keep 13, at least I don't think I will. I AM NOT a computer guy, so all the things you all are mentioning is mostly another language. I understand the basics. I have been looking at AVA since it was mentioned above. One question before I get to my main focus is, are all desktops from AVA a kit and do I need to build it? I don't want to do that is why I am asking. But my main focus, is this workstation (attached). You guys know what to look for and what the future will need. I find this price is awesome compared to an Alien, but again, I hope this is not something I need to build. I do want a video card that will drive Chief and Twinmotion for a couple of years to come. I do want storage, lots of it. I'm burned out on constantly maxxing my drive. I want speed. You pro's let me know your opinion please. Do I have to much or not enough? Thank you in advance
  13. I was thinking you already had a "A" size border (template). Its real easy to create one, if you don't have one (like Chop mentions). Once that is set, then you can do what I originally suggested to set the size to print.
  14. File - Print - Drawing Sheet Setup